Mars Symbol and Mars Meaning

Mars Symbol Meaning, Planet Symbol Meanings

Exploring Mars Symbolism

Also known as the sign for "maleness" the Mars symbol embodies the yang principle (see quick-reference list below).

Mars is a planet of dubious repute. It's often referred to as the "fiery planet" because of its red hue. It's also popularly known as a planet of war, and we see this in connection with Mars the Roman god (Ares in Greek myth) of war.

But what isn't so popular is the ability for Mars to confront life-and-death issues. The planet is incredibly influential in illuminating our vision as to what is no longer serving us.

Indeed, Mars symbol is affiliated with the astrology sign of Aries - the spring sign, and thus symbolic of new beginnings, birth and initiation. Mars is also a ruler for Scorpio - the fall sign, with symbolism of retreat, death and submerging.

This makes Mars symbolism relevant to cycles, and the natural rhythms of life and death. On the one hand we have the driving force of new beginnings followed by a period of thoughtful retreat and a symbolic death to the things which no longer serve.

Mars energy is comprised of, and includes the following symbolism...

Quick-List of Mars Meanings

  • Masculine
  • Active
  • Forceful
  • Driving
  • Aggression
  • Heated
  • Passionate
  • Focused
  • Aspiration
  • Goal Oriented
  • Enthusiastic
  • Vitality

Working with the Mars symbol and Mars symbolism means being honest with ourselves. Mars energy forces us to confront our deepest, darkest secrets (a Scorpio proclivity) and drive a spike of active understanding in the heart of our shadows.

Conversely, Mars will resurrect certain themes in our lives, and working with this planet will allow us to see renew our understanding about who we are in the context of our shadow natures. Furthermore, moving in synchronicity with Mars orbit will cause us to burn through the darkness with a ferocious kind of illumination.

Mars both repels and attracts, so you will need to focus when working with its energy. And how do we work with Mars symbol and Mars symbolism?

The Mars symbol is a representation of the shield and spear of the Roman god of war, Mars. Incorporate this symbol when you are "going into battle." Draw the symbol on a piece of paper, or keep a Mars medallion with you when you need...

Occasions to Incorporate the Mars Symbol in Your Life

  • Bolster your confidence.

  • Propose a new idea and need your point to be driven home to your audience.

  • Embroiled in a heated debate or battle and you need strength to see yourself to the finish.

  • Starting a new project and you need enthusiastic inspiration.
  • Desire to have an enhanced libido.

In autumn months, pay tribute to the wisdom of Mars by meditating upon the energy of this red planet. As you bid farewell to the summer months, while holding the clarifying power of Mars in your awareness, new discoveries will be made known to you. Mars has an uncanny power to reveal truth behind the veil. By recognizing this power in the fall, we open the door for great expansion and awareness during this season.

When contemplating Mars symbolism, it's worthy to note iron as Mars' corresponding metal (also identified with the Mars symbol). In alchemy, iron is symbolic of hardness, force and strength. Iron is the fourth stage in the process of reaching philosophical/spiritual gold.

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts about the Mars symbol and Mars symbolism. Be sure to check out the links at the end of this page for other planet symbol meanings and more!

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