Astrological House Meanings

Summaries of the Twelve Astrological House Meanings

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We’ve talked in-depth about astrological houses, but we thought we’d provide a summary of house meanings for a quick glance at each house and what it signifies in your birth chart. An understanding of astrological house meanings is necessary to examine personal astrology readings fully. A person’s sun sign is only one facet of astrology, delving into personality and psychological tendencies. A full astrology reading involves planets, zodiac signs, houses, and aspects.

It’s important to take the time to learn all about not only the basic astrological house meanings and symbols but the deeper interpretations of all twelve houses as well. A more involved understanding of the art of reading the stars will allow for a more useful awareness of one’s astrology chart and the ability to help others interpret their astrology readings.

Astrological House Meanings

Fundamentals of the Astrological Houses

The astrological house meanings represent the sections of the sky divided into twelve parts, just like the twelve sectors of the sky represented by the zodiac signs.

When looking at a chart, these two astrological ‘wheels’ are superimposed around a central axis. The astrological houses begin on the center left of the chart, like the sun rising in the east, with the first or ascending house. The houses are positioned in counter-clockwise locations around the chart. The position of the stars at the moment of one’s birth will determine one’s astrology reading, with planets sprinkled in various sectors, and signs falling within the different houses.

Each house corresponds with a different position in one’s life, with the first house to the twelfth house roughly representing the cycle from birth to death, from outward appearance to one’s life challenge or destiny, with money, relationships, and work in between. What the astrological houses represent is where the energy of a planet manifests in one’s life.

Astrological House Meanings

Summaries of the Twelve Astrological House Meanings

Each astrological house has its unique meaning and associations.

  1. The first or ascendant house is the area of personal appearances, of how the individual desires to be perceived. It is the house of first impressions, the outward expression of self.
  2. The second house rules one’s philosophy toward the material world. It is the realm of values, deciding emotional value versus financial value.
  3. The third astrological house is concerned with relationships, particularly with siblings, and friends during childhood, as well as with colleagues and neighbors. It is how one interacts and communicates in these relationships.
  4. The fourth house is about the home, family, and nurturing qualities. Planets within the fourth house may explain relationships with an important parental figure, one’s sense of belonging with family, and attitudes at home. It is also a reflection of the first years of life with the last years of life.
  5. The fifth house is the house of fun. Planets within this astrological house illuminate how one expresses themselves, how they are in games, leisure, and with children.
  6. The sixth house is about one’s work environment. How work is done, and what type of atmosphere one is comfortable working within. It also represents health.
  7. The seventh house is the arena of deep relationships with lovers, life partners, and known enemies.
  8. The eighth house is the house of sex, sexual tastes, and desires. Planets within this realm also are a manifestation of how society’s rules affect a person or vice versa.
  9. The ninth house is where one’s philosophy on life is represented. It is about beliefs, views on learning, and the world.
  10. The tenth house is about one’s career, public image, and ambition.
  11. The eleventh house is concerned with hopes, wishes, and how one is in a group of people. It is the house of social consciousness.
  12. The twelfth house, or descending house, is known as the house of self-undoing. It is, in a sense, one of the great challenges of each individual’s life. It is the characteristics of energy that one may hide from society and even from oneself. The twelfth house also has to do with one’s draw toward a greater reality and with the lessons of the previous houses.
Astrological House Meanings

Different Ways of Interpreting Astrological Houses

There are several different ways of interpreting the meanings of different planets in astrological houses. The most common way that astrological house meanings are interpreted is to view them as where a planet’s energy is expressed.

The second method involves viewing the planet’s energy as a strategy that the individual can use within the sector of life that is represented by the house. The third interpretation involves viewing the energy of the planet as a person or event within the astrological house. The fourth interpretation involves viewing the house as the place where the planets’ lessons are learned.

Astrology enthusiasts use readings as an outlet for learning about strengths and weaknesses and as a source of guidance for fulfilling personal truth and destiny. To learn about astrology, it is important to accept that there are various ways of deciphering each component of a personal astrology report instead of forcing a rigid explanation that does not pertain to an individual’s life as much as another explanation would. Even the astrological house meanings themselves include a spectrum of concepts. So inevitably, the interpretations may vary significantly, and they can be as dynamic as each individual. 

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