Chinese Symbol Writing

Chinese Symbol Writing

Chinese Symbol Writing
Common Phrases in Chinese Writing

Chinese symbol writing is a unique style of communication, primarily because it is as beautiful as it is functional. This is evident in the character shown above, which means love.

The Chinese written language is conveyed in characters. Earlier in the written language, each of these characters were pictures like animals or places. Over time, writing became more stylized and seldom takes on a picture form.

There are tens of thousands of different characters in the Chinese writing system. Most of these have been dropped due to lack of use over the centuries. Today, knowledge of about 4,000 symbols conveys most messages.

Below are some words and phrases in English along with Chinese symbol writing for each. Note, these characters are shown in the standard simplified version, called Kaiti.

Common Words in Chinese Symbol Writing

Chinese symbol writing for angel Angel

Chinese Writing Symbo attitude Attitude

Chinese symbol writing for balance Balance

Chinese symbol writing for celebrate Celebrate

Chinese symbol writing for fortunate Fortunate

Chinese symbol writing for friendship Friendship

Chinese symbol writing for happiness Happiness

Chinese symbol writing for love Love

Chinese symbol writing for meditation Meditation

Chinese symbol writing for peace Peace

Chinese symbol writing for spirit Spirit

I hope you enjoy browsing through these perspectives Chinese symbol writing.

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