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Meaning of Rat Visions

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Exploring Meaning of Rat Dreams and Visions

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The following is an interesting question about the meaning of rat in dreams and visions. What is the semblance of dreaming about these creatures? Avia has some answers.

A Question About Meaning of Rat Visions

Avia, my brother is having visions and dreams of rats. They aren’t nice dreams either. He seems to be terrified by these episodes. He says he sees rats, but when I look they are not there. He dreams of rats often and wakes up screaming with night sweats. We are treating his symptoms, but I want to know about rat meaning when they show up like this in dreams or as specters in waking moments. Maybe if I knew more about the symbolic meaning of rats, I can help  my brother on a logical level to deal with his emotions about these episodes. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.” ~Therese

Avia’s Response to Therese’s Question About Meaning of Rat Visions

Hello Therese,

Thanks for reaching out.  I am sorry to hear of your brother’s unsettling challenges regarding his rat visions. But I’m glad he has a concerned sister in you who believes and supports him.

The primary meanings and messages of rats are:
1) Survival
2) Balance 
3) Consumption

How do these aspects relate to your brother?  Well, not knowing the details about him or his life circumstances, I can only tell you how the rat manifests in powerful ways in other human experiences I’ve observed over the years.

When the rat makes a very powerful appearance in our lives, it is often a message of needing balance.  This is the time to take a look at what might be missing in our lives, and take steps to nurture ourselves.

The rat goes to extremes to survive.  Part of survival is having balance in life.  They are one of the most resourceful and clever creatures when it comes to surviving and living another day.  From this, we can ask ourselves if we are afraid, or if we are out of balance, or what is causing us to get out of sync with the rhythm of life? 

meaning of rats
Thoughts about having rat dreams and visions

Part of survival is getting what we need to be happy, to live, to have freedom, etc.  Rats do this by consuming.  Rat meaning is all about this voracious need to absorb everything because their very lives may depend on that behavior.

Rats will eat anything and everything under the sun.  They will chew through walls to make their homes.  They will rally their communities in order to expand and ensure the survival of their species.  It really is impressive (if you can get over the freaky rat bit).

In this light, the rat asks us: What drives us?  What are we so motivated to achieve, maintain, accomplish? Rats are a reminder it’s great to be active in obtaining what we need to live a whole life – but sometimes that can turn obsessive. When we need a most, the rat reminds us the importance of balance.

I’m not sure if you read it or not, but I explain more about rat meanings on my website here: Rat Meaning and Rat Symbolism

Therese, I hope this helps in some small way.  I wish you and your brother the very best.

Mighty brightly,

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“When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.”

~ Louise L. Hay
meaning of rats

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