Vishuddha and Blue Jay Insights: Exploring the Throat Chakra and Blue Jay Meaning

Vishuddha and Blue Jay: Connections Between the Throat Chakra and Blue Jay Meaning

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A while back, I was invited to a workshop offered by Colette Baron-Reid and Sandra Anne Taylor at the legendary Lily Dale. The whole duration of the workshop, a raucus visitor was making vibrant commentary. That encounter resulted in this story about the Vishuddha (throat chakra) and blue jay meaning.


The discussions at the workshop ranged from quantum philosophies to ecological intuition.  The wealth of information was magnificent and riveting. 

So why was my attention drifting to one lone blue jay?  Invisible no less.  All I could hear was his rhythmic vocalizations.

The Lily Dale auditorium is open-air.  Attendees can see out into bright sunshine, gemmy green trees and feel ephemeral breezes on backs of necks.

It would seem, given the setting, my attention was destined to stray.  Suffice to say, the messages for me were not only dispensed by the speakers that day but also by the blue jay.

With astral vision wandering through branches to spy the jay, I let ruminations drift over the bird and its implications.  This is when I got the connection between throat chakra and blue jay meaning.

Vishuddha and Blue Jay Insights: Exploring the Throat Chakra and Blue Jay Meaning - Image Courtesy of Dave Crotty
This blue jay image is courtesy of my friend & photographer, Dave Crotty

Blue Jay Symbolic High Lights

I’ve discussed the symbolic meaning of the blue jay in previous installments:

  • Confidence
  • Territorial
  • Protection
  • Communication
  • Vitality

All these meanings of the jay were cartwheeling in my musings when a shock of cyan hit me full-center.  And then it occurred to me, the blue jay is the perfect mascot for the Vishuddha center.

Vishuddha Symbolic Highlights

Vishuddha is the throat chakra.  Brilliant blue – just like the blue jay.

The Vishuddha or throat chakra is symbolic of:

  • Expression
  • Vocalization
  • Creativity
  • Assertiveness

During this workshop, whilst great wisdom was being extolled – I got electrified by a true-blue insight from the jay. 

The Throat Chakra and Blue Jay Meaning

At that point in my awareness, the message was clear and dealt with:

  • Self-assertion
  • Self-expression
  • Rediscovering the will to communicate without reservation

Precisely the message I required at the time.

Putting It All Together

This is how animal messages come.  Meanings are a marriage between animal expression and human perception.  It’s a two way street.  We’ve got to meet these creatures on their turf, then mingle our own foundational understanding with these animal encounters in our lives.

Had I not allowed those moments of free-association and drifty dream-thought, the message would have been utterly lost. 

So, the next time you feel like you should be paying attention to something, and a blue jay or some other creature demands your focus away from the conventional…by all means, drift! 

Drift away from convention and allow yourself to be drawn by the prime forces of nature calling you.  The messages will always be profound. As always, thanks for reading my thoughts about the throat chakra and blue jay meaning. Happy interpreting!

Mighty brightly,

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