alchemy symbol planet meanings

Alchemy Planet Symbols

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Alchemy Planet Symbol Meanings: To the alchemist, there was no area of life where the planets were not involved. The Greeks had a personified view of the planets – as each was a being in their own right, and played a part in every level relating to man and nature.

About Alchemy Planet Symbols

Traditionally, the alchemy planet symbols were depicted as seven in number. 

This is significant as this number corresponds to the seven major organs of the human body, the seven energy centers of (wo)man (think chakras), and most interestingly, the seven major metals in alchemy.

In considering the gravity of alchemy planet symbols and meanings, I like to refer to this quote by Paracelsus, Alchemist and Visionary (1493-1541).

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This quote by Paracelsus sums up a broader understanding of the alchemical perspective of planetary symbolism. Indeed, no operation or alchemical process was conducted without first consulting the planets and stars. Astrology played an enormous role in the alchemical traditions.

Depicted below are the seven planet symbols and a brief explanation of their characteristics in the alchemy tradition.

The secrets of alchemy exist to transform mortals from a state of suffering and ignorance to a state of enlightenment and bliss.”

~ Deepak Chopra
alchemy symbol planet meanings
alchemy symbol planet meanings

“Just as the sun shines through a glass…
the sun and the moon and all planets, as well
as all the stars and the whole chaos, are in man.”


Alchemy Planet Symbol Meanings


To temper Saturn’s dark moods, Jupiter was summoned to counter with its optimistic characteristics. Jupiter alchemy planet symbols were evident in practices needing a higher, finer frequency. This is due to the fact that Jupiter universally recognized as the planet of the higher mind. Additionally, it represents generosity, goodness and opportunity. More about Jupiter here.


Mars alchemy planet symbols are shared with the sign of iron, and it is also noteworthy that this is the same sign for man or maleness. As such, alchemical Mars rules physical strength, and symbolizes predominantly male energy. Philosophically, Mars represents a need to temper primal urges while at the same to embracing the fire within. Click here for more symbolic details about Mars


When Mercury alchemy planet symbols are seen in ancient texts, it represents fluidity, transformation, and intellect. As the only common metal liquid at ordinary temperatures, Mercury was highly interesting to alchemists, as it easily fused with other metals. Alchemical Mercury is the “essence,” salt is the “body,” and sulfur is the “oil” clinging to Mercury. See full page on Mercury symbolism here.


Alchemically speaking, the moon represents Silver, the Lesser Work, or Mercury. It reaches stronger potential when joined with the sun, or Gold in the Greater Work. In more practical terms, the moon represents fertility, resurrection, occult power, immortality and intuition. The moon is a feminine property and alchemists would incorporate it with the sun (gold) to assure balance. I’ve written more about moon symbolism here.


Saturn alchemy planet symbols are seen in texts as governing the metal lead, which is one of the symbols for dark prime matter. Understood as having nefarious overtones, Saturn plays an important role in more sinister alchemical processes. On the other hand, Saturn represents order, strictures, and a gravitational pull to balance and moderation. Alchemist’s understood that Saturn had a very “take matters into hand” energy and utilized this essence in practice as well. More on Saturn symbolism here.


Although not a planet, its importance was so great it was counted among the seven. This alchemy planet symbol was utilized to focus on the act of creation. Specifically, creating desired effects in their practice – both physically and philosophically. The symbol also denotes creative energy, conscious self, and enlightenment. I’ve written more on the symbolism of the sun here.

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