June meaning and symbolism

June Meaning and Symbolism

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June Meaning and Symbolism

Exploring June meaning and symbolism: Every month has a special flavor – a feeling that is unique to its own transitional span of time. June is no different. June (in the northern hemisphere of the world) is a sunny month and by association, June symbols are equally bright and radiant.

I did some research as to why June is ubiquitously known as the month for weddings and brides.

I didn’t like what I found. According to my findings, June is just a runner-up month for nuptials. It seems May is considered an “unlucky” month in which to be married, so weddings were historically pushed into June.

This explanation is crummy and flimsy in my opinion. I’d much rather think that wedding bells chime in June because of the month’s sunny disposition. It’s a cheerful month, and Nature is in full-swing.

As the host of mid-summer, June features major sun affiliations. In fact, solar energy is a radiating theme for the month of June meaning and symbolism.

“What is so rare as a day in June? It is then or never when our most perfect days come.”

~James Lowell
June Meaning June Holidays
June Meaning June Holidays

June is an ebullient month jolting with joy – here are some June symbols to illustrate my point…

Featured June Gemstone Meanings

A few gemstones associated with June meaning and symbolism include…

Alexandrite and June meaning

Among the most valuable of semi-precious stones, alexandrite is a bit of a chameleon in color. It varies from red, yellow, to green to purple’ish hues. All of these colors are symbolic of vitality, growth and energy. According to Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal and Gems, alexandrite draws luck and good fortune. It’s also a gemstone for attracting and keeping love in your life.

moonstone meaning and June meaning

As its name implies, this gemstone of the feldspar family has strong lunar energy due to its opalescent, moon-like appearance. It is a stone that encourages connections with emotions, dreams, and is purported to aid in the relief of depression. Moonstone energy is also primed for receptivity, love and protection.

pearl meaning and the month of June

Pearls are symbolic of purity, a theme often touted at weddings (which often take place in the month of June). The propensity for purity comes from a long process of churning out impurity – expelling debris and irritants from the mollusk shell resulting in the birth of the lustrous pearl. According to the 13th century physician, Castile, the pearl is a medical marvel – restoring strength, induces heart palpitation and a cure of melancholy. Pearl energy is geared for protection, love, good luck and aids in monetary gain.

Check out my page on gemstone meanings of the zodiac here.

Featured June Flowers and Plants

Here are a few flowers that are linked with June meaning and symbolism…

honeysuckle and the meaning of the month of June

A shrub that vines out in luscious expanse, the honeysuckle is a symbol of love, renewal and attraction. This is likely due to its intoxicating fragrance. Honeysuckle possesses balancing properties, and has been used in medicinal aids for its stabilizing effects. Honeysuckle is also purported to enhance confidence levels, promote good health and is utilized for protection. Check out honeysuckle on my flower zodiac page.

oak meaning and the month of June

The oak is a symbol of life, strength, stability to name a few qualities. Druidic lore held the oak as a mammoth symbol of power, influence and considered it a chieftain among the sacred Celtic clan of trees. As a June symbol, the oak embodies the energy of this month by resonating with themes of fertility, life, creativity and manifestation of desires. June, as well as oaks are emblems of time – this is a perfect symbol and month to create long-lasting, powerful memories. Find out more about the symbolic meaning of oaks here.

Rose meaning and the month of June

Also a symbol of love, the rose is iconic for passion, sensuality, ardor, and devotion. In fact, the rose is a sacred symbol of the goddess Aphrodite as well as Venus and was the favorite flower of the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. It’s also associated with Eros (Aphrodite’s son), Cupid, and Adonis. Rose energy is suitable for tapping into themes of fertility, renewal, truth, dreams, and connecting with the divine. As a June symbol, roses express the fullness of life, vitality, and intense fulfillment of desires. Check out symbolic rose meanings here.

Featured Gods and Goddesses of June

Recognized gods and goddesses for the purpose of understanding June meaning and symbolism…

goddess Danu meaning and the month of June

June is also a month of balance, and it can’t very well feature a father god (Zeus) without a mother goddess. Danu is considered the ultimate mother in Celtic wisdom. In fact, she was responsible for establishing a whole tribe of people (Tuatha De Danann) in Ireland. She assisted in the battle for control over the island on mid-summer’s day (June 20’ish), hence she is celebrated this month. Danu is the epitome of artful class, craftsmanship and devotion to creative expression. Find out more about the goddess Danu and the Tuatha here.

god Zeus meaning and the month of June meaning

The Greek god Zeus is a prominent patron of June because he is an archetype of light, clarity, power and strength – all themes found in this month. Zeus is also a symbol of summer, and as June is the month marking mid-summer, the connection is logical. Known as the “father of the gods”, Zeus is also a figure for Father’s Day which is held in June (recognized in the United States). Find out more about the god and goddess meanings here.

Featured Animals of June

Mammal, bird and insects that resonate with June Meaning and Symbolism…

bull meaning and the month of June

June symbolically debuts concepts like: Provision, fertility and procreation. The bull represents all of these ideals and more. The Celtic bull was revered as a symbol of fecundity. The bull was a prominent art motif adorning marriage bedding and wedding gifts. The bull’s appearance on these occasions intended well-wishes for full life, and specifically good luck in conceiving a child. Find out more about the symbolic bull meanings here.

Cicada meaning and the month of June

June is a hot month, especially for the cicada. It’s their prime mating season, and their strange rattling “songs” are a familiar accompaniment in June. Cicadae are symbolic of balance, partnerships and love – it has to do with their mating songs in the summer. As heat-lovers, cicada’s are solar-affiliated insects, and thus resonate during the mid-summer month of June. Find out more about the symbolic cicada meanings here.

eagle meaning and the month of June

A sacred symbol to the Greek god Zeus (who is featured and honored in the month of June), the eagle is a bird that represents power. The eagle is often associated with the Native American thunderbird that is celebrated in feasts and dances during the month of June. In myth, the eagle is a solar bird, and as the sun is the main element for the month of June, it’s logical the eagle would be significant and strong this time of year too. Find out more about the symbolic eagle meanings here.

Astrological Signs of June

Zodiac signs associated with June meaning and symbolism…

Gemini zodiac sign and the meaning of June

Its symbol is the twins, and hence Gemini has an innate energy of partnership, relationships, balance and duality. Gemini is a quick-witted, affable, humorous and intelligent sign of the zodiac. This is a high-energy sign, and loves to be where the action is. As June is typically a high-energy month, Gemini and June have a harmonic match in vibes. The personality traits of Gemini are strong influences in June, and should be taken into account throughout the month. Find out more about the the sign of Gemini here.

Cancer zodiac sign meaning and the month of June

Cancer is the nurturer of the zodiac. The sign relates to security, family community, and domestic values. As June is a month when many families gather for reunions, picnics, etc., the theme of family togetherness is woven together with Cancer and June. Cancer is ruled by the moon, and this sign is affiliated with fertility, femininity and emotion. This sign is also closely linked with motherhood as well as hearth and home. The personality traits of Cancer are strong influences in June, and should be taken into account throughout the month. Find out more about the sign of Cancer here.

Prominent Dates and Holidays for June

Important dates relating to June meaning and symbolism…

Father’s Day:
The meaning of father’s day is pretty obvious – it is a day to pay homage to the men in our lives who serve as paternal figures. Some accounts cite the day’s origin is associated with the father of all gods, Zeus, who was honored in Greece at mid-summer (mid June). Speaking of mid-summer, in classic gender symbolism, males are represented by the sun (females by the moon). As the sun is a prime feature of June, it makes sense that father’s day, a male-devoted holiday, is recognized (in the US) in this month of June. Learn about common Symbols for Fathers here.

Also known as the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, Litha is recognized around June 20th-21st. It’s also symbolic passion, desire and sensuality burning more intensely within the hearts of both humankind and animal kin. The sun is a warming entity, so it fires our passions and heats up our hearts to the potential of life that abounds. June, and Litha is a high time to celebrate the bounty fueled by life-giving solar rays. Learn more about Litha and summer solstice symbols here.

Summary of June Meanings

After browsing through these highlights of June meaning and symbolism, it’s clear the month is solar-driven and high-powered. June is also a high-voltage month for potential in love, family and creative expression.

I hope this article on June meaning and symbolism inspires you to tap into some of that high energy potential this month. And, if you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out my other pages related to this topic. Thanks for reading, and have a happy June! : )

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