How to See Your Aura Color

How to See Your Aura Color

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Auras tell us a lot about our spiritual health and emotional well-being. If you’re interested in learning more about your own aura, the first step is to learn how to see your own aura colors. Then you can learn what each color means and learn all the skills you need to be an aura reader.

How to See Your Aura Color

What Actually Is an Aura?

An aura is an energy field that surrounds the physical body. The aura is made up of different colors, and each of them means something different. Someone’s aura colors can tell you a lot about them, whether they’ve got a lot of negative energy, or whether they are creative, introverted, or excitable.

Aura color meanings change depending on where they are in the person. Our aura colors align with different chakras within our body like the root chakra and crown chakra. So an indigo aura at the solar plexus might mean something completely different from an indigo aura at the top of the head.

Tips on Seeing Your Aura Color

This spiritual energy field isn’t visible to the naked eye unless you are a well-trained psychic reader. Typically, to see your own aura, you go and get an aura reading done or you pay for professional aura portraits. But, if you’re interested in seeing your aura colors, here are all the different ways to do so!

1. Aura Photography

Aura photography is one of the leading ways to get an aura reading done. It allows you to see the human energy field and determine what people’s auras mean. There are a few ways to get an aura photo taken:

  • Radiant Human – an American company that own an original aural photography camera, allowing them to photograph a person’s aura colors
  • Apps – apps like Aurla allow you to see your aura colors just by using your phone. You can see whether you have an orange aura or a purple aura and figure out whether they align with your heart chakra, sacral chakra, or somewhere else!
  • Kirlian photography – a system of photography set up in the 20th century that allows us to see the aura of inanimate objects and people. Photographs all sorts of aura colors, from yellow aura to blue auras. Involves photographic film, metal plates, and sending a charge through the metal.
  • AuraPhoto – a company that sells aura imaging products that will allow you to see your aura. They also offer aura readings to their customers so that you can truly enhance your spiritual awareness.

2. Practice on Other People

Some people find it easier to see other people’s auras than to see their own. It may be worth trying to see someone else’s aura colors before you jump in and try to see your own. You can do this with a friend fairly easily. Simply:

  • Get a friend to stand between 8 and 12 feet away from you, ideally in front of a white wall or white light in a room with plenty of natural light
  • Focus on their nose with a relaxed gaze and focus on your peripheral vision as well as what you are looking at
  • A shadowy outline should slowly appear, try not to focus on it and instead simply observe it. It should grow and solidify around the subject. You should then be able to make out the aura color, telling whether it is a blue aura, green aura, or maybe even a golden aura!

The more you practice this, the better you will be. Eventually, you’ll be a confident aura reader. You may find the following habits helpful to get this to work:

  • Train yourself to see your peripheral vision on a daily basis
  • Really tune into colors, learn to notice subtle differences
  • Learn to feel other people’s energy – is someone bubbling with negative energy? Are they making you feel the same? This will help you to pick up on aura color

And remember that it may take a few tries to learn how to read auras, but you shouldn’t give up!

How to See Your Aura Color

3. Try to See Your Own Aura Color

To see your aura color, you need to stand looking in a mirror, preferably in front of a white wall in a room full of natural light. From there, try the following:

  • Focus on the area just beyond your fingertips or the side of your hand
  • Allow your vision to go slightly out of focus
  • Extend your arm out or up; you should see a white aura or mist around your hand – this is your inner aura color
  • Slowly and carefully extend your gaze further away from the body, noting each layer and aura color as you go

If this doesn’t work, you might want to seek out the help of spiritual circles to ask them for advice. They may be able to help you to pick up on subtle energies that would otherwise go unnoticed.

What Do the Aura Colors Mean?

Once you can see the aura colors around you, you might wonder what they mean. This does depend on which layer they are on, but typically speaking, they mean:

Red auras

A red aura color suggests that you are confident, strong, and passionate. You are in charge and sometimes a little dramatic.

Pink auras

A pink aura suggests that you are romantic, gentle, and loving. You strive for peace and harmony in a diplomatic way.

Magenta auras

A magenta aura means that you are creative, independent and a trend-setter.

Orange auras

An orange aura suggests that you have lots of energy, that you’re sociable and optimistic.

Yellow auras

A yellow aura suggests that you’re intelligent, optimistic, free and happy.

Green auras

A green aura suggests that you are a nature lover who focuses on self-love and compassion.

Blue aura

A blue aura implies that you are caring, sensitive, empathetic, creative and expressive.

Indigo blue auras

An indigo aura suggests that you are innovative, introverted and super creative.

Violet auras

A violet aura suggests that you are spiritual, wise and artistic.

Brown auras

A brown aura suggests that you are grounded, career driven and knowledgeable.

How to See Your Aura Color

Final Thoughts on Seeing Your Aura Color

We hope these insights into how to see your aura color proved to be helpful. Your aura can reveal so much information about yourself. Your aura colors can help you get clear about your health and emotional wellbeing. Understanding and enhancing your aura sight can also help you strengthen your intuition. As you get better at seeing aura colors, you can even use this skill to see aura colors in other people. This can be incredibly revealing about how others are feeling, and what they’re going through at any given time. So, start practicing today and see what the colors reveal to you. As always, thanks for reading!

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