Infinity Symbol Meanings

Infinity Symbol Meanings
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Thoughts About Lemniscate, Figure-Eight, and Infinity Symbol Meanings

It’s a seemingly simple, innocuous symbol, right? But infinity symbol meanings are vast and epically profound.

The infinity symbol is also known as a lemniscate, or a figure-eight symbol.  It can be thought of in terms of a Mobius strip…and it’s also tightly connected with the legendary Ouroboros. That’s a lot of jibber-jabber to say this symbol is a big deal.

So what is it, exactly? The infinity symbol is a representation of..what else? Infinity! It is an icon that reflects the infinite flow of life, Nature, and energy.  This symbol is a classic snapshot of the cyclical behavior of our lives and the universe within which we live.

The essence of infinity (and this symbol) says: “There is no end. There is no beginning.”  That’s a weighty concept. But if you think about it…it’s true. There is no death, only transformation from one form of life to a different form. And with no ending or death, there can’t be any beginnings. I find this really helpful during severe times of transition, and the infinity symbol reminds me of this major decree of all life. The infinity (lemniscate) symbol also means a few other things like…

Keywords for Infinity Symbol Meanings:

  • Flow
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Connection
  • Independence
  • Movement
  • Progression

So, most of these keywords make sense. But connection and independence bunched together? What’s up with that? Notice the infinity symbol expresses a path that can be viewed as independent travel, but it also has a distinct connection point. In terms of our life experience, this suggests we all live independently, but points of connection with others is inevitable. 

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is – infinite.”

~ William Blake
Infinity Symbol Meanings
Infinity Symbol Meanings

Infinity symbol meaning also points to the twisted nature of life. Consider: Life is not linear. For example, if you’ve ever set a goal, I’m willing to bet my buttons that path to reaching your goal never traveled in a direct path.  Nothing ever moves from point A to point B in a straight line.

That’s because life is lived on a curve. All paths are stuffed with ups, downs and crazy curves. It has to do with gaining a better perspective, and testing the full range of experiences as we move through life. So when you’re struggling to reach the end game and frustrated as hell about setbacks (or things aren’t going the way you want) think about the infinity symbol. It’s a reminder that life is a loopy process, and things will take a turn in a better direction eventually.

We can also contemplate this symbol as a tool for meditation.  I like to fiddle with the word ‘skate’ and ‘lemniscate’ when I meditate upon the infinity symbol.  So my method of meditation is deeply pondering myself on roller skates, riding the smooth curves of the lemniscate (infinity symbol).  Here is a break-down of this visual meditation…

Meditation on Infinity Symbol Meanings

Steps to a Mental Skating Meditation Upon the Lemniscate (Infinity Symbol Visualization)

  • Picture yourself in a pair of rockin’ roller skates
  • See yourself rolling along the smooth curves of the infinity symbol
  • Feel cosmic breezes
  • Feel the exhilaration of motion and movement
  • Take the curves of the visual infinity symbol like a pro-skating-savant   
  • Take a few roller-skate-mind-laps on the lemniscate
  • Then start to slow up to the center of the symbol..that point of connection
Infinity Symbol Meanings Meditation
Infinity Symbol Meanings Meditation

(Infinity Symbol Meditation Continued…)

  • Eventually, stop at that center-point
  • Become still, live in that center
  • Ponder the expanse of the present moment
  • Ponder the infinite connection with all things
  • Feel the pulse of all life
  • Stay in that unified center for as long as you like, and bask in the energetic glow
  • Eventually, start scooting on your mental skates upon the lemniscate loops again
  • Take a lap or two in a cool easy way
  • Then skate back into your regular reality, relaxed and renewed, and reconnected.

It’s a powerful meditative exercise. Give this Jedi mind-meditation a spin sometime…I’ll wager my wigwam you will find it powerful and effective in centering yourself as well as gaining ease about “going with the flow.”

Infinity Symbol Meanings and the Ouroboros

The Ouroboros makes its appearance in several ancient cultural myths, like Egyptian, Greek, Hermetic and more. 

The Ouroboros is commonly seen as a serpent eating its own tail. It can be seen doing this in a twisty manner like the infinity symbol, or sometimes in a circle with no crossover.  

Infinity Symbol Meanings Ouroboros
Infinity Symbol Meanings Ouroboros

Here are a few infinity symbol meanings related to this self-consuming serpent.

  • Gnostic: The infinity Ouroboros represents the unity of life. While consuming its own tail, the serpent signifies the process of creation, destruction and recreation. It is also a Gnostic symbol of duality, unity and harmonizing the two.
  • Roman: Both the infinity symbol and the Ouroboros are seen in Roman culture and are linked to the aspect of time.  These symbols represent past, present future, the passage of time, and the eternal nature of life on an energetic level.
  • Greek: The lemniscate and the Ouroboros are symbolic of death and rebirth as illustrated in the Orphic creation myth – it’s a reference to the cosmic egg symbolism
  • Egyptian: In this culture, the Ouroboros is symbolic of the sun – it’s rising and setting signifying the cycle of the day – the evolution of time and life.

The overwhelming message the Ouroboros provides is “all is one” – the concept of connection and the totality of all.  Other thoughts that come to mind with the serpentine infinity symbol include:

  • Beginnings, endings, and all that’s in between.
  • Life, death and who we are/become while sandwiched between these milestones, as well as how we evolve beyond life and death.
  • Reintegration, disintegration and the phases each of these processes undergo

To be sure, infinity symbol meanings are just as relevant today as they were in ancient times. Whether you view it as a figure-eight on a roller rink, an algebraic/geometric lemniscate or a dandy good doodle..I hope this article offers inspiration about the vast paths of life and energy.

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