personality number meaning

Personality Number Meaning

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Calculating Personality Number Meaning

Numerology of Birth
Personality Number Meaning 

This article on personality number meaning is not about reducing our vibrant diversity into a neat tidy little number. There is just no compartmentalizing the overwhelming complexities of the human vessel.

However, numerology can serve as an uncanny crowbar, cracking open a mystery just wide enough where we can gain perspective.

The personality number meaning can get our foot in the door so we can take our own skills of intuitive reasoning and broaden our understanding of a particular personality even more.

Plus, I get such great feedback on the “personality snap shot” pages (like the zodiac pages). It’s always tons of fun to work these little exercises together.

personality number meaning
Exploring personality number meaning

So how do we figure out our personality number meaning? Simple, we use our birth date. Take your Day + Month + Year (all 4 digits) = Reduce to a Single Vibratory Number (see more information on birth numbers here).

Example: If you were born on October 13, 1964, your numerological equation will look like this:
10+13+1964=1987. Reduce your sum: 1+9+8+7=25. Reduce again: 2+5=7. Your personality number meaning is number 7.

Here’s another example: Nov. 28, 1972. 11+28+1972=2011, 2+0+1+1=31, 3+1=4. Just keep reducing until you come to a single number.

“Numerology is an ancient art and science of personality and character analysis, but also on a deeper level, a powerful tool for understanding the purpose and meaning of our lives.”

– Richard Abbot
Personality Number Meaning

Keep in mind, these are incredibly brief. If numerology completely fascinates you, consult a numerologist for an in-depth reading. Better yet, begin studying the science (yes, numerology is a science according to Pythagoras, arguably one of the most preeminent mathematicians of all time) of numerology. Educate yourself on this endlessly engaging branch of knowledge, you won’t regret the investment.

Summary of Personality Types According to Birth Number Meanings

personality number meaning of number one

Those who resonate with number One are driven and ambitious; they get things done. Their ability to focus is amazing, and they can concentrate even in the midst of chaos around them. One people are usually objective, and shrewd, able to make hard decisions with ease. Sometimes these people are stubborn, obstinate and have inflated egos. However, when these people are set in one specific direction or given a constructive goal, they will excel. Here the goal overshadows the ego as this personality has purpose now – this makes him/her congruent with the vibration of One, and thus successful.

personality number meaning of number two

Those who resonate with the number meaning of Two are honest, trustworthy, and sometimes moody. These people are also very talented with plenty of wonderful ideas. So much so that they sometimes fall into distraction because they are often moving in (no irony here) two directions at the same time. They are usually philosophical by nature and are the people you go to when seeking sincere advice. Two personalities have the ability to get along with most people. They are also gifted at uniting and bringing people together. They make great intermediaries and liaisons.

personality number meaning of number three

People who resonate with number Three are naturally lucky. They always seem to be in the right place at the right time. They are also opportunistic and have the ability to make good decisions. Three people are highly intuitive and intelligent. Additionally, those with number Three personality traits are highly creative and are excellent communicators. They can be opinionated and manipulative, but they mean well and have the best intentions in most of their undertakings.

personality number menaing of number four

As we might expect, people who resonate with the number Four frequency are stable, mature, and solid leaders among us. If something needs to get done thoroughly with an eye for detail, go to a number Four personality. They will get the project done in an orderly, methodical way with casual ease (and likely it’ll get done on time, and within a nice budget too). Four people know they need structure in their lives and sometimes feel misunderstood. However, this is okay with them because they know the importance of their dispositions, and recognize the role they play in the lives of others is necessary for progress.

personality number meaning of number five

People who resonate with the energy of Five have a genuine interest in other people, and often take active roles in the community. They are high-spirited, and love to travel too. They do not require routine or structure and are able to adapt well in most situations. They deal with challenges with cleverness and unorthodox solutions. Five people have many projects and ideas going on at the same time and are sometimes strapped for time. This causes them to lose out on some opportunities too, but this is irrelevant as the Five personality types will always come out ahead in his/her endeavors.

personality number meaning of number six

Number meaning of six people are naturally creative, have discriminating tastes, and will often be called upon to reconcile matters. They are good with numbers, are very intelligent, and are able to get along with others easily. Six people have harmonious dispositions and would rather make love, not war. These people are pacifiers and like to nurture. They recognize their responsibility to others and take their role as helpers seriously.

personality number menaing number seven

People who resonate with number seven are scholars and poets. They are intelligent with amazingly analytical minds. Yet, their minds are usually in a dream world where they can move things and events to their liking. Although their reality is much different than others – it is a reality of their own making. These people have the ability to bring the perfect people, places, and events in their life experiences that lead them on a path of consistent revelation.

personality number meaning of number eight

Those who resonate with the vibration of eight are extremely successful – particularly in business where success relies on a period of time that allows progress to unfold. These people see trends and the bigger picture and are able to ride a wave to their great gain. Conversely, they know when to pull out of engagements too, they have a special sense that gives them insight into the cyclical nature of things. These people are great at games of chance, stock markets, and anything that deals with playing the odds or working with statistics.

personality number meaning of number nine

Those who resonate with the number meaning of nine are magnetic, charming, and conduct themselves with ease and confidence. They are versed in a myriad of topics and express skills in seemingly countless areas. When given a channel of expression, these people create amazing feats of accomplishment. Nine people are influential, and easily manage groups of people. These individuals are perfect for leadership and places of power when they utilize their nine strengths in a healthy manner.

I hope you have enjoyed this personality number meaning page. Check out the links at the end of this page for more number meanings and symbolic insights. Thanks for reading!



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