Seeing Number Seven and Number Seven Meaning

Seeing Number Seven and Seven Meaning

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Seeing Number Seven and Meaning

I often get questions on specific number sequences and what they mean.  For instance, recently a reader asked me the significance and meaning of number seven.  The number seemed to follow her everywhere, and she wanted clarification. I thought I’d expand on this topic of seeing number seven and its meaning because it happens often, and maybe all you sweet peeps might be interested.  So, whether you are seeing number seven consistently in your life, or seeing it in numerical sequences…you should know it has relevance and meaning, especially if seven is a recurring number in your life.

Numerology can be a bridge between who you are now and who you have the potential to be.

Seeing Number Seven and Number Seven Meaning
Seeing Number Seven and Number Seven Meaning

How Avia Responds to Seeing Number Seven

My response on the meaning of number seven or seeing number seven in sequences can be drilled down in terms of interpretations.  The beauty of numbers is that you can perceive them and interpret them in different ways.  Another amazing feature of numbers is that they line up with our own vibrational frequency. To explain, we are like magnets to numerical vibration – we attract them into our lives, and they hold meaning. So if you’re seeing the number seven, here are a few ideas about what that mean for you:

Get Organized:  As the number seven is ruled by the energy of Saturn, it holds a controlling or organizing essence. If you’re seeing the number seven consecutively, it might be time to unclutter, get streamlined, and make things tidy.  Consider cleaning your house or office, implementing a file system for all that mail stacking up on the kitchen counter, or re-organizing your closets.  Seeing seven’s is often a sign to re-design and re-structure.

Get Scholarly:  The number seven is symbolic of scholarly pursuits. If you keep seeing number seven, it might be a sign to explore different learning pursuits. This doesn’t necessarily mean going out to earn your PhD. It could be as simple as attending an art class, or getting certified in something that interests you. While going back to school is a noble idea, not everybody can afford it.  Nevertheless, you can honor the power of seven influencing your life by learning something new from a book, or even volunteer work.

Get Magical: Seeing number seven is a strong sign that it’s time to dive more deeply into alternative thought studies.  If you’re already keen on mystical traditions, the number seven encourages more investigation in these fields of study.  For example, you may want to gain more wisdom about astrology, the tarot, or astral travel.  The number seven has been hailed by mystics for eons. It’s considered a number that encourages spiritual purification in order to tap into the great mysteries of the universe. So if you’re seeing the number seven, it’s a blessing in terms of embracing unconventional wisdom for expansive understanding.

Seeing Number Seven and Number Seven Meaning
Seeing Number Seven and Number Seven Meaning

Suggested Interpretations for Number Seven in a Sequence

If your attention is called to number seven in a sequence, you have the option to add them up and reduce them to a core number. This is a common practice in numerology. For example, if you see a seven number sequence such as 717, reduce it as such:   7+1+7=15 reduce 1+5=6  So now the prime number meaning in this case is Six: Six represents harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth. Sixes naturally reveal solutions for us in a calm, unfolding manner.  Sure, it’s true we’re focused on the number seven…finding the core number in a sequence (as illustrated in the above example) offers additional insight and information. 

Other Suggestions for Interpreting Seven in a Sequence on Numbers

Another tact to take, is focusing in on the prime number. Let’s say you see number seven all the time.  In this case, the number seven meaning relates to scholarly activities, mystery, and active seeking of esoteric knowledge. The meaning of number seven also deals with the activation of imagination, and manifesting results in our lives through the use of conscious thought and awareness. Ruled by Saturn, sevens also represent dreaming, but with a deeper understanding of the aspects of reality.  You can deftly utilize its magic vibration to your own benefit by focusing on number seven in a sequence in terms of achieving dreams and attaining goals.

Visual Number Interpretations of Seven Meaning

Another way of looking at the sequence is seeing it visually – seeing the power of seven within the mix of a number sequence. I also like to encourage people who see number sequences to play with numbers artistically – you can draw or visualize them. This produces a free-associative mentality that opens up creative interpretation for number seven (or any number sequence)contemplate the various symbolic representations this number sequence can provide.

When we let our minds relax, and just play with the numbers, encourage our minds to dream of them before falling asleep, paint them, write about them, meditate upon them – answers inevitably come to us.  Approach your sequence in new and creative ways – you’ll be amazed by the answers and inspirations you will receive. I trust this information is helpful to you on your path. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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