Native American Moon Signs

Native American moon signs and meanings
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Native American Moon Signs and Moon Sign Meanings

Meanings of Native American Moon Signs

This page on Native American moon signs is inspired by a special lineage I share with the Wabanki, people of the Dawn (most commonly known as Algonquin).

I spend a lot of time with these lovely people, and over a span of time and communication, we’ve come to agree on these moon signs from their native perspective.

Your Native American moon sign is reflective. Because we are dealing with attributes of the moon, the personality types shared below will speak to your shadow selves.

However, most astrological zodiacs are based on sun signs (the position of the sun at your birth). Sun signs describe how you appear to the world (it fits with the metaphor of the visible sun radiating brightly for all to see upon the earth).

These moon signs are a metaphor – they express shadows, motion, change and soft illuminations of the personality – just like the moon.

Moreover, if you do not see yourself (your personality) in these Native American moon signs, that might not be unusual. Typically, moon sign personality types can hide within us, and need the light of our attention in order to shine brightly out of our shadows (again, just like the moon needs the light of the sun to be seen).

“When you were born, you cried

and the world rejoiced.

Live your life so that when you die,

the world cries and you rejoice.”

~White Elk

Your Native American moon sign can be determined according to the month in which you were born. Each month experiences one full moon (sometimes two). That full moon within the month you were born expresses certain aspects of your personality. Read your personality type within the month you were born – it will convey unique illumination about yourself.

Native American Moon Signs and Meanings

January : Wolf Moon Sign
If you were born under the January Wolf Moon, you very likely had (maybe still have) many challenges to face in your life. This makes you uniquely skilled to tackle most difficulties with a cold exterior. Your accustomed to hard work and moving diligently through obstacles. People see you as a lone wolf, and this is true in the fact you would rather work alone. The truth is you have a very close niche of people (your pack) whom you feel fierce love for (although you may not openly show your affection). Your life lesson is about faith, and letting more than only hard work move you through life. See symbolic meaning of Wolf here.

February : Snow Moon Sign
Much like your brothers and sisters of the Wolf Moon tribe, you are no stranger to hard work. Many of you had incredibly challenging childhoods, and have overcome insurmountable odds. These circumstances can make you see the world as a harsh place, sometimes you may even be critical or jaded about people and the world. This does not make you blind to beauty, however and you appreciate physical beauty – particularly in nature. Flowers, trees, animals will all sing sweetly to you and carry you to other worlds where you can escape. Your life lesson is about escaping into these natural worlds more often & letting go of the cold hard facts of reality.

March : Crow Moon Sign (also Raven Moon, and/or Magpie Moon)
If you were born in March, your Native American moon sign indicates you are an expansive communicator. Your skill to convey yourself and your ideas comes from your ability to be extremely flexible and adaptable. You were born in a time of tempestuous transition. This gives you a unique alacrity…a move-able mind. This specialized mental condition allows you to communicate with other realms of life – you will be particularly drawn to fire animals and birds because these creatures are fast-thinkers like you. You are the midwives and overseers of great change. Your life lesson is about helping yourself and others through transition. See symbolic meaning of Raven here.

April : Seed Moon Sign (also known as the Egg Moon)
You are known as the Seed Moon if you are born in April because you represent the promise of new growth. You are a league of people who are determined to be seen and heard in your own special way. You have likely seen a great deal of struggle in your childhood, and as you grow into maturity you become adamant about establishing yourself righteously within the community. You have a need to feel deep connections with others, to root yourself within the tribe. Your integrity and honesty is immense and you cannot tolerate injustice. Your sign indicates you are full of potential. That means you will uncover special gifts and aspects about yourself all throughout your life – even in your elderly years. Your life lesson is about gaining perspectives from other viewpoints (not just your own).

May : Flower Moon Sign
Although you’ve had your fair share of struggle, yours is a charmed sign as you tend to be fairly lucky in life. You have a knack for avoiding hardship. You are gifted with a friendly disposition, it seems you can get along well with almost everyone. Many of you will be natural beauties, and your physical appearance will win you many suitors. Even if you hide your physical beauty away from the world, people will still be attracted to you because you radiate loveliness that’s really irresistible. You are very generous, and love to share your bounty with others. Flower Moon signs sometimes find it easier to go along with the crowd. Your life lesson is about following your own light – listening to your own inner voice. See symbolic meaning of Flowers here.

June : Strawberry Moon
You have so many ideas and dreams you have a hard time keeping track. Within you there is a wealth of genius pertaining to enterprise. Within the tribe, people come to you for your insight and advice because they know you are ripe with perspective. Although, your opinions might not be the most objective. You know this about yourself however, and have a keen ability to manipulate situations because you can see the inner workings and outer workings of a scenario at the same time. You love to nurture those around you and are particularly doting to family members – especially your children and/or domestic pets. Your life lesson is about channeling your vast understandings into a specific direction that serves your community.

July : Thunder Moon Signs
You have a bright disposition and easily uplift others just by being in their presence. Your sunny outward personality is a paradox because you also have a tremendous depth. Most people don’t realize this about you. You keep your inner depth concealed, it rumbles below your surface. This duality causes you to be highly intuitive. That you know what people will do next is very matter-of-fact to you. Indeed, you often act on future events that have not taken place yet. Likewise, you tend to act on future behaviors of other people too. Knowing things can make you extremely moody, and people often cannot understand a sudden dark shift in your demeanor. Your life lesson is about separating your intuitive knowing from common reality – identifying the difference between inner knowing and outer (real-time) experience.

August : Sturgeon Moon
Although you may have had to endure hardships in your life, you know intrinsically what it feels like to thrive. You have an expansive nature that magnetizes the very best the earth can offer. This makes it quite easy for you to attract the ways and means in your life to succeed in most endeavors. It’s uncanny how resources come together to suit your purposes. Sometimes you take this for granted. But, most of you honor the resources at your fingertips. In fact, you can be extremely protective of your friendships, families and provisions of the earth. If you feel these areas are threatened you can be vicious in guarding them. Although you are extremely generous, you can be self-focused. Your life lesson is about seeing the world from other people’s eyes (point-of-view). See symbolic meaning of Fish here.

September : Harvest Moon
As your moon sign suggests, you have remarkable gifts for gathering people and energies together at optimal times. You have a knack for making outstanding connections. People of the tribe will come to you for matchmaking because you know which people will marry best with each other. You can look out into the world and instantly see what partnerships/relationships will work. You are also the information gatherer and tacitly in charge of disseminating information. You are the keeper of wisdom, and also responsible for doling out advice in an honorable way. You have an inherent balance with an superior sense of right and wrong. Your amazing gifts can make you an elitist. Your life lesson is about maintaining humility.

October : Hunters Moon
Your sense of timing is impeccable. Moreover, your sense of knowing through extrasensory perception is uncanny. You have a keen awareness about yourself and your environment. This unnerves a lot of people, and many within your tribe fear you because of your powerful knowing. Consequently, you often find yourself in solitude – although you always long for a partner who understands you. In fact, you spend much of your time seeking partnership and this has made you adept at the “social dance.” You know when to withdraw and when to reveal yourself. You have many layers of personality and you can pull these out to suit your needs at will. Your life lesson is about self- acceptance as well as accepting others for who they are (and accepting how they feel about you too).

November : Beaver Moon
Much like your Crow Moon brothers and sisters, you too were born into a time of transition. You are uniquely poised to act on new trends. You will also be a trend-setter yourself. There is also a sense of urgency about you, it is as if you are always preparing for the next step in your evolution. You are also eager to help others move to the next level on their path too. So much so, the people of your tribe will ask for your help with transitions. You are a facilitator and love to create structure from chaos. You can easily get caught up in all the excitement of transition, and you can also get lost in other people’s drama. This blocks your ability to help and heal yourself and others. Your life lesson is about not getting lost in transition. See symbolic meaning of Beaver here.

December : Cold Moon Signs
As your moon sign name implies, you tend to have a cold exterior – but the fact is you actually have a glowing warmth within you that when nurtured and encouraged, will radiate outwards. In fact, this inner warmth of yours has the power to fuel the dreams of an entire tribe if you allow it. You, along with many of your winter moon sign family members have faced adverse conditions. But adversity is never your enemy, and you tend to miraculously overcome insurmountable odds with a casualness that boggles onlookers. You have a keen intellect with the ability to create effective strategies from the slightest bits of information. People in the tribe look to you as a person of great strength and stability. Your life lesson is about relying and trusting others (as you tend to rely mostly on yourself).

I hope you have enjoyed these Native American moon signs as much as I have enjoyed creating them with my kin.

You might also be interested in my observations of personality types according to traditional western astrology moon signs here. If you are unsure about your astrological lunar sign (requires time, date and place of birth), you can calculate your moon sign here.

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