Dream shark meaning, dreaming of sharks

Dreaming of Shark Meaning

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From the Q & A Files: Dreaming of Shark Meaning

The following is a question I got from Anna, who had a dream about sharks. She was so intrigued by the dream she sent me an email asking about dreaming of shark meaning. I had a few thoughts to share about dream meaning of sharks. Check out the info below, I hope this Q&A helps!

Question About Dreaming of Sharks

Hi Avia. Love your website. Last night I had a dream about sharks. Well not about sharks, but sharks were in the dream. In my dream, I was surrounded by many, many sharks. I thought I should be terrified, but I was actually very calm. I waded in the water while the sharks circled me. All the sharks seemed very docile and friendly. Then, one shark bolted from the group and confronted me. It seemed like the shark was challenging me. It didn’t seem in attack mode, but this shark appeared to challenge me….like it was prompting me to prove myself. I read your article on shark totem, shark symbolism and shark meaning. This was helpful, but I wonder if you could shed some light on dreaming of shark meaning. What does it mean that I dreamed of sharks? Thank you for any help you can offer.” ~Anna

Avia’s Response to Anna’s Dreaming of Shark Meaning

Hey Anna,

Thanks for writing in. Regrettably, I can’t answer all emails, but I really want to address your question about dreaming of sharks because I think it might help others in the same boat (pardon the pun).

In fact, I’ve gotten a few other emails from folks dreaming of sharks, so this is a great way to share some insight with others.  So, thanks for your question, and thanks for allowing me to publish it on the website for others to see.

Dream shark meaning, dreaming of sharks
Dream shark meaning, dreaming of sharks

“You got a dream, you gotta protect it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.“

~ Quote from “The Pursuit of Happy-ness”

Some things to consider when dreaming of sharks…

1) Jekyll and HydeSharks have this interesting yin/yang thing going on.  They can be incredibly fierce, relentless and downright vicious. But when not feeding or provoked, sharks are actually quite docile.

Symbolic Take-Away Point: There are always two sides to everything. Dreaming of shark meaning often prompts us to consider both sides of circumstances. Recognize duality like light/dark, passive/aggression, life/death, etc.

2) It Takes a Village: Although there are exceptions, sharks are generally communal creatures. They prefer to swim in groups (called a shiver, frenzy, or herd or sometimes a school).  They communicate very well with each other. They also work together when hunting, and raising their young.

Symbolic Take-Away Point: Sharks in dreams are often a reminder to work with others rather than fight with the team. This is especially true when the sharks in the dream are in a group. This suggests either an affinity with a group, or a need to nurture a group if it has been neglected. Consider your groups (like your family, work groups, commuity).  Are you paying enough attention to them? Are you part of the problem in the group, or part of the solution?

3) If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it: Sharks are remarkable examples of superior design. Most creatures, including humans have features that evolve over time. It’s about improvement. For example, there are these cool little fishies that live in ponds in the darkness of caves…over time, they became sightless. Sharks, however, have evolved very little over millions of years. They are the ultimate specimens of perfect design for their function and environment.

Symbolic Take-Away Point: Dreaming of shark meaning brings up the idea that we are good enough. Sharks speak to our design, our condition, and who we are. Sharks remind us that we are uniquely created, and our design is just right for our environment. Dreaming of sharks prompts us to accept ourselves as we are.

4) Water, Water Everywhere:  As a creature of water, the shark is a reminder to get intune with our emotions and dreams. Why? Because water is symbolic of emotion, dreams, intuition, flow, and the influences upon our lives. 

Symbolic Take-Away Point:  Dreaming of shark meaning encourages us to go within and inspect our emotional status.  Sharks in dreams also ask us to remember the limitlessness of our abilities. Our dreams are possible, our emotions are vital, our intuition is crucial…tune into all of the above!

Dream shark meaning, dreaming of sharks
Dreaming of shark meanings

Final Thoughts About Dreaming of Sharks and Dreaming Shark Meaning

Please keep in mind, these are only a few potential suggestions for interpreting shark dreams. There is a lot more to consider.  Like…the condition of the water in the dream. Is it clear or cloudy? That has meaning. Are the sharks ferocious or calm? There is meaning in that too.

And of course, each dream is unique to the dreamer.  Meaning, the interpretation of shark dreams is tailored to your dream, your life, your circumstances. 

All that said…in general, here are a few ideas about the meaning of sharks in dreams…

Meaning of Sharks in Dreams – The Highlights

When sharks swim in our dreams, here are a few ideas about what they might be trying to say:

  • Focus on community
  • Be aware there are two sides to every story (and person)
  • Stop avoiding or neglecting your emotions, intuition, or the dreams you have for your life.
  • Try to be more fluid in life, try to move more freely. Go with the flow rather than fight or challenge every change.
  • Recognize and embrace that you are a divine design.  You are fabulous just the way you are. You were created a certain way for a reason, and who you are is designed for the circumstances within which you are living.

Mighty brightly,

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