aura color projection and aura meanings

Aura Color Projection

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Aura Color Projection: What’s Up With That? Aura color projection is the process of purposefully enhancing a specific color within your aura and expressing the energy of that color outwardly.

This is a great energetic exercise when you want to boost certain levels within your physiology. You can intensify a specific auric color by using your intuitive focus. Doing so will nurture and intensify the vibration of that auric color’s frequency. It’s kind of like taking a vitamin to compensate for a known deficiency.

aura color projection and aura color meaning
Aura color projection and aura color meaning

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.”

~John Ruskin

Why Practicing Aura Color Projection is a Good Idea

I’m going to give you the symbolic and energetic effects of each auric color. But first, check out a few reasons why aura color projection is a very cool and very handy practice.

1) The practice of focusing and intensifying an aura color proves our inherent power to adjust and even control our environment (inner and outer).

2) Concentration on a specific color will bring about emotion, thought and actions that correspond with the energy of that color. For example, casting red energetic dye in our aura will trigger instinct, courage, action, physicality, procreation, passion and all the other properties inherent to the color red.

3) Projecting color properties outwardly through the aura has a phenomenal effect on our environment. Energy – even subtle energy – responds and reacts to other energy. By enveloping ourselves in a special color the energy of that color spreads and consumes everything around us. In the consumption, our life experience begins to morph according to aura-color intent.

So which colors do we choose in order to reap the desired effect in our aura projection? Choose the color that most accurately answers our needs. The following is a list of aura colors and the energetic effects of each…

Color Meanings and Aura Color Projection
Color Meanings and Aura Color Projection

Color Meaning and Aura Color Projection


Red stimulates the roots of our desires and passions. It can be an incredibly bolstering color too. Red will invigorate and boost our bodies into action. Use red in aura color projection when you need to screw your courage to the sticking place. When you need confidence, physical strength…when you need to feel power, or if you need to reconnect with your survival instincts. A subdued, less intense red in your aura will also enhance your romantic relations.


Emit soft waves of orange throughout your aura when you want a boost of creative inspiration and energy. Orange is the embodiment of warmth, inclusion, clarity, creativity and rejuvenation. Focusing on the color orange during aura projection practices will give you a radiating quality – much like the sun radiates energy. If you’re feeling puckish, bored or uninspired, orange is the perfect color to turn your doldrums into enthusiasm.


Yellow is a set-point for divine light, and when we infuse our auras with this color we are raising our energetic vibrations to angelic levels. This is the color to choose if you’ve been consumed with distractions, confusions, or distorted perceptions. Why? Because yellow is the prime root of clarity. Yellow will help you re-focus, sharpen your intellect, clarify your perception and get truthful insight into whatever kind of mysteries you’ve been dealing with.


See streams of vital green flowing out from your aura when you are in need of rebirth, renewal and healing. Green is the universal color of growth and rejuvenation. Just take a look at your outer landscape during the spring and summer months. The cacophony of green in Nature is a testimony to abundance and healthy evolution. Green can also stimulate your financial energies too. Project green in your aura for health, wealth and natural protection.


Blue will tranquilize you into calmer levels of being. When you’re all in knots and unable to relax, sit quietly and imagine soft layers of blue wafting beautifully through your aura. Intensify the color blue according to your impulse. Blue enhances psychic ability, helps with dream interpretation, stimulates intuition so if you are wanting to augment these facets of your understanding, project soft blue energies from your aura. Blue will also help sooth tempestuous emotions as it has a lovely calming effect.


Indigo is to be used with reverence during deep periods of reflection and contemplation. When we need to dive deeply into our inner selves and pierce the soul for intense knowing, indigo will protect us with its magic during these spirit journeys. It’s a color of incalculable depth. We can submerge our spirits and walk the etheric worlds and our indigo aura will protect our bodies while astral traveling.


You just can’t go wrong when projecting violet in your aura. It’s similar to yellow in that the color embodies angelic energies. Violet expresses childlike love, innocence, purity, and a sweet kindness that is equivalent to unconditional divine love. Soak yourself in violet radiance and see your aura scintillate with the gentle cleansing properties of this color. Projecting violet in your aura will grant you contentment as well as attract tenderness into your life.


I hope you have enjoyed these suggestions on aura color projection. Check out the links at the end of this page to learn about seeing auras, reading auras and more! Thanks for reading, and happy aura-projecting! 

As always, I so appreciate you taking the time to be here and for learning more about the energy in this Universe for the purpose of self-improvement and bettering our world.

Mighty brightly,

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Aura Color Meanings

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