Symbolic Meaning of Needles

Symbolic Meaning of Needles

Last Updated on March 26, 2021 by Avia

Recently, I got a question about the meaning of needles in dreams and in general. Here is the question: “May I ask whether you know of the meaning of finding and picking up needles of all sizes and forms in your dreams. I firmly believe that our soul communicates messages to us through the dream world. That, only if we are unable to get the gist of the meaning through our day-to-day life. -So do you know the meaning of needles in dreams (or in general)?”

Avia’s Response to the Meaning of Needles in Dreams or in General

So true about how the ‘deeper self’ (or soul) communicates in dreams.  There are various facets about the human design that communicate…when we are in subconscious or unconscious states, that soul-root branches out within our conscious selves (the part of us that pays the bills, cleans the house, works at the job).  When we dream, it is a direct correspondence between the spirit/soul/ancestors…it is a message that we must fish in the depth of our energetic waters and examine what’s been caught on the hook.

Part of that ‘catch and release’ system (hooking impressions from dreams, examining them with the conscious mind, and then setting them free again) is about identifying the images conjured in the Dream-time.  We must ask ourselves what a specific impression means to us personally. We can do this by exploring the symbolic meaning backing the image, and picking the one meaning that is most relevant to our life-experience.

In the case of the meaning of needles in dreams…we can think of many various meanings….here are a few examples of what I mean about the symbolism of dream-needles…

Symbolic Meaning of Needles
Symbolic Meaning of Needles

Meaning of Needles in Dreams and in General

  • Needles…what is their function on a fundamental level?  They sew, stitch, attach, mend, create.  They are strong (some are even unbending) and in the right hands, they are a tool that can mend the tapestry of mind, emotion, body and life.  If this resonates with you, then the question might be: What is it in my life that needs mending, attaching or binding at this time? What must I repair?
  • As a parable, we might turn our memory to the adage found in the Talmud and also the New Testament…”It may be easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” I’m not getting religious here…but some of these metaphors are ancient….we share these scenes with our ancestors. In fact, the metaphor of the eye of the needle is also found in Celtic, Viking, Hindu, and Chinese parables.  Often it is a message that we must purify/cleanse ourselves in order to craft a better life. It may also imply that we have the tools in our hands to act rightly…it just takes a few mis-stitches that cause us to get us off-course. Nevertheless, the tools we have within (as the needle) are strong and true…we always have the power to correct our course in life and make things right.  In other words…it is impossible for a privileged person to enter the kingdom of God…it is the choices we make that make us true, pure, and on-course. This aspect of the needle speaks to your value…do you feel worthy? Are you clarified? What kind of test or challenge is before you that you instinctively feel you must pass in order to achieve or maintain true recognition?
Symbolic Meaning of Needles
Symbolic Meaning of Needles
  • There is a familiar saying “Like finding a needle in a haystack” – Symbolically, the meaning of needles may suggest that we are searching for something, but the process of finding what we are looking for seems almost impossible.  Contrarily, this aspect of needles in dreams may suggest that nothing is impossible, and the search must continue … we cannot give up on the search-mission.  It begs the question…what are you searching for? Why is it such a challenge to find what you seek? To what extent are you willing to go in order to find the answers?
  • Another common term is used in billiards (shooting pool…like with an 8 ball and cue sticks on a pool table).  The game adopted a phrase that goes “threading the needle” – it is a reference to making a clear shot (against all odds) down a narrow channel between balls on the table to make the hole and win the game.  Threading the needle (the phrase) is all about focus, concentration, and visualizing getting that shot in the right pocket in order to win the game.  On a grand scale…this might be applied to life situations when intense commitment to focus and concentration must be applied in order to gain the goal. It asks questions like…Are you focused enough to make that shot? Or, are you too distracted by the game-players and other balls on the table of life?  Thread that needle to gain your true vision and clarity.
  • Needles are used in acupuncture.  If this resonates, then consider pressure points within your body that may need attention.  This is a 3000-year-old practice…and even if you have no Asian descendants…it still resonates within the collective consciousness.  Sometimes seeing needles might imply a need to apply pressure in order to ‘stitch together’ balance, homeostasis and harmony in one’s physical/emotional life.  Attention to body/mind/spirit balance must be paid.
  • Needles are a creative tool. They are essential for crafting articles of beauty and substance and can have a lasting impact on the aesthetics of homes and lives around the world.  Symbolically, getting impressions of needles might be a call to be more creative and apply innovation to new creations. In other words, needles might be a sign it’s time to get crafty and ‘make something from nothing’ – consider sewing together your resources in materials in ways that are encouraging and uplifting for yourself or others.
Symbolic Meaning of Needles
Symbolic Meaning of Needles

I hope these ideas/suggestions offer you the inspiration to apply your dream and meaning of needles to your own personal experience and all that is going on in your life currently.  By exploring core concepts backing the needle (symbolically), it allows the conscious mind to ponder the message proffered up from the sub/unconscious mind through dreams.

Sending you all the best,

Mighty brightly,


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