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Symbol for Twin

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Insight on Symbols for Twins

Symbols for Twins and Twin Meanings

There is no one single symbol for twin, rather there are many that span across time and cultures. The cool thing is, if you are the part of the twin phenomenon, there are special symbols just for you and your twin(s). Check out these twin symbols for around the world.

There is no one single symbol for twin, rather there are many that span across time and cultures. 

Of course, the tricky thing about the symbolism behind twins is they are both together and separate. Meaning – when one considers twins – one must consider their duality as much as their unity.

You will see many of the twin symbols below represent the closeness indicated by twins as well as the duality they express.

twin symbols
twin symbols

Symbolism of Twins

  • Connection
  • Sharing
  • Understanding
  • Psychic/Telepathic Bonds
  • Affinity

As with most symbols, the symbol for twin is different for different groups of people.

“It’s the most breathtakingly ironic of things about living:

The fact that we are all identical twins, included yet alone. Singular.

And yet what we seek, what saves us, is our connection to others.”

-~Wally Lamb

Common Symbols for Twins and Meanings

Twin Symbols Chinese

Chinese Symbol for Twins:This is the Chinese writing symbol, or Kanji symbol meaning twins. For more Chinese symbol meanings, visit my Chinese Symbols Page.

Twin Symbols Gemini

Gemini: The duality of nature is a concomitant of the twin (Gemini) sign. This sign represents duality in thought, causing contradictions. However, the symbol is also indicative of adaptability. Those with this sign have a knack for “twinning” their personalities to fit in.

Genogram Fraternal Twins:A genogram serves as a useful and illustrative guide to certain characteristics within a family tree, or family chart. This symbol indicates a fraternal twin within the family tree.

Twin Symbols Genogram Identical

Genogram Identical Twins:As mentioned, a genogram is used when representing a trait within a family tree. This is the symbol indicating identical twins within the family chart.

Twin Symbols Marasa

Marasa: A Haitian symbol for the Prime Twins, or Sacred Twins, who represent life and abundance. This symbol is commonly held in ceremonies for newborns with special needs as well as the dvine light within all newborn children.

Navajo Twins: Usually described as Mother Earth and Sky Father twins, or Brother Sister twins, the Navajo Twins are powerful Native American symbols for creation and the evolution of creation itself.  They also represent perfect balance. For more information on Native American symbols click here.

Twin Symbols Tao
Twin Symbols Tao

Tao: The Tao, or the Yin Yang is an ultimately excellent symbol for “twinness” as it depicts the symbiotic nature of twins: The necessity to be together, yet with a separate identity. For more information on Yin Yang symbols click here.

I hope this article offered you the perfect symbol for twin. I further hope this was helpful to those who were looking for the right symbolic representation for connection to a beloved being.

As always, thank you for reading.



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