Animal Symbolism of Spring

Animal Symbolism Of Spring

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Animal Symbolism of Spring Power and Creativity is Afoot! At the time of this writing, the Spring equinox is upon us (March 20) in the northern hemisphere of the world. I’ve written a lot about how the symbolism of the seasons effect us.

About Springtime Creatures

Nature makes twisty moves this time of year. It’s a major time of transition, and I suspect we’ll feel that transition in our own lives as Nature does her tug-of-war between Spring and Winter. Nature’s creatures do the symbolic dance too. There are certain critters that move with Nature’s transitions in Spring just as much as we do. Birds, for example, are a high herald of Spring. They migrate back north to calmer climates when Spring beckons. This is symbolic of a lot of things, like: The freedom to fly where we need to be for our best well-being. Returning home, or re-connecting with our ‘grass roots’. Birds are messengers, so their migration is also symbolic of receiving timely news in our lives.

Birds aren’t the only fine friends of Nature that follow the trail of Spring’s transition. Here are a few samples from creature-kin that carry animal symbolism of Spring. Of course, these are just a smattering. Furthermore, you may have different critters that mark the metamorphic moves of Spring in your neck of the woods. This article is intended to illustrate how certain animals carry the energy of their season with their appearance. In so doing, these creatures are symbolic of their season, and have a lot of wisdom to offer.

“The beautiful spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the soul is apt to revive also.”

~Harriet Jacobs
animal symbolism of spring
Animal Symbolism of Spring

Animal Symbolism of Spring

After coving a bit about how spring is such a catalyst for certain creatures, let’s dive into animals who really sing during this transitional time of year. Here are a few insights into animal symbolism of spring that might pique your vernal vibes:

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animal symbolism of spring and goose meanings

Where I live, a true mark of Spring is the arrival of the goose, Canadian geese, specifically. They remind me of Klingon Warbird ships, hovering en masse over ponds and lakes. Interestingly, geese kinda have a Klingon attitude. These can be fierce birds, not to be messed with – especially when they are protecting their own. Symbolic? I think so. Spring can be an aggressive time with all its raw transition. This attitude combined with the mighty goose is a sign to assert ourselves – especially in times of change. The goose sighted in the Spring encourages you to screw your courage to the sticking place in the face of personal shifts. Geese are also symbolic of returning back to our roots. They remind us to defend our loved ones with passion, relish our heritage, and appreciate home/family. Sometimes, it’s our roots (heritage, home, lineage) that give us the anchor we need to endure the storms of change. Read more about animal symbolism of the Goose here.


animal symbolism of spring and rabbit meanings

Bunnies have big-time cultural import in the realm of animal symbolism. From fertility to luck, longevity to motherhood – there’s no shortage of wisdom the rabbit offers. In terms of partnering with Spring, bunnies are bounding with themes like: Creativity, Renewal, Procreation, and Magic. Spring and her baby bunnies are all about the old Biblical adage “Be fruitful and multiply”. Rabbits have a well-known reputation for making big families, and Spring is the time when they get their groove on. Spring itself is a time of explosive growth and productivity. So what does all this mean for us on a symbolic level? Quite simply, it’s a push for us to produce, grow, create. Springtime rabbits hop into our lives to remind us to get busy in terms of creativity. Read more about symbolic Rabbit meanings here.


animal symbolism and earthworm meanings in springtime

Now, before we all go “icky! ew!”…earthworms are awesome juju. Did you know earthworms have no teeth, eyes or lungs? But they have plenty of heart…TEN hearts, to be exact. How cool is that!? I think this is a great metaphor. It tells me that even the smallest, meekest, mildest among us has the capacity to show great heart. This could mean expressing our hearts in courage, love, and/or passion for a cause. The earthworm is the poster-child for the underdog. Without them aerating our soil, we’d all starve in short order. Yep – they’re that big of a deal. In fact, Cleopatra ordained the earthworm as sacred. She even made it illegal to steal earthworms from Egypt – punishment for which was death! I’m not sure why anybody would want to steal an earthworm, but it most certainly shouldn’t be done in Egypt. All this is to say, the earthworm reminds us of key things like: Never underestimate even the smallest of forces. Never sell yourself short – your role in this life is far greater than you may know. Never judge a book by its cover…sometimes the most unlikely things make a huge impact.


animal symbolism of spring and spring animal meanings

‘Round where I live, the groundhog’s connection to Spring was put on the map by Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day. This is a groundhog who allegedly has a 75% accuracy rate in predicting Spring’s arrival. If he sees his shadow, Winter holds on for six more weeks. If he doesn’t, then Spring comes early. In truth, poor Phil is smoked out of his hole, and I’m sure cranky as heck about it. Groundhogs do, however, represent Spring. These little guys are true hibernators. They go into stasis from around October, and emerge in March. Their return upon the scene is symbolic of Spring’s arrival. What does that mean for us? It means wake up! The time is at hand to move, shake, rock ‘n roll! Groundhogs are busy critters – they’ve got to catch up on lots of things they missed out on while they were hibernating. In essence, the groundhog reminds us to awake from our stupors, and catch up on lost time. Seize your groundhog mojo and carpe diem!


animal symbolism of spring and red robin meanings

There’s no refuting the arrival of Spring when that red, red robin is bob-bob bobbin along. A lot of her symbolic associations deals with the robin’s re-appearance during Spring. Robin’s are also keenly connected with sun symbolism according to lots of cultural myth and legend. This all equates to the robin being a symbol of neat stuff like: Joy, Hope, Renewal, Promise, Radiance, and Growth. The robin’s color (redbreast), is highly symbolic of things like: Energy, Passion and Love. When the robin bob bob bobs into our lives this time of year, it’s time to feather our nests with new projects. The robin encourages creativity – specifically with a goal of self-exploration and expression. Robin’s ask us to create for the purpose of self-beautification, personal/spiritual growth and providing stability to our loved ones. Consider opening your creative channels in ways that will reveal lovely things about yourself. Take up creative projects that reflect your style, and offer joy to others. Read more about Robin meaning and symbolism here.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, hey! LET’S PARTY!”

~Robin Williams
Animal symbolism of Spring
Final thoughts about animal symbolism spring animal meanings

Keywords for Animals in Spring

There’s more animal symbolism connected with this time of year. Because they hold hands with Spring, each critter is rife with themes of:

  • Rebirth
  • Fertility
  • Renewal
  • Creativity
  • Rejoicing
  • Gratitude
  • Expression
  • Transition
  • Productivity

More Animal Symbolism Connected With Springtime

As mentioned, the offerings listed here are just a sampling. I’m sure you have special creatures that represent renewal, and Springtime symbolic goodies. Here are a few more animals connected with Spring…


Don’t stop here! Spring into exploration on your own personal Springtime animals.

All these amazing animals carry the energy of Spring with their re-appearance this time of year. When you see them (or other Springtime critters), ride the wave! Get in the groove of creativity, rebirth, and high-voltage productivity. We may not always recognize it, but we humans are massively effected by the energy of Spring and her creatures. We can utilize this time of intoxicating highs to grow, and move forward. This is a great time to transition out of change with a sense of new growth. Take a page from Nature’s book this Spring.

Debut upon the scene of with a newly improved, glorious rendition of yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed this wee bit on animal symbolism connected with Spring. I hope these creatures and their symbolic energies stir you, engage you and ignite you into the big potential this time of year offers.

As always, thanks for reading. Be sure to check out my other articles related to animal symbolism, seasonal symbolism and more via the links listed at the end of this page.

Mighty brightly,

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