Finding Nature

Finding Nature in Unlikely Places

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Nature is Where You Find Her

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who lives in New York City.  She’s going through a hard time.  I encouraged her to tap into nature for inspiration, renewal, and symbolic insight.  She balked at me! She complained: “Avia! I live in NYC! I’m surrounded by cars, concrete and carbon monoxide! Finding nature isn’t easy where I live. How do I commune with nature in a space like this!?

Finding Nature in Unlikely Places
Finding Nature in Unlikely Places

Finding Nature in Unlikely Places

Easy.  Is NYC void of blue skies?  I don’t think so.  When peering into those beautiful skies, aren’t they filled with feathered friends?  Birds are big messengers! And they can be found in the most industrialized, populated places, as these two storks are demonstrating in the pic above.

And what about those weeds that grow through the cracks in sidewalks?  I’m serious!  Even those determined greenies have lessons to offer.  They talk to us about willfulness and a fierce need to thrive and survive.

Heck -There are tons of bugs and beauties in NYC – I’ve been there!  I know!  Bugs are surprisingly forthcoming with powerful wisdom.  No jive!  And if nothing else, shove a few potted herbs or houseplants around the apartment! Green is good for the soul!

David J. Crotty Photography on Etsy

Granted, nature crops up in different ways in the city than in the country.  Sometimes we’ve got to be extra-aware in the city to read the language of nature.  But that usually makes our messages and meanings more profound!

Finding Nature in Unlikely Places
Finding Nature in Unlikely Places

Country Life Makes it Easier…

The country affords its own kind of messages.  Country living isn’t for everybody, I know.  Nature can be very intense living out in the sticks.  I’ve had toads living in my abode, lizards in my bed and scorpions snuggling in my shoes.  Oy!  Nature lets loose in less populated spaces.  As a result, symbolic meanings and messages in nature abound.

Like many of you, I’ve lived in a lot of different places.  I’ve settled in big cities like Phoenix and Dallas.  I’ve also homesteaded in the country backwoods.  Which is better?  Hmmm.  Not a simple answer and everybody has a different opinion.

Finding Nature
Finding Nature Where You Are (Anywhere That May Be)

Last Thoughts About Finding Nature

Whether city or country, the Universe is bountiful in symbolic meanings and messages from nature.   We can’t escape nature.  She permeates every nook and cranny of our daily experience.  Thankfully, that means we can’t escape the signs, symbolism, and messages nature is always sending our way.

All we need to gain direction and insight is a little awareness.  No matter where you live, look around, ponder, approach and connect with nature with curiosity and awe – the answers and epiphanies will come!

Wherever you live, I wish you all the delightful insight nature so generously offers every day. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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