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Moon Tattoo Ideas

All life is touched and stimulated by the moon, especially dark life. Flora and fauna dance in lunar reels, enchanted by the wax and wane of the moon.

Crazy mushrooms sweat from her silvery touch. Oceanic mouths open and close in serenade to the lunar phases. And those of us who are linked-in with hidden powers of the cosmos are prompted to bask in lunar rays for unique illuminations.

To be sure, when discussing moon tattoo meanings, we are diving into esoteric depths, where dreamscapes replace common landscapes and quicksilver visions lace our views.

Some keywords to consider as you explore your personal moon tattoo ideas...

Symbolic Moon Meanings

  • Magic
  • Purity
  • Dreams
  • Shadow
  • Mystery
  • Influence
  • Eternity
  • Fertility
  • Intuition
  • Mysticism
  • Sensuality
  • Cycles/Time
  • Divine Light
  • Subtle Energy
  • Feminine Power
  • Subtle Strength

The moon is a life affirming symbol. It appears to be constantly changing, and so therefore it reminds us of the consistency of all life. It is also symbolic of the cyclical nature of time - even karma. Life moves in non-linear terms, and we all know karma is a big circle (what comes around goes around). The moon in her phases reminds us of this kind of infinite process of recycling and regeneration.

Moon tattoo meaning

Moon tattoos may hold a powerful appeal to women as we are inevitably tied to her cycles with our own. Further, the moon is symbolic of feminine power and fertility. Countless goddesses in myth are featured with the silvery moon to convey hidden power, secret wisdom and subtle influences. This might be a vital point for your contemplation as you wax and wane about your personal moon tattoo ideas.

There are women who are capable of outwardly reflecting their inner pools of light and energy. You know who you are. Those of us who have easy access to these internal energy sources can intimately relate to the magnetism of the moon. I think it's the undercurrent of infinite potential that electrifies those of us who are plugged into lunar energy. For those of you, a moon tattoo might be the ink that flips your spiritual switches.

Of course, men feel lunar luminescence too! And, although the moon mostly resonates with feminine archetypal identification, there are very male associations too. Off the top of my head I can think of some Native American tribes, Japanese, the Maori, African too - these ancient cultures prescribe male gender to the moon. Also, the moon was (still is) a pivotal influence in hunting cultures and in these realms we see male deities - lunar gods. In these scenarios the moon is consulted for optimal hunting and agricultural excellence. All sources of provision which is a strong yang calling.

Moon tattoo meaning

Here are a few snippets of lunar goodness from around the world that might inspire your moon tattoo ideas:

The moon coincides with the qualities of silver - a purifying, clarifying energy. Reflective. Strong, yet malleable. It's the "Lesser Work" in the evolutional scale of human development. When joined with the sun (gold), the twain hold hands in a cosmic balance - the Greater Work of the balanced soul commences.

The moon is the "Queen of Heaven"...goddess, mother, lover, priestess. That's some powerful archetypal energy and if these grand myths run through your lunar bloodlines, a moon tattoo might be the perfect conveyance.

The moon is yin, and referred to as the "eye that shines through the darkness" - this is symbolic of illumined vision of a spiritual/enlightened nature.

The moon is often linked to Isis, also known as the Queen of the Heavens - a cosmic creatrix.

Native American:
Depending which tribe you're consulting, there are legends of the Great Woman (or Old Woman) beaming in the moon, she is eternal, and ever-watching over her children (all of creation) with objective knowing.

The moon calls to many animals (including humans), and you might find moon tattoo inspiration from her many suitors in the animal kingdom. Any critter with horns will be associated with the moon, like bulls - it's the crescent horns they are reminiscent of the crescent moon - also symbolic of cycles, fertility. Most nocturnal creatures are lunar affiliated too. Rabbits, toads, cats, owls....all great partners to moon energies.

I've written loads more on lunar symbolism, be sure to check out the links to other info for your moon tattoo ideas at the end of this page.

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