Tips to Spiritual Growth

Tips For Spiritual Growth

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I spent years developing my spirituality and intuition. In fact, as a certified medium, I spent several years training at the First Spiritualist Temple of East Aurora, and learned a ton about aligning and connecting on a deeply spiritual level.  I’m also a certified tarot reader and I’ve served as an intuitive interpreter for over 2 decades.  I’ve always been interested in spirituality, and my spiritual growth continues to bloom to this day.  While I’m a professional, I’m not a guru, and I’m still learning all the time. So, I thought I’d share some tips for spiritual growth that have helped me over the years.

What is Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual growth is the practice of working on your inner self, connecting with your greater self (as in your guides, intuition, god, goddess, a higher power – whatever you call that infinite power within you that inspires, animates and uplifts). Whether you want to heal from past trauma or old wounds, become more enlightened, or just develop into a more spiritual person overall – personal growth on a soul level takes mindfulness and some effort.  But boy howdy, it sure pays off!   

Spiritual growth is a journey.  As with anything that grows, it doesn’t happen overnight. Consider a seedling.  It takes time for that little baby to burst from the soil and grow.  It’s the same with spiritual growth.  And just like a seedling needs the proper resources to thrive, we need the right circumstances to evolve into more enlightened beings.

Our progress in learning and enhancing our spirituality is contingent upon how much we’re willing to invest, and how committed we are to evolve.  There is no wrong or right way to do boost your spirituality, but there are some things that can help you on this journey.  Read on further about tips for spiritual growth that can make a remarkable impact on your progress.

Tips to Spiritual Growth
Tips to Spiritual Growth

Find Your Spiritual Bliss

Joseph Campbell, a legendary proponent of mythology once said, “Find your bliss” – well that’s as true for spirituality as it is for any other passion.  When I say find your spiritual bliss, I’m talking about that core inspiration that uplifts you and motivates you to dive deeper into spiritual growth and intuitive realms.

In my case, it was always about deeper symbolic meanings. From a young age, I guess I was just hard-wired to see symbolic meaning in birds, trees, flowers, bees, etc.  This eventually grew into dream interpretation, animal totem identification, and more.  To be sure, Mother Nature was always my anchor in spiritual growth.  Later on, in my development, I gained knowledge about interpreting astrological signs, and ultimately that evolved into learning about the tarot. 

All this to say – you’ve got your own proclivities and interests. Bank on that for your spiritual growth and revolution.  Think about what you love and try to incorporate that into your spiritual bliss. For instance, if you’re an avid gardener, why not mesh gardening with your spiritual practice?  You might even find herbals and medicinal plants that propel you inter deeper wisdom.  Or maybe you’re interested in numbers.  Perhaps numerology or sacred geometry might be your source of bliss.  Explore all the wondrous aspects of the spiritual realm, and choose one (or two or three or however many) subjects that get you anchored more deeply into spirituality.  This will be your guide and construct for spiritual growth and development.

Tips to Spiritual Growth
Tips to Spiritual Growth

Research, Research, Research!

In my experience, if you want to know anything about anything (including spirituality) you’ve got to do due diligence with research. Take time to learn as much as you can about all things spiritual – especially in the areas you’re jazzed about. 

Think about what initially ignited your inspiration to expand your spiritual growth, and use that to navigate you towards more learning materials.  Maybe you saw a video about using crystals for healing, or an article about lychnomancy.  This can be a great guide to help you with your research.

Or maybe you got interested in the law of attraction, or lucid dreaming.  Then gobble up all you can about these or other aspects that pique your interest in the realm of spirituality. 

And don’t rely 100% on the internet. Go to the library!  The library is a shamefully overlooked resource for incredible materials that can open your mind, heart, and soul.  As the creatrix of this website, I can vouch that the information I have here is legit.  However, not all websites are created the same.  That’s why it’s crucial to rummage through libraries, used book stores, and the like to expand your knowledge about your spiritual fields of interest.

Meditation for Spiritual Motivation

I know, I say it all the time – meditation is key.  I also know that meditation isn’t for everybody.  However, it’s a mindful practice that can be a juggernaut in boosting your spiritual growth. You don’t have to fold your legs in a pretzel. You don’t have to do mudras (hand positions, as in – common meditative imagery of index finger touching thumb tip to close the energetic loop).  All you need to do is spend a few moments in solid, replete mindfulness.

Thankfully, for those with active minds, you can also meditate in unique ways.  For example, you can do an active meditation by walking a labyrinth.  Or, you can meditate as you garden.  The key here is to be 100% present in the moment, and mindful.  The moment you get in that “zone” and fully connected with yourself, the cosmos, and your environment in this right-now-second…that forges a bond that unifies you with your guides and massively contributes to your spiritual growth.

Meditation is a powerful spiritual practice that can facilitate your connection with your higher self, gain more clarity into your own mind and spirit, and get closer to the spiritual side of yourself. It doesn’t take forever to reap the benefits of meditation either.  In your first session (either in silence, or in an active meditation, or just taking deep, mindful breaths), you’ll start to see growth and results.  This should motivate you to keep delving deeper into the revolutionary growth potential meditation provides.

Tips to Spiritual Growth
Tips to Spiritual Growth

Trust in Your Journey (and Your Instincts)

When it comes to your spiritual growth, it’s a journey that only you can forge.  Nobody can tell you how to do it.  There is no ultimate guide that tells you precisely & 100% “this is what you should do.”  Why is that?  Because you are a sensational snowflake.  You are unique – diverse, dynamic, and individual from everybody else in this universe. 

With that in mind, your spiritual walk is completely contingent upon the choices you make.  Don’t let anybody tell you “this isn’t right for you.” How would they know!?  You’ve lived with yourself more than anybody else on the face of this planet – I think that gives you authority as to how you navigate your spiritual journey. 

Trust your instincts.  Get attuned to what works for you.  Listen to your inner guidance and pay attention to the outcomes.  Being observant and trusting your instincts will yield tremendous results in your spiritual growth.  After all, you’re the one who started upon this amazing adventure to develop your spiritual evolution – so you should be the captain of your own ship.  And as you know – a captain must be confident in his or her own way of maneuvering through the unknown.

But really, if you trust your instinct, you DO know.  Inner knowing might be hard to nail down. It’s not always easy to trust something that’s not hard-core or concrete.  However, the more you trust your intuition, the better you’ll understand that it is the north star that will lead you towards superior spiritual growth.

I hope these insights into developing your spiritual strength prove useful on your path. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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