January Full Wolf Moon Meaning

January Full Wolf Moon Meaning

Exploring January Full Wolf Moon Meaning

Native American wisdom marries every full moon in a month with a specific feature in Nature.   These moon associations will vary depending upon the tribe we are honoring. The month of January is deemed the Wolf Moon or Cold Moon by various Native American tribes indigenous to the Great Lakes region of North America. This article strives to put forth the time-honored symbolism of the January full wolf moon meaning.

It’s been a tough month for some of us.  So this post might be fitting to offer out some symbolic observations about January full wolf moon with a goal to offer inspiration to folks facing some challenges right now.

January Full Wolf Moon Meaning
January Full Wolf Moon Meaning

Lunar Symbolism

Before blasting off into January full wolf moon meaning, let’s take a look at lunar implications. Subtle, cunning and soft in silky shadows, the moon’s meanings can be slippery.  But, to those who grasp moon symbolism, great insights follow.  Typically feminine in archetypal understanding, the moon carries themes of cycles and fertility. 

Moreover, the moon conveys a kind of creativity that is born from veiled magic.  Consider the moon’s growth cycles (waxing, full, waning, new).  These phases are wrought from the moon’s movement.  And, the manifestation of her development is made known to us through light and shadow. 

What’s the symbolic lesson here?  Progress is sometimes subtle.  Manifestations of evolution often occur behind the scenes, in shadow – before we “see the light” or the end-product of our vision.

When contemplating this month’s full moon and its partnership with the wolf, we must not cram our intellect into the void.  Rather, this moon asks us to use intuitive instinct in soft ways. The gifts of the January full wolf moon meaning is about coming to our senses like steam rising over sacred waters marbled with frosty stillness…subtle, and cunning like the wolf.

January Full Wolf Moon Meaning
January Full Wolf Moon Meaning

Wolf Symbolism and January Full Wolf Moon Meaning

As the full moon of January goes hand in hand with Native American wolf energy, it makes sense to observe the totemic implications of the wolf. Strategic, resourceful and incredibly communicative, the wolf is a noble mentor for humankind.  Wolves have specific protocols and ranks within their packs.  This observation is a cue to look to the community for creative solutions during this full moon.  Communicate with those in your pack to help you with your challenges.  But don’t break taboo.  If you follow specific traditions in social communication, hold to them.  In fact, use this full moon to honor traditions of your heritage.  Take time to honor your elders too.  Tribal rituals should be heeded this time of year.

Wolves are vastly expressive.  Sure, their vocalizations (baling, howling and barking) are legendary, but wolves also have a complex system of body language and even eye contact to convey intent and current state of being.   Discipline in the pack is rarely corporeal.  Rather, behavior is admonished or reinforced by intricate expressions.  One look from the Alpha can convey as much power as a physical blow.

There’s big medicine in this.  Use this full moon to get in touch with your own modes of expression.  Explore your own eye contact and body language.  Examine yourself in the mirror (yes, I’m serious) as you’re talking on the phone.  View yourself objectively.  What are your expressions conveying?  How can you modify or enhance your body language to portray more authority or power?  Or, perhaps more softness and sensuality is needed.  Too often we are unconscious about our eye and body movements in the scheme of social interaction.  This is a great time to ponder these nuances of communication.

January Full Wolf Moon Meaning
January Full Wolf Moon Meaning

January Full Moon and Resourcefulness

Wolves are also phenomenally resourceful.  In fact, their resourcefulness is partly why this moon carries the wolf moniker.  January can be a brutal month in the northern regions.  The frigidity of winter crunches life to a stand-still in the wild.  To be sure, it’s a time of “sink or swim” to all wildlife exposed to the elements this time of year.

Wolves, however, often thrive during this lean month (interestingly, the term lean month is another name for the full moon of January).  Wolves are designed to handle the brutality of cold quite well.  Furthermore, as wolves are inclined to pick off weaker animals, as January doesn’t always offer up a host of feasting options. Consequently, we’re talking about taking advantage of our resources available (even if they are slim).    Perhaps we can use the resourcefulness of the wolf to reconsider our options in life.  Maybe what seems bleak or lame in our life is actually an invitation for opportunity.  Food for thought.

I hope these symbolic ideas about the January full wolf moon inspire you to take advantage of January’s lunar fullness.  Take a pause on the evening of this month’s full moon to contemplate your own inner wisdom too.  I bet your findings will be illuminating. Shine on, and as always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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