Butterfly Messages of Love

Butterfly Love Messages

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Butterfly Love Advice and Symbolic Butterfly Love Messages: Just about everybody can appreciate a good “love conquers all” story. Amid endless challenges and against all odds, love endures. That’s what the butterfly shows us. In the face of daunting weather conditions, environmental challenges, plus the epic process of full-body metamorphosis, the butterfly is a champion survivor. The butterfly shows up in our lives when we need a reminder that love can overcome anything. Read on for more butterfly love advice and symbolic butterfly messages of love.

Symbolic Butterfly Messages of Love
Symbolic Butterfly Messages of Love

Symbolic Butterfly Messages of Love in Myth, Legend and Lore


In ancient Celtic cultures, the butterfly holds attributes of beauty, love and honor. It is also a symbol of immortality of spirit in the Celtic mindset. The butterfly is further recognized as an icon of transformation, inspiration, and rebirth in Celtic culture. The concept of rebirth with the Celts is of particular importance in terms of the phases of life – both in the spiritual and physical realms.

Perhaps the musical group, The Byrds, extolled upon this concept best in their song, “To every season, turn, turn, turn.” To the Celts, the butterfly symbolizes life (and love) in miraculous ways as it makes progress in due time and in its own season. Furthermore, ancient Celtic women were known to embellish butterflies on clothing, birthing gowns, blankets, and bedsheets as a sign of smooth transition when welcoming new babies into the clan. In this instance, butterflies indicate love in the form of fresh new life entering the fold.


In Greek myth, Psyche (which translates to mean “soul”) is represented in the form of a butterfly. Befittingly, Psyche is forever linked with love as she and Eros (the Greek god of love, also known in Roman myth as Cupid) shared an endlessly passionate bond together; both were head-over-heels in love with the other.

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A Polynesian goddess of love who sported brilliant butterfly wings. She was known for facilitating loving communication with lovers, partners, friends and family members. As a deific guidance counselor, Hina exposed both light and dark sides of human nature and was called upon for clarity when it came to speaking about the good, bad and ugly in terms of love language. Hina was a moon goddess who traveled the heavens on a rainbow road. She would emerge from her lunar domain, descending upon the islands on a technicolored rainbow to instill peace, and remind people that communication is key when giving and receiving love in the community.

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Butterfly Messages of Love

Butterfly Love Messages and Affirmations

Here are a few butterfly-centric affirmations to ponder when the butterfly flutters into your life.

Sharing is Caring

Part of the beauty of butterflies resides in their power to pollinate. As they flit from flower to flower, pollen accumulates on their bodies and scattered abroad. There is big wisdom in that. The butterfly reminds us that love is at its best when shared. In spreading the pollen of love, we enliven the world and extend hope.

Keep it Simple

While butterflies come in a breathtaking array of grandiose shapes and colors, they don’t require extravagance to maintain balance and harmony. I think that’s a key lesson we can all learn from the butterfly. The butterfly asks us to savor simple joys, appreciate the subtle beauty around us. The butterfly doesn’t need the newest iPhone to be a dynamic influence in the world. We don’t either.

Butterfly Messages of Love
Butterfly Messages of Love

Unfold in Your Own Time

There is no pushing or shoving when it comes to developing and growing. This is as true with the metamorphosis of the butterfly as it is with our own self-development. The butterfly is a reminder that the timeline of love and growth might not be the same as our own chronology.

Make a Move

I’m not talking about putting the moves on whoever has seized your attention. I’m talking on broader butterfly levels here. The butterfly travels great lengths to seek out the ideal home for their wellbeing. Butterflies instinctively know that in order to thrive, they must migrate to better positions. Love (and butterflies) often ask us to move around and navigate through life so we may find ourselves in an optimum environment for love. This isn’t necessarily physical travel. It’s more about emotional migration. Consider your flow of emotions as a path that will lead (or hinder) your progress in love. Be willing to relocate negative emotions that thwart loving conditions. Conversely, be willing to follow the trail of positive emotions that lead to a liberating exodus of love.

I hope these thoughts about symbolic butterfly messages of love are helpful and inspiring for you! As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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