Aspects of Numerology Readings

Aspects of Numerology Readings: What You Should Know

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So you’re interested in numerology?  I was too, but then when I started reading about it I said to myself, “How the heck can all the people fit into just one number?”  And then my curiosity grew when I started learning about the aspects of numerology readings.

Later in my research, I had some proper numerology readings done by a professional who is now my mentor.  She helped me realize how to use numerology and combine it with other facets of reading, interpretation, and divination. You see, numerology is a guide not for all aspects of yourself, but for some.  And to be honest, there are not many sites or readers that will give up more than your life path or soul urge numbers.  There is a system in numerology that goes deeper than that.  Much deeper!

About Numerology Readings
About Numerology Readings

Professional numerology readings give you more advice about each ‘plane’ of your existence and if there are any imbalances how to balance them again.  For example, if you are lacking in the soul plane, maybe spiritual remedies are in order, if you are lacking in the energy or physical plane, then specific environments and activities are in order.  

The Major Planes in Numerology Readings

There are three major planes in numerology and 12 possible remedies according to imbalances or balance.  Taking these into consideration along with your soul urge numbers and your life path numbers adds a whole other dimension to your reading!  It is often that I hear my clients say “ yes, that is so true !” Having this validation allows for a new resolve and confidence and direction which is essentially better for the client.  

Peak Years in Numerology

Another amazing aspect in numerology which is hardly mentioned or covered is using peak years calculations in combination with your planes, possible remedies, and life path number.  A client can use their peak year calculations to identify at what age or period in their life a major event or shift will take place.  By knowing beforehand you can begin to prepare and build up momentum that will only enhance and augment the effects of those peak years.  

Let’s say for example you have a peak year 6 coming up at the age of 35. Knowing this can begin to prepare themselves by taking up a specific course. It can also help to start practicing a specific set of skills so that when they reach that peak year, they are ready to reap the rewards and maximize the effects of that numerological cycle. This goes for every peak year, and not to mention our personal year numbers. 

Aspects of Numerology Readings
Aspects of Numerology Readings

Personal Year Numbers

Personal year numbers are an annual numerological cycle where each year has a different vibration for each of us.   A 9-year energy may bring about ambition, but also many changes that can lead us to move, change the workplace, or even partners!   So it is important to be aware of the upcoming numerological vibrations beforehand as to easily recognize why certain life events are happening around you.  This way you won’t be taken back or be surprised by any setbacks you may have because of these events.  By removing more ‘random’ events from your life path, and bringing about the awareness of your unique numerological vibrations and schema, life seems smoother and more manageable. 

Some final aspects of numerology readings are in identifying your partner’s planes and remedies. A numerology reading can show if you are compatible, complementary, and if not, in which areas.  Bringing awareness of your partner’s vibrations and unique numerology can assist in starting to understand the why and how of their actions or reactions. 

From the thousands of readings I have done, quite a number of them have been for couples.  I’ve noticed that couples who share the same cycle of personal year numbers are more in ‘tune’ with each other, even if they have completely different numerology charts. I’ve also noticed couples with opposite remedies on their charts have also had success as they support and balance each other. 

The wonderful and complex world of numbers provides invaluable insight for couples, professionals, and individuals seeking more purpose or trying to get closer to the path that resonates more with them.

About Numerology Readings
About Numerology Readings

The Final Word on Aspects of Numerology Readings

A numerology reading can provide invaluable information, validation, and guidance for you.  It is important to know that each of us has very unique charts. Simply doing a reading on your life path number is just not enough! So as you are considering aspects of numerology readings, bear in mind that these are far more intricate and detailed than pat answers.  Do your research and align yourself with a reputable, professional numerology reader. And always remember – you are far more complex than a single number.  You are variable, diverse, and brilliant.  Let your mind, heart, and soul be the final decider and guide to yourself and your future.

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