palm tree symbolism and palm tree meanings

Palm Tree Symbolism

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Meaningful Palm Tree Symbolism

Palm Tree Symbolism
and Palm Meanings

These days in the Western mind, palm tree symbolism speaks of sunny skies and relaxing vacations. This isn’t too far off base, as the palm tree is largely a solar symbol.

Consider the radiating fronds bursting forth at the very height of a towering climb.

The head of the palm is visually comparable to our glowing sun-star, and so many symbolic meanings of the palm are related to solar attributes.

palm tree meaning and palm tree symbolism
Palm tree meaning and palm tree symbolism

Tis true, sun symbols are predominantly masculine in their energetic tone. However, the palm shares its symbolic gender with succulent female qualities found in the fruit it bears.

And so, we see this scenario with symbolic eyes: The erect, towering trunk representing the phallus – male power rising into action – followed by a flowering, expansive fireworks display of long supple leaves nestling an offspring of rich, nutritious fruits. Beautiful symbolism, isn’t it? This is a snapshot of how our forbears viewed the palm, and why it is an icon for fertility and unification.

Symbolic Palm Meanings – Keywords

  • Honor
  • Truth
  • Value
  • Vitality
  • Warmth
  • Fertility
  • Expansion
  • Protection
  • Aspiration
  • Attainment
  • Unification
  • Resurrection
  • Singleness of Purpose

In alchemical traditions, the palm tree is a symbol of androgyny as it possesses the perfect integration of both male and female attributes. This is an alchemical achievement – to be wholly, pristinely balanced – equally united with polarity.

This androgynous concept plays out in the esoteric archetype of the High Priestess found in the Tarot. Indeed, the palm tree is depicted in this card and here demonstrates the intent of the Priestess to amalgamate the realms of seen and unseen – mixing them into a whole vision with a goal to dispense for the betterment of humanity.

To Assyrians and Egyptians the palm is considered a tree of life. It was sacred to Ishtar and Ashtarte as well as to Nut and Hathor. These deities utilized the palm tree nectars to keep the dead in a semi-animated state while they awaited their fate in the Underworld. Sometimes the fruit of the palm would keep these souls in this state of undead forever. The date palm is also associated with the sun god Ra, as a resurrection figurehead.

palm tree symbolism and palm tree meanings
Palm tree symbolism and palm tree meanings

All these aspects bring to mind themes of victory related to palm tree symbolism. Not only victory over the conflict between dualities, but victory over death as well.

Indeed, Christians adapted the palms as a symbol of resurrection (victory over death through the union with Christ). Palm fronds were lain on the path walked by Christ as he entered Jerusalem.

Palms were also strewn out as a red carpet welcoming returning Roman warriors from battle. They are also laid out to welcome returning pilgrims to the Holy Land. In these examples, the palm tree symbolism conjures elements of attainment, welcoming, and all the wonderful qualities we associate with the soul’s return to its Source.

As dream symbols, palm trees symbolize our ability to rise above conflict and spread our light brilliantly – letting it shine over the din of petty concerns – rising above disillusionment like the sun itself. Palms in dreams may also be a message for us to resurrect aspects of ourselves. In resurrecting these parts, we become a more whole entity.

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on palm tree symbolism. Be sure to check out the links at the end of this page for more articles on tree symbolism and symbolic meanings found in nature. Thanks for reading!



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