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Zodiac Symbols For Libra

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Zodiac Symbols For Libra

Exploring Zodiac Symbols for Libra: Charming, harmonious and filled to the brim with energy. Libra’s have a lot going for them – often in many different directions. Getting to know the zodiac symbols for Libra is essential to crack the intricate code of this fascinating sun-sign.

For example, Libra’s ruling planet is Venus. We all know Venus is symbolic of love, passion and beauty…but there is more to this energy than that. Venus – and Virgo stand for appreciation, specifically appreciation for the lovely, fine things life has to offer.

Libra has a tremendous sense of style, and has a knack for introducing pleasurable experiences to any environment. In fact, Libra’s often excel in occupations dealing with art and decor.

Libra’s colors, pastel blues and lavender, are symbolic of sophistication and style too. Lavender is a healing color, and Libra’s heal through refining their environment with loveliness. Libra’s are attuned to color. They know that colors can uplift and inspire. Light blues and purples will invigorate, inspire and offer illumination to Libra’s. These colors are also helpful in injecting clarity, good communication and tranquility to the Libra psyche.

Zodiac Symbols Libra
Zodiac Symbols Libra

“When we create peace, harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.”

~Louise L. Hay
zodiac symbols for libra
Zodiac symbols for Libra

To find out more about the color blue among Libra’s zodiac symbols, take a look at zodiac signs and color meanings here.

There’s a lot to love about Libra, and learning about their zodiac symbols is a great way to connect with this exciting sign.

Please keep in mind, these zodiac symbols are linked to Libra’s sun-sign. It’s a great idea to familiarize ourselves with other signs cycling through our charts. If you want to get your all your astrological sign information, go to to cast your chart and go over all your lovely astro-facets.

Let’s get started and take a look at the key zodiac symbols for the sign of Libra.

Libra Zodiac Symbols and Sign Meanings

The Prime Zodiac Symbol for Libra

Scales glyph: Libra’s glyph represent scales. It’s symbolic of balance, something Libra’s are intimately connected with. The glyph itself is a bit reminiscent of the Egyptian ankh. The loop on the top bar is symbolic of the sun. The bar itself is symbolic of the horizon. This is a highly balanced expression. Libra’s are constantly straddling one side against another. They can often be found in the state of “in-between”. So too is the sun/horizon representation of their glyph. Sunrise and sunset is a state of “in-between”. It’s a liminal state…meaning it is neither here, nor there. This is a big deal for Libra’s. If a Libra can get in a liminal state of being, they can have the world in their hands. Too often a Libra flips from one side to the other, creating a pendulum swing of thought and emotions. But being in that state of in-between allows Libra to be in the presence of pure potential. A very powerful place to be. So Libra’s, next time your flopping between ‘this’ or ‘that’ – contemplate your glyph. Take that liminal symbol of the sun nested on the horizon as an invitation to suspend yourself in the beautiful realm of ‘in-between’. It’s a great place to be for you, and you’ll find you can manifest tremendous results in your mental, emotional and spiritual life in that liminal space.

Elemental Zodiac Symbol for Libra

Air: Air is symbolic of a lot of things: The unseen, communication, subtle power to name a few. The aspects of air are married to the personality of Libra’s sun sign. Libra’s have keen intuition. They can pick up on unseen vibrations, like emotions and thoughts. They don’t have to see, taste, touch or feel something to know that it just ‘is’. Knowing this subtle information can make Libra a powerful wind of change. A Libra can use their power of perception to help or hinder.

Air is the origin of wind, which can be highly unpredictable. So too can Libra’s. One minute, a Libra can be a sweet, gentle breeze…the next, a formidable, blustering push. But that’s okay. This unpredictability makes Libra’s diverse and fascinating. Just keep in mind…Libra’s have the power to drastically change environments through their mental processes. Knowing this, it’s best for Libra’s to find the eye of their storm – that inner calm, and then act from the center of themselves. A calm, focused Libra is a wise, powerful one.

Flowers as Zodiac Symbols for Libra

Rose: Intoxicating, mysterious, passionate…the rose stands for all of these things, and so too does Libra. Roses are also extremely resilient and hardy – also qualities of Libra. What’s most intriguing about the rose-Libra connection is the element of duality. A rose’s petals and scent are seemingly so delicate, even fragile. Yet, its thorns are fierce, capable of extreme protection. How does this play into the Libra persona? Well, Libra’s can be very vulnerable, breathtakingly beautiful in their fragility. Yet…they can go to high extremes to protect their softness, and can come off as quite thorny. Check out more flowers as zodiac symbols for Libra here.

Stones as Zodiac Symbols for Libra

Opal: Opals are symbolic of creativity, inspiration and expression….elements most Libra’s have no problem exhibiting. Libra’s are encouraged to wear opals (especially starfire opals) to open up their artistic selves. Opals can grant Libra’s liberation from conflicting thoughts. Sometimes, Libra’s tend to be in a state of indecision. They may hold back from freeing themselves to full expression because they ponder too much on negative consequences like: “But what if this happens if I do that?”, or “I can’t do that, because this will happen.” Wearing opals will help guide Libra’s to their true light, and keep their heart-goals in focus. That means, an opal can help liberate Libra’s to express their true desire, and lead them to a clear path upon which they can be free to be themselves without fear. Check out more gemstones as zodiac symbols for Libra here.

Overarching Zodiac Symbols for Libra

The Scales: So far, we’ve talked a lot about balance, harmony and polarity connected with the Libra sun-sign. Their glyph, the scales, underscores these themes. Anybody who has tinkered with a set of scales will note that just the tiniest increase in weight on one side will affect the other side. So too with Libra. This aspect should be foremost in Libra’s attention. Libra’s are super-sensitive to the slightest adjustments in their environment. And, even the tiniest adjustment can alter a Libra’s thought, emotion, action. Libra’s symbol should be a reminder that small adjustments are key. Too often, a Libra overcompensates in answer to a change. For example, a Libra friend of mine, Tammy, often takes exaggerated action to compensate for a little glitch she encounters. She does this because she is instinctively trying to reestablish balance and harmony in her life. She just can’t stand the idea of instability. I remind her that baby steps are often the best tact. Try to visualize how actual scales work. Add a few little things to the one side that’s out of whack. A little better thought, a little positive action, a small tweak in how you feel. Little by little, that imbalance will dissipate, and harmony will return.

I hope this article on zodiac symbols for Libra has offered you some illumination into this fascinating sun-sign. To be sure, Libra is an infinite source of value and inspiration. If you’re a Libra, embrace the luscious diversity of who you are. If you’re not, take the time to step on Libra’s scales in an effort to understand this complex, charming sign.

I’ve written loads more about interesting details concerning astrology. Be sure to check out the links below for all kinds of goodies on zodiac symbols and meanings.

Thanks for reading about the fascinating realm of zodiac symbols for Libra.

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