Strawberry Moon Meaning Full Moon of June

Strawberry Moon Meaning: Full Moon of June

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The Full Strawberry Moon in June is Blooming With Symbolic Meaning

The month of June is jump-jiving with tons of symbolic fodder revolving around reinvigorating, renewing, and re-energizing.  The days are getting longer, warmer, richer, and replete with potential. We also have birth themes in the tradition of Father’s day observed in June. Interestingly, the sun is affiliated with father-male energy and June rolls out its red carpet to the sun (father-spirit) in the form of the summer solstice.  But June isn’t all about the sun’s fullness and vibrancy glistening upon our globe…it’s also about paying homage to growth in terms of lunar rejuvenation.  Enter the strawberry moon meaning.

The full moon of June is known in some Native American tribes as the strawberry moon.  In other tribes, it is also known as the blooming moon, birthing moon, hatching moon, and more. Some ancient European clans referred to the full June moon as the mead moon or the honey ale moon.  Here is a breakdown of the various full moon meanings for June according to their Native or ancient nicknames

Strawberry Moon Meaning Full Moon of June
Strawberry Moon Meaning Full Moon of June

Names and Meanings for the Full Moon of June

Strawberry Moon Meaning:  The most obvious reason for this moniker for June’s full moon is derived from berry plants bearing their yummy-yum fruits around this time of year (at least in a large portion of the Northern hemisphere).  Native North American Algonquin-speaking tribes, such as Ojibwa, Penobscot, Cree, & Ottawa coined this month’s moon as the strawberry moon because, in these regions, strawberries and other berry bounties were starting to grace the land. This was a big deal for many Native cultures because it meant celebrating another season of life with food offerings from the earth. In symbolic terms, the strawberry moon meaning is about celebrating the abundance Nature brings forth, enjoy the fruits of our labor and honoring the life-giving energy of the sun and moon to sustain our survival.

Birth Moon: As you might expect, this nickname for June’s full moon deals with giving birth to a new day and a new season. As this full moon occurs during the summer solstice, the birth moon renders a feeling of reaching for the dawning of a new chapter in our lives that is replete with potential and possibility.  Pacific Northwest tribes such as the Haida and Tlingit tribes recognized lots of new births in Nature that take place during this full moon, hence the name ‘birthing moon.’  Tiny babies come forth during June because it is an optimal time for survival.  Symbolically, consider the birth moon a time for you to hatch open new ideas, reinvent yourself, birth a new you during this full moon of June.

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Hatching Moon: As mentioned, this moon is prime for new births and its placement in the calendar year ensures better chances of thriving of newcomers upon the earth. The wisdom of the Cree and Chippewa tribes observed many new hatchlings (birds, chickens, etc) taking place during the full moon of June, hence the term ‘hatching moon’ dedicated to this lunar month.  In symbolic terms, this is the perfect full moon to set your intentions upon cracking your own eggs. What? Yeah…all of us have some eggs incubating new life, new ideas, projects, goals, desires, dreams etc.  The full moon of June is an excellent time to quit sitting on those eggs, crack them open and start celebrating new life into these newborn dreams.

Mead Moon Meaning:  This, and “honey moon” are old European terms for the full moon of June. It refers to the ripeness of time and harvest in which mead (or honey ale) was at the height of processing. Summertime was a major time of producing and consuming mead…it was a prime time for celebrating nuptials, births, reunions, and general merrymaking and partying to the hilt. The full mead moon represents rejoicing in all the growth, love, and life that has been granted for another season. It carries a message that says something like “Life is good, savor it in all its fullness, party on!”  Interestingly, the term “honeymoon” comes from this mead/honeymoon. It’s a statement about honoring the bonds of matrimony, coming together in love and intimacy. Why? Because the full moon of June underscores themes of union, celebration, and the promise of new birth in the future. For these life-affirming reasons, weddings were (and still are) often celebrated during this party-hardy, summer solstice full moon of June.

Native American moon signs for June - Strawberry moon meaning
Moon signs for June – Strawberry moon meaning

Stuff to Do During the Full Moon of June

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at the strawberry moon meaning and explored the purpose of this moon’s other names…what do we do about it? I have ideas! Here are a few suggestions about how to take full symbolic advantage of this full June moon.

Reinvent: As this moon celebrates the revolutionary changes in Nature found during the spark of summer, it’s a great time for renewal and reinvention. As the sun (summer solstice) is symbolic of self-expression and exposing light upon the facets that make us all unique, it’s a good time to shed new light on your own assets. The moon is symbolic of subtle, secret aspects of personality…this full moon combined with the energy of the summer solstice is the perfect time to mine your internal treasure troves for unexplored potential and bring these brilliant nuggets out to share with the world.  For example, consider reinventing your message to the world, or repurpose your offerings, or reexamine the way you share and communicate in society.  Make adjustments as needed, as this full moon will bolster your efforts.

Have a Party: Whether honoring the ‘honeymoon’ theme in this full moon or simply acknowledging the new births happening in Nature at this time…the strawberry moon meaning is all about having a shin-diggy good time. Celebrate that life that is saturated in every feather, leaf, or blade of grass.  Rejoice in the stunning sunrays beaming upon the land.  Dance in sun-dappled dew, throw a party in honor of new blooms, kick your heels at new hatchlings in your life and in the life of others. In other words, you don’t need a grand theme to throw a party this time of year.  Just celebrate the fact that the earth turns, life renews, and you’re alive to revel in the glory of being present in this grand theater of existence.

Get Harvesting: As they say in Hee Haw…get picking’ and keep grinning. The strawberry moon meaning is all about picking the fruits of labor, and savoring the sweeter gifts life provides.  Symbolically, this full moon is a great time to start harvesting all the good stuff you’ve been working hard for in previous months.  Perhaps it’s time to cash in on investments, start activating gameplans in ways that will see big yields, or maybe it’s time to relish that bottle of fine wine you’ve been sitting on for ‘just the right time.’ The point here is NOW is the right time to indulge and harvest the goodies that make life grand.

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Closing Thoughts About the Full Moon and Strawberry Moon Meaning

Life, in all its millions of manifestations, happens.  Sometimes life creeps and crawls by at a snail’s pace.  Then other times, as in this time of year, life comes on like a lioness illuminating light-infused inspiration.  This is a time to recognize the sun-kissed gifts in our life and reap the rewards that are part-and-parcel with getting through our days and rejoicing the good stuff.  I hope this article offers inspiration for you to summon the sun for grand celebrations this full moon and in the future. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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