What Does This Mean?

What Does This Mean?

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Tips to the Ageless Question,
“What Does This Mean?”

(and I get a little cranky)

Whether the symbolic topic is about recurring number sighting or curiosity about an animal totem…lots of people want to know the meaning of something or another. That’s awesome! In fact, that’s why I created this website…to offer unique insights or suggestions about the age-old question, what does this mean?

Even after publishing over a thousand articles on signs and symbolic meanings, I still get a ton of emails with questions (most of which I’ve already addressed). However, most of the time, people want to “pick my brain” and want me to interpret symbolic phenomena for them. These emails are typically very long, with many paragraphs about themselves and a particular event or situation they are going through, and it closes with the inevitable question, “Avia, tell me. What does this mean?

That’s cool, and I’m grateful folks are interested…and there was a time when I answered every request for clarity.  These days…not so much.  The nature of my time simply won’t allow me to respond to everybody.  

I’m not sure folks realize I run 5 websites, a weekly newsletter, manage my own social networks (not always that well, but I try), I’m also writing a book (err, attempting it)….and I work two part-time jobs on the side…and sometimes (if I have time) I like to pretend I have a life outside of work and actually *gasp* step away from the keyboard. 

So when someone wants answers (and usually wants them now) I just can’t do it all the time.  Perhaps one day a crackerjack Personal Assistant (who I can’t afford right now…hence the reason I work 70-hour weeks) will come to my rescue, but until then, I have a few tips that might help answer the eternal question…”What does this mean?!?”

Tips to Answering What Does This Mean?
Tips to Answering What Does This Mean?

Tips to Answer the Question,
“What does this mean?”

If you want quick and easy answers, then you might not appreciate this post. But if you are genuinely seeking answers, these tips might be helpful…

1) Self-Invest

Meditate, contemplate, ruminate, dream, relax into your own soul-knowing. Swim in the answers within your own energetic oceans of knowledge. This is the optimum and ideal way to obtain symbolic interpretations. Be determined (but be kind to yourself!). Be patient. This is an investment in yourself and increasing your soul-wisdom.  Submerge into the greater, more expanded aspect of who you are and dive deep within for clarity and answers. 

You may think that’s easier said than done.  It’s true, stepping into the ethereal/energetic version of you for answers takes investment and effort.  But anything worthwhile (or worth knowing) is worth working for. Besides, what kind of profound understanding can be gained if we don’t take the time to soulfully ponder what’s going on? I call this slot-machine mentality…put a quarter in and expect a jackpot of answers to come out. I often feel like a slot machine when people demand answers, and I’m expected to poop out the meanings for them (and they don’t even bother to flip me a coin!). Whatever…the point here is that nothing meaningful happens without first making an investment.

What Does This Mean?
What Does This Mean? Dig Deep for Answers

2) Keep Seeking

Just because answers don’t come in our own time frame…that doesn’t mean they aren’t available.  There are tons of resources, both conventional and otherwise.  I’ve written loads of pages on potential symbolism and symbolic suggestions. Using the search feature at the top of each page on my websites will give you results on the topic you’re wanting clarity about (you wouldn’t believe how many emails I get asking “what does this mean” and I’ve already written about it..how hard is it to take the time to use the search feature? Or even go to Google?).

Anyway, if I have not written about it, seek other authorities you trust on the subject. And, by all means, support your local library! Libraries are our modern/physical version of the Akashic records – they’re cram-packed with value on your quest for enlightenment. Plan a day at the library to research ancient wisdom about your symbolic episodes. Doing this kind of research is rewarding in an educational sense…even if you don’t get the answers at first…it’s always good to expand horizons. And again…it’s about investing in your life and personal development.

Some non-conventional means for insight into your symbolic phenomenon include experiential methods. Stuff like astral travel, communing with Nature, lucid dreaming, meditation, journaling about your experience, brain-mapping about it, join a drumming circle (these tap into some primal roots within us, and often evoke cool insights), get some exercise (blood to the brain and heart makes for sharper understanding).  You get the idea.  Answers don’t always come from a book or a website.  If you can’t find what you seek from conventional methods, try an out-of-the-box approach.  Heck…get out of the box no matter what!

What Does This Mean?
What Does This Mean? And How to Know

3) How to Know for Sure

Not a day passes when I’m asked (in addition to what does this mean) something like, “Avia, how do I know the symbolic meaning for my dream/vision/experience, etc. is correct???” Your symbolic episode is unique to you. A majestic version of yourself conjured this experience. It is NOT exclusively external. These are manifestations aligned with your energetic frequency. They are personal messages for you – but from a broader perspective.

Because interpreting meaning is such a personal experience…you really can’t not know if it’s correct. Not knowing if the meaning is appropriate to your experience is like not knowing if your heart is beating within your chest. You will know. You will feel the rightness of a concept in the marrow of your bones. It feels like a reunion – you will know because your whole being will resonate with the truth of it. Trust yourself. Trust Nature and Creation. No one is so disconnected that they do not know the inherent truth when it comes.

These quick tips have worked for me, and lots of other seekers I’ve communicated with over the years.  I hope they work for you too. At the end of the day, answers are always available to us. It’s the journey in seeking the answers that often make the learning more meaningful and profound. I hope you found these tips to answer the timeless question, “what does this mean?” helpful and useful. And thank you for indulging me a bit of a rant in this post, I appreciate the understanding. As always, thanks for reading, and I’m wishing you all every success in running down your own interpretations and meanings.


The cranky, ranty bits of this post do not apply to those of you who contact me with a legitimate mystery that is truly flummoxing. After all these years, I’m pretty good about distinguishing those who have genuinely worked on a trippy issue versus those who are wanting slot-machine answers. You know who you are, and I know who you are too. I adore the emails from sweet peeps who are fellow soul-searchers and respect the journey of gaining wisdom, and I always welcome your inquiries.

Mighty brightly,

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