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A bit eccentric, but dear friend of mine is obsessed with good luck symbols. He's got troves of various good luck charms, trinkets and objects. Tabletops are dotted with lucky doo-dads, curio cabinets stuffed with auspicious knick-knacks from around the name it, he's got some kind of object to convey luck and fortune.

You could say he's devoted a large portion of his life to amassing this treasure of good luck symbols. We talk a lot, and much of the data I write about pertaining to good luck emblems comes from our discussions.

Sometimes our discussions get into rabid debates. Bucky (that's his name, a nick name actually because he's always "bucking" bad luck - so everybody calls him Bucky or Lucky Bucky) thinks his luck comes from the object. The stones he carries around in his pockets, the lucky charms he has crammed in his car, his office and him, these objects are the source of his good luck.

I believe we make our own luck. So, you can imagine Bucky and I have some humdinger arguments over how luck is brought about (or, sometimes I really chap his hide by debating the existence of luck at all! Poor Bucky).

End the end, we're friends, so we always manage to make nice and play in the sandbox together amicably. And, as a result of our play, I'm inspired to write some awesome pages about good luck symbols on this site.

Here are a few (and hopefully more to be added in the future).

In-Site Links to Good Luck Symbols and Meanings

Good Luck Symbols for Business Good Luck Symbols for Business:
Whether you need a rubbing stone to ease a little business stress, or you want to get behind a symbol with some energetic punch - this page offers some symbols for wealth, fortune and business savvy.

Good Luck Symbols Good Luck Animals:
Fourteen common animals representing good luck, fortune, protection and all around good stuff.

Lucky Number Meaning Lucky Number Meanings:
What makes a number lucky? This page offers some thoughts about good luck number meaning and why each number might be lucky.

Good Luck Symbols Misc. Good Luck Symbols:
Some of Bucky's (and my) favorite good luck symbols. A list of our top 8 good luck picks with explanations.

I hope you find these articles on good luck symbols to be meaningful and helpful. Thanks for reading!

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