Tips to Awakening the Third Eye

Tips to Awaken the Third Eye

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Why would you want to awaken the third eye? Maybe you want to activate your third eye to obtain spiritual enlightenment.  Or perhaps you want to be more in touch with the world around you as well as the cosmos. 

You might even want to bolster your psychic powers by utilizing your third eye. All of these are reasonable reasons, and the third eye awakening can certainly help you accomplish all this and more.

What is The Third Eye?

The concept of the “third eye” is generally thought to originate with ancient Hindi beliefs.  It is associated with the third eye chakra, also known as the Ajna chakra. Its location isn’t physical. The third eye’s location is more metaphysical – but if you were to tangibly access it, the third eye is in the middle of the forehead between your two physical eyes.

According to ancient spiritual beliefs, the third eye is a gateway to a higher vision.  When opened and activated, it can foretell, enhance intuition, broaden psychic powers, and unify the “self” with everything else in order to feel ultimate oneness or zen.

The third eye can help you see beyond ordinary sense perception, erase mental obstructions, and promote cognitive flexibility when fully activated.  In short, the third eye is your psychic channel to see new insights energetically, spiritually, physically and intuitively.

Tips to Awakening the Third Eye
Tips to Awakening the Third Eye

Techniques to Activate the Third Eye

Opening your third eye is no different than learning a new skill or practicing a new language. It requires your time, patience, and a commitment to accessing as well as expanding your third eye.  Here are a few tips to help you awaken the third eye.


Nothing serves better than meditation when it comes to deepening your connection with your heightened self. Meditation enhances your awareness, wisdom, and spiritual communication. Regular meditation clears your mind from obnoxious thoughts; as a result, you start recognizing the subtle impulses from within.  Meditation facilitates focus, so, therefore, it’s a great way to awaken the third eye. 

Additionally, meditation helps you become present and centered.  When all the distractions in your life fall away, that’s when the third eye has its best chance to open.  You might even want to try a visual meditation on the third eye (or, Ajna chakra). In meditation, see this third eye chakra blinking, coming alive, and being stimulated.  Visual meditation to open the third eye chakra is both effective and can also reveal many insights.

Embrace the Present Moment

Most of the time, we hold on to the past, regrets, thoughts, limiting beliefs, or grudges. All this clinging to things we cannot change tends to block our energy to find new inspiration, guidance, and motivation.  Instead, strive to change the things you can by being present in the moment as a third eye-opening practice. 

A big part of awakening your third eye is to let go of stagnation.  Old habits,  unpleasant relationships, negative beliefs about your identity – these all tend to put you in a concrete block.  In turn, this makes you inflexible.  The third eye needs emotional and energetic flexibility in order to feel the freedom to open and reveal all of its vision.

To make room for divine light to illuminate you, you first must clear your head and life from things that are draining you or stuff that serves no purpose in your life at all.  Let go–embrace your present moment. Practicing grounding throughout your day will release stagnant energies and help you awaken the third eye.

Awakening the Third Eye
Awakening the Third Eye

Dream Work

Your dreams are your subconscious self, giving you a message. Dreams may be perplexing, unsettling, lovely, and terrifying. However, don’t dismiss them when your alarm goes off in the morning. Seek their assistance in opening your third eye. Make a note of your dreams, remember them, and pay attention to them.

You can even practice a bit of lucid dreaming.  This is where you are dreaming in REM sleep, yet you are completely conscious and aware of your dream.  While lucid dreaming, you can direct your third eye to expand your vision about what you are seeing in your dream world.


If you think about the word “respiration” you’ll discover that the word “spirit” is nestled in the word.  In fact, there is a deep connection between the two words, inspiration and respiration which both originate from Latin.  In other words, breathing is akin to inspiration.  It can be a magnificent tool to help you focus, cleanse, revive and gain clarity.

With each conscious breath, you inch closer to your higher, awakened self. Breathwork is a great skill to employ in daily life, but it’s particularly useful for opening your third eye. There are many different types of breathwork, but holotropic breathwork is especially effective for opening your third-eye chakra.


Opening your third eye will be more difficult if you consume junk food. This is because your dietary choices are very crucial for chakra alignment. Your energy is determined by the foods you eat.  You know what they say, “we are what we eat.” Therefore, if you’re consuming a bunch of additives, preservatives, or non-natural ingredients, it’s going to be tough to connect to your natural-born gift of third-eye sight.

Think about including a variety of purple foods in your diet, such as blackberries, blueberries, grapes, eggplant, purple kale, purple sweet potatoes, and purple cabbage, which can help to strengthen and balance your third eye. Why natural purple foods? Because the third eye (Anja) chakra is purple.  So, eating purple-hued, natural ingredients will help to promote third eye opening.

Awakening the Third Eye
Awakening the Third Eye

Try Yoga

As with breathwork and diet, moving the body has a phenomenal impact on our psychic body as well as our perceptions.  When you make an effort to move the body to specifically open the third eye, you’re bound to get some reactions – especially if you combine all of these tips to awaken the third eye. 

Specifically, doing yoga is a powerfully effective way to get your third eye blinking.  After all, yoga and the philosophy of chakras came from the Vedas of ancient India.  Both systems of thought have been proven to be healing and revitalizing to the body, mind, and spirit.  So, if you’re really intent on opening your third eye, think about taking up the practice of yoga for this purpose (if you don’t do yoga already).

Sound Therapy

Various sounds have tremendous healing potential that can help you open your third eye. Certain sounds and vibrations can facilitate mind, body, and spiritual healing and balance your body’s energy centers. Sound therapy promotes cellular healing and induces a theta state. 

Browse your local library, or the internet to find theta-enhancing soundtracks.  Play soothing music just before falling asleep.  Think about striking a bell before meditation and following that sound into the ethers.  Go to a drumming circle.  You get the idea.  Explore different types of sound and see how it affects your third eye. 

Further Exploration and Development

As you embark on this journey of awakening your third eye, it’s important to gather as much information and guidance as you can. You may even notice certain signs that indicate your psychic abilities are enhancing. Curious to know if your third eye awakening is turning you into a psychic? Check these signs you are psychic. Additionally, while focusing on personal development and spirituality, it’s good to have resources that can aid you in making informed decisions. For instance, finding the right meditation tools, spiritual books, or even choosing an effective diet can be essential. For this, you might want to visit a comparison platform that brings you useful top 10 lists covering a wide variety of products and services that can help you save time and money.

Conclusion About Accessing Your Third Eye Wisdom

In order to identify your true self, you first must identify the false self that resides in you.  Often we confuse intelligence with over-thinking. The world is obsessed with the idea of over-analyzing, worrying, and overstimulation. We can never find our soulful self and awaken the third eye if our space is cluttered with fears, worries, lists of things to do.

About the Author: Jahben is a 3rd generation intuitive and has spent two decades studying various divinatory art forms. He has devoted his life to learning and has been trained by some of the finest healers, psychics, and mystics of today. Jahben is committed to his clients and has helped thousands clarify their life purpose, obtain healing remedies, and consistently provides intuitive guidance. Find out more about Jahben and how you can gain personal wisdom through his intuitive & interpretive gifts by visiting his website here at

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