Native Mind for Interpreting Signs

Going Native Mind

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Thinking with the Native Mind to Interpret Signs and Symbols

One of my tools in interpreting symbolic meanings is engaging the “Indigenous Mind” or Native Mind. It sounds a bit funky, but really, it is simply moving back in time and tapping into our ancient roots. Stepping into an indigenous or native mentality simply means going back to our origins. Getting back to grassroots. Seeing the world and all of its movements as our ancient ancestors did.

Consider the people who lived on this lovely planet before Google, before industry, before canned ham. Our Ancient Ones had to figure out what the freak is happening in life WAY before they had access to any kind of references or archives (no libraries, no computers, no Alexa, Oh My!). Yikes! Many of us might be floundering without these convenient resources for reference. But the best information is gained from being unfettered by pretense.

Native Mind for Interpreting Signs
Native Mind for Interpreting Signs

Thinking with a ‘Native Mind’ is a way of rendering pure, unfiltered interpretations of signs in Nature.


Ideas for Interpreting Meanings with the Native Mind

Moving into a “Native Mind” mentality can transport you into a pure, unbridled realm of raw power….it can provide deeper meaning and robust understanding of the experiences you are having and assist you in gaining richer insight into the world in which you live.

Swing in the Family Tree: Let’s face it…most of us are a composite of many different cultures and heritage. I am encouraging you to dig into those ancestral roots and explore your own ancient foundation. Let’s say you have a lot of European blood running through your familial veins. Rock on. Explore how ancient Norse, Celts, Vikings, etc approached the symbolic meaning of changes in life. How did they consider things? How did they stamp meaning upon things like Seasons? Birth? Death? Marriage? Bounty? Poverty? Heavy concepts, but our ancient ancestors had a brilliant way of filtering meaning into beautiful bite-size pieces in myth, legend, lore, and cultural history. Explore your native heritage for answers.

Bungle in the Jungle: Confession…I love the British band, Jethro Tull. Why? Because they crafted musical art that was symbolic, meaningful, and deeply inspiring. One of their songs called ” Bungle in the Jungle ” refers to the beautiful chaos of life and the connections between humans, animals and Nature.

Native Mind for Interpreting Signs
Native Mind for Interpreting Signs

Last Word About Thinking via the Native Mind

I think this is what all of our ancestors were about.  They had to make structures from the bungles in their jungles of life. They had to connect with animals to form bonds and meaning. They had to explore the relationships between man, beast, blossoms, buckwheat, etc. Consult ANY ancient culture and you will see elements of Nature replete in their legends and lore. 

The bottom line here is this: The “native” or “indigenous” mind is all about origins. When we invest the time to ponder, meditate and contemplate the origins of people who were not influenced by TVs and microwaves, we get a much more clear vision of what we are experiencing in life.

Want to know more? Check out the full article on this concept of Indigenous Mind Meaning here.

As always, thank you so much for hanging out with me, and for reading.

Wishing you all the best. Stay Native, Stay well, Stay symbolic!

Mighty brightly,

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