Snow moon meaning

Snow Moon Meaning

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Symbolic Snow Moon Meaning of February

A little background on snow moon meaning: 1). The word moon means “measure” (Greek origin).  2). The word month is a derivative of the word moon. We could say the full moon in any given month is form of measure.

Each month and its moon have specific personalities based on the actions of Mother Nature. Ancient people from various cultures started observing the movements of the earth and sky; it became obvious that certain months shared the same features year after year.

Full moon names are based on the predominant and consistent behaviors of Mother Nature within any given month.

Why is it Called the Snow Moon?

In Northern regions, January and February are typically some of the snowiest months of the year. February is snow-affiliated because it often has the accumulation of snow from January combined with the fresh snowfall in February.  Considering this packed snow pile-up, it makes sense the full moon of February is known as the snow moon.

The snow moon of February is also known as the hunger moon.  It is known as such because folks who lived in a world without Trader Joe’s, World Market and Wal-Mart had to fend for their own food.  Sometimes these pre-industrial ancestors got really hungry this time of year; they might be running low on the foods they prepped and stored to get them through the winter. For many reasons February was a tense time; the prospect of running out of food and cabin fever are just a few concerns.

Those are the technical details behind snow moon meaning, but there are a lot more points of personality to consider about this chilly luminary. There is a lot of snow myths and magic circling around this full moon of February. The symbolic features of the full snow moon meaning can teach us a lot. Knowing and responding to the personality traits of the snow moon can lead to great insight and growth.  The following are some highlights to consider as you embrace this month’s full moon!

snow moon meaning
Snow moon meaning

“When I am challenged by changes, I look to the moon as a mentor. She changes all the time without complaint. She accepts change with grace.”

~ Avia

Symbolic Animals Associated with the Snow Moon

Every full moon has certain animals that are attracted to it. Some of these creatures are more active during certain full moons of the month than others. On the other hand, other creatures are associated with the snow moon because Native wisdom assigned them as such. Here are the animals associated with the full snow moon of February.


symbolic meaning of woodpecker

These birds mostly opt to hunker down in the winter rather than migrate to warmer climes. February where I live in the Northeast is eerily quiet. Most of the birds have flown south, leaving the outdoors bereft of birdsong. But the persistent, plucky woodpecker stays.  Its pecking shatters the silence as it hammers on various trees.  Snow moon meaning is linked with the woodpecker because it becomes more active during this time of year.  The woodpecker knows that winter is starting to peel back to reveal spring. It starts drilling trees this time of year in anticipation of a new season approaching.  The pecking is a way for the woodpecker to determine the readiness of the tree. That knock-knock tells them if a tree is soft and prime enough to start making new cubbies.  For us, the woodpeckers’ behavior during the time of the snow moon is a reminder to start knocking at opportunities!  The snow moon is a good time to set an intention to start taking advantage of the opportunities available to us. This is a ripe time to move forward to better horizons. Learn more about symbolic woodpecker meaning here.


bear tattoo ideas and bear meaning

These creatures are affiliated with the snow moon because it is around this time of year they start to stir from torpor (they don’t hibernate, the lower metabolism, and sleep deeply called a torpor). There is no clear date as to when the bear will emerge from its den after a long winter’s sleep, but bears know because they are inextricably connected to earth and Mother Nature. On average, bears will start to twitch around the snow moon of February. This is symbolic of renewal, reanimation and embracing the new light of spring.  Embracing that new light is symbolic for humans too! It implies the snow moon is a time to arise, emerge, and return to the light of promise. Bears remind us to renew our visions and celebrate new beginnings during the full snow moon. Get more symbolic bear meanings here.


Native American moon sign meanings and beaver moon for November

These creatures have a remarkable ability to predict the weather. Maybe that’s why the beaver’s cousin, the groundhog, has its own holiday (February 2nd, Groundhog Day) to predict the arrival of spring.  Beavers start to stir around the full snow moon. Along with bears and woodpeckers, the beaver is starting to sense the coming of spring around this time in February.  Beavers do not hibernate, and they do not go into a torpor either, but they do chill out during winter months. They are less active and prefer to lounge in their lodges during the cold winter season.  Beavers also start to get a little randy this time of year.  Yep, beavers begin to breed during the snow moon.  Beaver mamma’s gestate for about four months. This means if they conceive in February, they’ll be ready to give birth in June…a great time because the earth is ripe and rife with plenty of food for the newborns.  The beaver reminds us to conceive during the full snow mean. I’m not necessarily talking conceive a real baby. I’m talking about conceiving new goals, new ideas, new projects, new habits.  After you conceive, apply your focus and action towards this new ‘baby’ growing inside you for the next four months.  You will be amazed at the results from this practice.  Full snow moons are a powerful influence. Setting an intention under the snow moon offers a better chance for future success in your endeavors.

Neat Symbolic Stuff to Do During the Snow Moon

Snow moon meaning
Snow moon meaning

Every full moon has a special kind of energy. The moon is also a great influence. We can take advantage of the power of the full moon. When we do, it’s kinda like getting a lunar blessing.  When we set intentions and acknolwedge the moon, we have a better rate of success in our endeavors.  Here are some ideas for igniting the power of the moon in our lives.


Well, not literally, but you can howl at the snow moon for real if you’re into it. What I’m talking about is declaring your power, your purpose and your potential.  This full snow moon meaning is all about overcoming burdens, grief and self-doubt. During this full moon, make a pact to yourself. Commit to the truth that says you are worthy, you are strong and if you want it, you can have it.

Do-Over Time!

Did you ever play a game of catch or basketball as a kid and you botched the toss? Or had a time when the pressure was on and you blew it in a bad way? I did sure have! Once when I was a kid I was playing air hockey with my cousins.  When one of us completely screwed up a move, we would all scream “DO OVER!!” Only one do-over was allowed, but what a lovely sentiment. How nice to know a second chance to start over was allowed. Consider this when you think about full snow moon meaning. This moon can easily answer to the name “do over moon.” This is the perfect time to accept, forgive and start over.  Under this February full moon, get in touch with the freedom of self-acceptance and your inherent ability to change your life.  Do over’s are doable…you just gotta give yourself permission to have a second chance to do things better.

Elimination Revelation

Once upon a time I got rid of over half of my possessions…partly because I forced to move into a smaller place, and partly because it just felt like the right time to shed off the excess.  The process gave me so many revelations and a sense of renewal.  This full February moon is a perfect time to eliminate clutter, get rid of non-essentials and shed the extraneous.  The snow moon is a reminder that we are in a season of change. The snow will melt, the earth will warm, and we must accept those transitions.  One great way of accepting the changes to come is to prepare for it by slimming down to our fighting weight.  I’m not talking literal body weight. I’m talking about tossing the crap that is clogging your life.  This might be material items, but it might also be beliefs that are no longer serving you…or worse, down-right damaging you.  Discard the thoughts and things that are holding you back. Doing so will make you far better equipped to handle changes ahead.

Snow moon meaning
Final thoughts about snow moon meaning

Closing Thoughts on February Full Snow Moon Meaning

February is a transitional month.  Winter is clawing to keep its position while spring is chomping to get back on the scene. The result leads to a tug-o-war which manifest in bizarre weather, unpredictable mood swings, radical shifts. This kind of erratic environment can be a lot to bear. But the beauty of this moon and this time of year is that the world is a grab bag of opportunities. Huh? How do I figure?!  Whenever you have a bit of chaos, you also have pure potential.

This month’s full moon is also a time to cast off that which is unwanted or unneeded.  Imagine the snow and ice are your unwanted things…now imagine those things melting away beneath this powerful full moon.  See your path cleared and ready for you to step into the best version of you.  Doing this also demands a declaration. This is the time to claim your value and announce your greatness.

Lastly, do-over’s are not a myth. They can happen.  Granted, second chances are sometimes hard to come by in the real world. But the good thing is, you don’t have to depend on anybody else to give you a second chance.  This snow moon is the perfect time to give yourself a break, forgive yourself, and give yourself permission to have a do-over.  No, we can’t turn back time, but we have the power to turn things around and give ourselves a second chance to make things better.

This month’s full snow moon will energize your desire to declare your power, clear out the clutter and claim your chance to start over.

As always, thanks so much for reading. I sincerely hope this article proves to be helpful to you on your symbolic journey.

Mighty brightly,

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