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Love Number Meaning

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Your Love Number Meaning: It’s February at the time of this writing, and Valentine’s day is upon us. Personally, I believe love should be celebrated every day of the year – not just on a designated date. But that’s just me.

Love is a funny, fickle thing. It can’t be forced or contained. It grows at its own pace, and unfolds in the most miraculous forms. Some might say love can’t be predicted, and I agree with that to an extent.

Just as we can’t always predict where a wildflower blooms in Nature…sometimes love is just as wild and unforeseeable.

How to Find Your Love Numbers

Having said that, there are some aspects of love that can be constant. For instance, your love number meaning. The idea is relatively simple. Add up all the digits of your full birth date (day, month, year). Reduce the sum if you wind up in the double-digits to come up with a single digit. That single number is your love number. Let’s take a look at what calculating love numerology here:

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For example, let’s say you were born January 8th, 1973.
Ergo: 1+8+1+9+7+3=29.
Now reduce: 2+9=11.
Now reduce again: 1+1=2.
Bingo. 2 is the love number for this birth date.

Love Number Meanings

“One is loved because one is loved.
No reason is needed for loving.”
~ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Why Love Numbers Matter

What’s the purpose of this love-ciphering? Well, numbers are consistent. They are the scaffolding of life. They don’t change or waver. In the fluctuating realm of love, the constancy of numbers can be pretty reassuring.

I was once asked: “Numbers seem cold, strict and unbending. As such, how could they possibly tell us about our personality?” I have an answer to that too. Number meaning and symbolism is typically derived from symbolic associations.

Let’s take number seven as an example. Seven is symbolically connected to seven days of the week, which makes it a number of structure and time. There were seven original planets when ancient Babylonians were scanning the skies for omens. This lends meaning to scholarly and metaphysical pursuits which is associated with number seven. You get the idea…numbers have personality due to their rich historical connections.

love number meaning
More about love number meaning

Love Numbers and Personality

By association, numbers can offer a glimpse into your personality too. Your birthday is an amalgamation of digits that have been hanging around this universe since the moment the first human counted “1,2,3” on his fingers. Actually, numbers’ presence has existed far beyond humans became conscious of counting.

You might notice the method of obtaining your love number is the same as getting your personality numbers. Your love number meaning is married to personality. My love number symbolism below is specifically crafted according to personality – and how personality expresses love.

That’s not to say your love number is going to be exactly spot-on. Numbers should not exclusively define our personality, but numbers offer a framework that reveals more than what we might normally know.

There’s a whole passel of complexities about your personality than just your digits can define. You are unique, with unique circumstances. My point is this: Numbers are a neat way to sum up the intricacies of your personality. But they’re not the end-all-be-all. Embrace your complexity. Don’t become “just a number”. Let your individuality be your guiding force.

As we delve into the mysteries of love numerology, uncovering the profound connections between numbers and matters of the heart, you may discover fascinating numerology insights that shed light on the unique dynamics of your love life. Numerology discoveries can add an extra layer of understanding to the intricate dance of love and relationships, providing insights that go beyond the surface. Embrace the journey of exploring numerology’s role in unraveling the mysteries of love.

love number meaning
Getting your love number meaning

Your Love Number Meanings

So now that you have the skinny on your digits, let’s dive right into your love number meaning.


one love number meaning
One love number meaning

You tend to be an initiator; because your love number is symbolic of new beginnings. You can easily launch into new relationships without fear. Your love number energy is also about assertion. Consequently, you are rarely shy in love. Queasy about approaching someone for a date? That’s not your problem. You typically have a high level of confidence. 

Your charisma is evident too, and the opposite sex notices your switched-on charm. Even though you can easily initiate romantic connections – sometimes you’d rather be by yourself. You sometimes recognize a need for control – and that bleeds into your relationships. It feels like sometimes it’s better to deal with yourself than introduce a partner in your life.


Two love number meaning
Two love number meaning

You are a gift to the realm of love. Partnership is an easy concept for you to understand. The number two is all about partnering, sharing, and unifying. You have a strong sense of compassion and empathy which makes you a sensitive mate. 

You have remarkable listening skills – a highly coveted asset when it comes to successful love relationships. Two is also about harmonic duality. That means you gravitate towards relationships that are equally yoked. Meaning, your weaknesses are counteracted by your partner’s strengths (and vice versa).


Three love number meaning
Three love number meaning

You like to introduce a high level of creativity to your romantic relationships. You mix things up to keep thing exciting, fresh and innovative. If there’s a hint of doldrums in your partnership, you’ll be the one to add some spice to heat things up. Three is an incredibly creative, artistic number, and your relationships reflect that. 

Three love number meaning also appreciates the simple beauty of being in balance. You like to feel harmony in your partnership – especially if that harmony produces a level of teamwork. You get excited when you feel like you and your partner are working together to create something new, real and worthwhile.


four love number meaning
Four love number meaning

Stability is the watchword for the love number meaning of number four. This number is all about foundations and “setting the groundwork” in relationships. Your partnerships will be focus on safety and security. You value feeling secure with your partner, but you also provide a comfort zone to your mate.

There is an aura about you that exudes stability and soft strength. You tend to play it safe in the romantic field, but that’s okay. Your value for a solid foundation makes you more thoughtful of your amorous partners. This attitude often pays off because you have better chances for rich, long-term relationships.


five love number meaning
Five love number meaning

You’re a firecracker – and it’s hard to predict when your love life is going to “snap, crackle, pop”! Five is a very unpredictable, but adventurous number energy. Consequently, your relationships tend to be high-voltage and heady. Dinner and a movie is not your idea of date night. More like a trip to Belize, or bungee jumping. 

Okay, maybe I exaggerate – but you get my meaning. Your “high-five” energy is electric. Your relationships might not be as long-lasting as other love numbers, but it’s pretty certain you have a good time while the partnership is rolling.


six love number meaning
Six love number meaning

Love number meaning of six is the penultimate poster child for romance. Venus rules number six, so you’re all about sensuality and sexiness. The quintessential bed of roses, red wine and chocolate-dipped strawberries sing sensual pleasures that you enjoy. 

You appreciate a very touchy-feely experience with your partner. Public display of affection is typically not an issue with you. Closeness is key. Sharing sentiments and healthy communication is also a priority in your relationships.


seven love number meaning
Seven love number meaning

Seven is the number of scholarly, mystical pursuits. If you can find a mate that enjoys the same, then you’re golden. Otherwise, your love life may be best served with a good book in front of a toasty fire. You tend to be highly cerebral in relationships. 

You thrive in relationships that stimulate you mentally. Partnering with a molecular physicist and gabbing all night about quantum theory would be an ideal date. Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating again. Perhaps a rousting game of trivial pursuit would be more ideal.


eight love number meaning
Eight love number meaning

Your relationships are going to be felt on a karmic level. Your most intimate connects are made when you feel as if you’ve known someone all your life – or perhaps even in a previous life. Love number meaning of eight deals with cycles, renewal and reincarnation. 

Eight also has a bright creative side to it too, and so do you. You want to feel understood on a deep level in your relationships. It might seem a challenge to find partners who connect with you on such a deep level, but you have a cyclical nature – so your karmic partner is bound to sail into your waters at some point.


nine love number meaning
Nine love number meaning

Honesty is your best policy – in fact it’s your utmost priority in relationships. You have high standards, and rarely settle for less than you think you deserve. You can be uncompromising in your ideas and values. You expect your partner to have principled, ethical ideals too. 

Your vision is far-reaching, and you thrive in a relationship with someone who can get on board with your innovative concepts. You also appreciate relationships that are based on tradition and enjoying history. Perhaps an archeological dig might be an ideal first date, or exploring the tradition of Appalachian basket weaving?


I hope you have enjoyed the love number meaning for each of these nine vibrant personality types.

If you liked this article, be sure to check out the links on this site for more number meaning.

Thanks for reading this article on love number meaning. May all your amorous encounters be rich and exciting.

Mighty brightly,

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