Blue Jay Meaning and Blue Jay Symbolism

Blue Jay Meaning and Symbolism

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Exploring Blue Jay Meaning and Blue Jay Symbolism: We all have our take-away points about animal symbolism. You may have a completely different idea about bears or bees than I do. And if you took a poll, I’d bet everybody has a unique lesson learned from each creature encounter.

My take-away point with the blue jay is this: This bird is a freaking bad-a*s. 

A Funny Blue Jay Story

They do not take any baloney. They do not tolerate funny business. Blue jays are as sharp as sapphires, and equally tough to crack. It always appeared to me that once they get focused, there is very little stopping them.

To wit: I’ve seen (as you may have too) squirrels pecked to a pulp by blue jays. I’ve seen these birds make the most fierce felines retreat in fear. What’s more, I’ve seen a jay attack my sister while she was innocently walking! Yep. That blue terror dive-bombed her head; she was just walking on a path to the front porch! I’m sure it was a territorial thing.

David J. Crotty Photography on Etsy

But, I’m ashamed to say, mom and I laughed hysterically over the sight. What!? It was really funny looking!! But sis didn’t think any of this was funny at all. Looking back, I can understand. blue jays can pack a powerful punch when in any way threatened. They also pack a punch in animal symbolism. I hope you enjoy the insights in the rest of this article about blue jay meaning.

“Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful.”

~William Shakespeare
Blue Jay Meaning
A lot of blue jay meaning deals with big, bold, brassy expression. (thank you Dave Crotty for permission to use his photo above)

Overarching Blue Jay Themes

Like the crow, magpie and raven, blue jays are talkative creatures utilizing a wide range of vocalizations to express their opinions. Indeed, their speech abilities are so advanced, that they are able to mimic other birds and even humans. blue jays have been known to mimic hawk calls as a ploy to lure these birds of prey away from jay’s nests.

Blue jay animal symbolism also reflects aspects of opportunity and advantage because it will make its home anywhere. From supermarket awnings, to mailboxes, the blue jay is extremely resourceful and makes the best out of its environment. Those with the jay as their totem are likely to be the same way. Generally easy-going, jay people are able to make a turn situations around to their best advantage, and make awesome lemon aid out of the sourest of lemons.

Animal Symbolism of the Blue Jay

There are a lot of meanings connected with the blue jay. These are just a few keywords to highlight blue jay personality.

  • Energy
  • Clarity
  • Vibrancy
  • Advantage
  • Curiosity
  • Faithfulness
  • Intelligence
  • Communication
  • Determination
  • Assertiveness
  • Loquaciousness
blue jay animal symbolism jay meaning
blue jay animal symbolism jay meaning

Blue Jay as a Totem

Blue jay symbolism of determination, assertiveness, and intelligence is also a shared trait among those who claim the blue jay as their totem (and also common attributes with those having the vocations above listed). We see these characteristics in the blue jay because it is fiercely bold against its enemies.

The jay is fearless when it comes to protecting its partner, young and territory. So too are those with this animal as their totem. They will defend their positions against adversaries who seem much more powerful than themselves – often with successful results.

In animal symbolism, the blue jay resonates truth, faithfulness, and solidarity because they are vigilant in their tasks. They also keep the same mate for life, which is symbolic of endurance, patience and loyalty. The jay is an excellent symbol for those wishing to honor their long-lasting bond between friends, family and lovers.

Native American Blue Jay Meaning

In the spiritual realm, the blue jay speaks of clarity and vision. In Native American symbolism (namely the Sioux Nation) the azure of the jay against the blue sky indicated a “double vision” or double clarity. This visual/spiritual “blue on blue” concept speaks of purity of the soul, truth of the heart, and clarity of thought.

The Sioux also observed the jay preferring fir and oak trees for their homes and nesting areas. These trees are symbolic of longevity, endurance and strength, and so share the same animal symbolism with the blue jay.

Blue Jay Meaning in Dreams

In dreams the blue jay animal symbolism also deals with clarity – but of higher thoughts, and taking action. When we dream of blue jays our deeper selves may be telling us that we are not being honest with ourselves about something, and it’s time to “come clean” with our thoughts. Blue jay’s in dreams are also symbolic of taking action in the direction of our highest truth. The jay asks for honesty, and forthrightness – any other action taken (such as deceptive or dishonest action) will mean double jeopardy for us in our waking hours.

These spiritual and dream impressions are especially poignant because the jay is an air animal totem. Creatures of the air naturally symbolize the realm of thought, higher ideals, spirituality and the attainment of higher truth.

“We are all bold.
We are all noble.
We are all visionaries.
It just takes the right trigger to unleash these qualities from within us.”


Blue Jay Messages

blue jay symbolism blue jay meaning

Blue jays are vastly curious, stopping to peck at any shiny thing that catches their eye (much like crows and magpies). Those who resonate with the blue jay will also find themselves equally curious. Indeed, blue jay people have are always dabbling in new directions, gathering new insight, and slaking their curiosities. These people tend to be a jack-of-all trades, knowing a little bit about seemingly everything. This makes them fantastic trouble-shooters and quite resourceful (not to mention fascinating party guests).

I hope you have enjoyed this page on the symbolic meanings of the blue jay. Be sure to check out more articles on animal symbolism, bird totems and bird meanings via the links listed at the end of this page. Thanks for reading!

A great take-away point about the meaning of blue jays is this:
Be focused in thought first. Then take focused action.

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