Reasons to Study Numerology

Reasons to Study Numerology: What’s the Point?

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As the name indicates, numerology is the science of numbers and using them to understand significant milestones in human life, patterns in the future, and more. Numerology has a lot of mystical connotations and abstract concepts such as reflections from ancient wisdom or divinatory arts. It can also be a huge ally in understanding ourselves and the world in which we live. These are just a few reasons to study numerology.

In pop culture, numerology is seen as a special skill that allows protagonists to gain superpowers like seeing into the future. While this is not entirely true, a thorough understanding of the science does help its practitioners estimate future events to an extent. However, before we dive into the reasons to study numerology, let us understand the major concepts of this form of wisdom.

Reasons to Study Numerology
Reasons to Study Numerology

What is Numerology?

A divine or mythical relationship is established between numbers and significant life events in numerology. Through this relationship, numerologists try to predict certain aspects of an individual’s future and help them make decisions that can bring the individual closer to realizing their dreams and aspirations.

Different belief systems exist even within numerology such as the Indian belief system, Chinese belief system, and Arab belief system. The primary difference between these belief systems is the way in which each of them assigns numbers to different alphabets, words, and astronomical positions.

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From a purely esoteric perspective, numerology can be understood as the language of numbers. These numbers are mapped to various events and in this way, numerology helps understand patterns, they can provide meaning and guidance too. Numerology can also investigate large data sets and identify certain trends in numbers in order to understand situations or find solutions to problems in our lives.

Reasons to Study Numerology

In this next section of the article, we discuss some key ways numerology can benefit everyone.

1.   Numerology can help a person find their passion

The insights that numbers give can help them make decisions about whether they should follow their passion. This would be especially beneficial to students as they are often confused about what they want to do in their life. For this reason, students can benefit from having a numerology session while furthering their education so they may more clearly see their proclivities and outcomes. A student may discover that they are more inclined for engineering sciences instead of fit for a career in writing. In this case, he or she might feel free to outsource assignments to custom writing wizard, which is a website that assigns students a writer who can write their assignments for them. In this way, a student can focus on other classes and courses of study that are more suited for them while still keeping their grades up in other classes such as writing in this example.

Reasons to Study Numerology
Reasons to Study Numerology

2.   Numerology can help an individual improve interpersonal relationships

Each person has different tastes, styles and personalities. Not everyone gets along with everyone else. Zodiac signs of individuals can help people understand compatibility to a certain extent. In the same way, numerology offers many insights about an individual’s personality traits. Knowing the numerological history of different individuals can help us understand their personalities better, and be more mindful while interacting with them.

For example, some people are extroverted in nature while some are more introverted. When an extroverted and an introverted person have to interact with each other, it is important to balance the energy levels of both individuals so that both can take a positive experience from the interaction. Numerology can pre-emptively provide these insights so that interactions can create positive experiences.

3.   Life path numbers and how numerology can give an individual many insights about themselves

According to the life path number system of belief in numerology, every person is assigned a number. This number is assigned to them on the basis of their birthdates, time of birth and the position of the various planets at the time of birth. This number has significance and interpretations within numerology. This life path number can give a person insights into various aspects of their lives. The way this number interacts with other numbers and fits into data trends can provide answers to life questions.

It is quite easy to compute the life path number of a person. You, who are reading this article, can easily calculate your life path number through these two simple steps.

Calculating Your Life Path Number

  • First, get the date of birth of the person whose life path number you would like to calculate.
  • Second, add all the digits of the date of birth sequentially. If the resulting sum contains more than one digit, then add the digits again. Continue this process until you get a single-digit number. This is the life path number of that individual.

For example, say a person’s date of birth of 4th October 1975. The life path number for this person is calculated as follows :

  • Date of Birth: 4 – 10 – 1975 (As October is the 10th month according to the English Calendar)
  • We add all the digits as follows: 4+1+0+1+9+7+5 = 27
  • Since 27 has 2 digits, we add the digits again as follows: 2+7= 9
  • The life path number is 9.

After calculating your life path number as shown in the example above, you can explore your number meaning.  Consult resources such as this website, get a book at the library about numerology, or talk to a numerologist.  In this way, you can learn more about your core personality type through understanding your life path number frequency.  

Reasons to Study Numerology
Reasons to Study Numerology

4.   Numerology can help a person make better decisions

As previously mentioned, numerology involves analysis of many data trends and fosters critical thinking. This skill is transferable and can also help individuals in other aspects of their life. Whether you are interpreting yourself in the world you find yourself in via exploring your life path number, or use numerology to determine optimal dates to make plans – numbers can be incredibly helpful on your path. 

A Few Concluding Thoughts

In the end, it is every individual’s choice whether they follow up on these reasons to study numerology. Due to its complex nature and the mystical elements that surround this science, some people hesitate in fully believing it. However, even if a person chooses not to believe in this practice, studying numerology can still be an insightful and calming activity. The study of this subject entails a lot of analytic thinking and data management – which are useful skills to develop. These skills can be transferred into any industry or any practice to help individuals succeed.

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