Virtual Healing

The Rise of Virtual Healing

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The pandemic changed the way that many of us do a lot of things in our lives. It brought to the forefront how much time we spend doing things we don’t always really care about as well as the deeply important value of family and friends in our lives. For many of us, the realizations we made about ourselves and our lives during the height of the pandemic have translated into real changes, now that the worst is over. 

Of course, outside of the great personal realizations we made about ourselves and what really matters, many of us found practical, positive changes too. Hundreds of thousands of people tried some version of virtual medicine, online healing, or telehealth services for the first time. The popularity of the new alternative stuck, and many people are still seeking out virtual healing services rather than in-person healthcare.  

The Rise of Digital Options

Virtual Healing

The trend of finding healthcare services online is certainly not an anomaly. Rather, thousands of consumers are demanding digital options in nearly every industry. This has prompted many businesses to prioritize online options such as classes, digital pick-up and delivery confirmation, health resources, and healthy food delivery.

When it comes to mental health care and life stability, online services have exploded in recent years. Of course, this wasn’t just something that came out of the pandemic, online services had been growing even before many of us were forced to adjust our lifestyles. Today it is relatively simple to find a yoga instructor, a therapist, or someone to guide you through meditating with crystals in an online setting. 

Ultimately, this can be a boon for both the meditative health leaders offering these services and the individuals using them. Spiritual guides and other similar alternative healthcare providers can reach a much larger audience online. Likewise, the individuals seeking these services have a much broader array of options and can better customize their experience and really seek out the right leader and meditative experience for their situation. 

Screens Are Not Inhibiting

Virtual Healing

You may find yourself asking how on Earth the experience could possibly be the same quality when it all takes place through a screen. 

Many experts and practitioners would be eager to counter your concerns though. In fact, some practitioners downright prefer online sessions over in-person ones. For instance, Kristina Karim, a Reiki Master Teacher believes virtual is one of the best ways to get the most out of her sessions. In the Reiki practice, it is essential to feel grounded and centered in order to receive the healing energy and benefits. What better place to do that than the comfort of your own home?

According to Nina Endrst, another Reiki Master Teacher, people need to feel open to receiving the healing energy, they need to be in a grounded place where they feel they can emotionally welcome the teachings and positive energies. She believes the screen, rather than a limiting factor, can actually help to set boundaries that can be a valuable safe container for both the teacher and the student. She doesn’t believe a screen is going to block the energy flow. 

Finding Personal Power Online

Virtual Healing

Online opportunities have allowed us to garner so many health benefits that we may not otherwise have had during the pandemic. Even today, we are able to seek out health services, digitally sign the documents and waivers necessary to receive services, and obtain the mental and physical health guidance we need. These online opportunities have allowed us to feel connected to groups of people all struggling through the same experience. They have pushed us to connect with our human side and our need for other human connections on an even deeper level. 

Even without the help of a teacher or meditative leader, the rise of virtual healing has helped thousands of people to learn the basics and achieve at-home solutions. For instance, resources are available to help you track down the right crystals for your meditative needs. There are guides to the different energies these crystals help channel and techniques for cleansing them. All of this can add up to helping you find your own personal power. 

Finding this personal power can add up to so, so much more. It can mean discovering a balance and energy in your life that you didn’t know you were missing. This personal power can mean harnessing that energy and positivity to make real changes in your life. Likewise, it can signify your discovery that you are enough, just the way you are. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Healing

What is virtual healing?

It is a method of administering aid online. Instead of visiting a doctor or healing practitioner in-person, virtual healing allows you to access health professionals via the internet, video conferencing, phone or chat.

Is virtual healing the same as distance healing?

No, not really. But the terminology can be understandably confusing. Virtual healing uses technology to administer healing to people in need. Distance healing is an energetic type of healing that utilizes spirit, chi, and energy in order to send healing energy to one who is in a different location than the healer. Distance healing does not require the internet. It relies upon intangible elements such as intuition, spirit, soul, and sometimes spirit guides to project healing to others outside a practitioner’s geography.

What is distance Reiki healing?

Reiki promotes healing and relaxation. A Reiki practitioner traditionally delivers energy to the body that stimulates the circulation of chi in the body. Sometimes this is done by a gentle touch, but because the nature of energy is limitless, Reiki healing can be done from a distance. Therefore, distance Reiki healing is when a practitioner sends healing energy to someone without needing to be physically present.

Does virtual healing really work?

Our research uncovered that people with genuine needs can definitely benefit from virtual healing. In fact, virtual healing has made remarkable differences for people who are seeking emotional support. Counseling, coaching, emotional support, and mental behavior assistance are now accessible to people in need through virtual healing services – and these much-needed services have the capacity to make a positive impact on people who might otherwise be suffering greatly.

The Last Word on Virtual Healing

In closing, we hope these insights into the benefits of virtual healing inspires you to give it a try. You may find that this type of healing can revolutionize your life and give you a whole new outlook for the future. Connecting with the right practitioner is key, but once you do, virtual healing can potentially make a tremendously positive impact on your life and wellbeing. As always, thanks for reading, and we wish you all the best health and wellness today and beyond.

About the AuthorAinsley Lawrence is a writer who loves to talk about good health, balanced life, and better living through technology. She is frequently lost in a good book.

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