Blue Moon Meaning

Blue Moon Meaning

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Why Do We Call It a Blue Moon? Blue Moon Meaning

What’s up with the blue moon meaning?  Why do we call it a blue moon?  Let’s start by explaining what a blue moon is.  Basically, there is always one full moon every month, giving us 12 full moons in a year.   However, every once two or three years, we experience an extra moon. It’s kind of an anomaly, so that is why we call rare occasions “once in a blue moon” events.   

Pretty simple explanation, right?  But what’s up with the colorful moniker? Why do we call it a blue moon?  Why not name it “that weird extra moon”? Well, various Farmer’s Almanacs started dubbing this odd, extra moon as the blue moon.

What’s interesting is that blue moons aren’t even blue all the time.  They can be any color.  The hue of this moon comes into play as an effort to identify an anomaly.  Why? It comes down to language when exploring blue moon meaning.

Blue Moon Meaning
Blue Moon Meaning

Wonky Associations with the Blue Moon Meaning in Language

As par with all assignments in symbolism – it’s hard to pinpoint an exact origin.  The term “blue moon” crops up in lots of places during different eras.

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It’s widely agreed blue moon is a term of the Old Ways.  It started with those savvy country folk who lived and died by the rule of Nature.  In ancient Gaelic, the word blue identified the color, but it also had interesting connotations.  In Gaelic slang, the word blue was used to express an indecent or inappropriate situation. In old French, blue signified a low mood.  Hence the phrase “I’m feeling blue”.

The country-folk of the Old Ways were profoundly connected to the earth.  When I say they lived and died by the rule of Nature,  that is oh-so-true.  From crops to cows, cures to ceremony – earth and sky was the source of it all.  So what’s the negative blue moon connection?  And why do we call it a blue moon if it isn’t even the color blue? Read on for good, bad, and bodacious blue moon meaning.

Blue Moon Meaning
Blue Moon Meaning and Change

Interesting Historical Reasons on Why We Call It a Blue Moon

An extra moon in a growing season can do some really wonky things to everything.  It affects human behavior, animal behavior, and it certainly influences the growth of crops/plant life.  Full moons pack powerful punches once a month.  But twice a month – whoa Nellie!!  Stand back for a walloping effect. 

Ergo, this renegade extra moon became known as the ‘indecent moon’ or ‘inappropriate moon’.  Basically, it was an unwanted moon because to ancient country folk, it wreaked unpredictable results in life.

So that’s the winding road to answer the question “why it’s called a blue moon?”  It is a reference to a phenomenon that is uncommon, and also a little scary.  But I can’t leave it at that.  What if we flip this bad blue moon rap into a better perspective?

 Positive Aspects of Blue Moon Meaning

We can look to the same ancient folklore that gave the blue moon its indecent proposal from the beginning.  The Old Ways tell of amazing results when we appeal to the power of the blue moon.  Whoa?  Yeah! Instead of getting freaked out over the unknown influence of this moon – we can harness its power – purposefully and profoundly.

This rare’ish lunar event is a perfect time to get serious about our affirmations.  When we solidify our intentions during a blue moon, this moon blesses it in a big way.  Think of it like sowing super-sonic powerful seeds in our lives.  Then consider the blue moon adding magic lunar juju to our seeds – ensuring the likelihood of successful sprouting of our dreams.

In short, offer up your dreams and expectations for the future to this blue moon.  Connect with Dame Bleue Lune on a personal level.  Envision this dynamic, cerulean Lady Luna as a giver of second chances and big gifts in your life.

Blue Moon Meaning
Blue Moon Meaning

Embrace Change During the Full Blue Moon

Blue moons have historically proven themselves to be catalysts for mind-blowing life events.  Don’t miss the chance to utilize this thin slice of nightlife.  It’s time to boogie in the moonlight and dare to dream for your best future.

Interestingly, the Old Ways document a domino effect with this action.  If you engage the blue moon to aid you in your future manifestations, it will set factors in motion that will last until the next blue moon – which is about three years in the future.  Considering this is a time of impressive influence, energy, and potential – it behooves us to choose our wishes for the future wisely…especially during a blue moon. It’s almost as if the blue moon blesses the big changes we want to see in our lives.

Last Word on Blue Moon Meaning

I hope this post on blue moon meaning was illuminating.  At the very least, I’d like to think this post inspires you to wander outside and simply appreciate the bountiful beauty of this blue moon (even though it likely won’t be blue).  If you do go lunar-watching, do me a favor.  Just give thanks.  Thanks for the little things, big things, and everything in between.  But especially give gratitude for this glorious universe in which we live. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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