Native American Symbol Z

Native American Symbol Z or 'zig zag' symbol meaning
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Native American Symbol Meaning of “Z” or Zig Zag Motif

Native American Symbol Meaning for the Z or ZigZag

The “Z” or the zig zag is a common Native American symbol and motif (examples shown).

I got an email from someone who had Native American tapestries with a large “Z” woven in the center. He asked me what the Native American symbol meaning of the “Z” was, to which I respond:

The straight horizontal line in Native American glphys represents movement upon Mother Earth and closing connections with Father Sky.

If the center line of the Z slants left it indicates the path of the soul – the journey the spirit takes and the walk that is made on within the spirit.

If the middle line in the Z slants to the right, this indicates forces that call loudly to a person’s soul – passions or issues that compel a person to take a chosen path of life.

The two horizontal lines (top and bottom – connecting the middle slant line) indicate the journey of life and the understanding as we walk upon the grounding plane of Earth – we area also living the life of Sky.

These lines definitions are common to Plains Native Peoples of North America.

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on the Native American symbol “z” motif or zig zag symbolic meaning. Please check out other articles listed below for more Native American symbol meanings. And as always, thank you for reading.

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