Three Layers of Auras

The Three Layers of Auras

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About the Three Layers of Auras: Are you sometimes uncomfortable in crowded places? Does it ever feel as if your space is being invaded? Or perhaps you sense that some people can only get so close to you – and then you start to resist or repel them. These reactions can very well be caused by a person’s aura.

There is also a possibility that another person’s aura is encroaching on yours. Maybe a certain person makes you feel uncomfortable. Or perhaps, you feel something is wrong when you enter the room. These are indicators of our aura, and our energetic response to other people’s auras.

About Layers of Auras
About Layers of Auras

What is an Aura?

Our auras are powerful electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic energy is emitted and absorbed. This energy force can be felt in a room full of people, where different energies, both positive and negative, are being exchanged. 

Whether strong, weak, fair, light or dull and dense, our auras are extensions of our energies. Every living thing is surrounded by a band of energy, the energy of life, that can be felt around trees, plants, animals, birds, and people. 

About the Three Layers of Auras

Human perception is limited to the first three layers of the aura surrounding the body, which is the most easily perceivable. 

Your eyes should be wide open in order to see auras. It is also possible to see auras with closed eyes with your intuitive perception. Soft light is best for observing auras physically. You can also use a mirror or stand against a light background to check your aura.

Auras can be observed more prominently around the hands, between the shoulders, neck, and head area if you look beyond the body parts.

In most cases, those capable of seeing auras observe mental and etheric layers. These are the colored layers of an aura.

About Layers of Auras
About Layers of Auras

The Physical Aura

The physical aura is closest to the body. It represents a person’s physical health, strengths, and weaknesses. It also indicates physical sensations, both pleasant and unpleasant. In addition to athletes, this band is very strong with people who enjoy life’s pleasures such as food, comfort, sex, etc. 

Emotional Aura

This is the second layer of auras and it is one level away from the body, just outside the physical aura. Moods and emotions are determined by how we feel about ourselves.  Therefore, the emotional aura will show mood status and reveal how someone feels about themselves. Any blockage in this area slows down energy flow. Of all the three layers of auras, the emotional auras tend to be the most changeable. They fluctuate throughout the day depending on the mental and emotional sensations one feels.

Mental Aura

This aura shows mental activity and energy. It is the most distant, outer aura.  The mental aura represents mental activity.  It is often the most difficult to see. Ironically, it is arguably the aura most powerful when it comes to feeling and sensing it. When seen, it may show up as cloudy or hazy.  The color yellow appears most prominent in this aura too.  If you can view the mental aura it can reveal mental imbalance, blockages, or healthy mental states. This area also shows the accumulation of negative thoughts over time.

Three Layers of Auras
Three Layers of Auras

Are There Other Aura Layers?

Yes.  According to Reiki practitioners and energy workers, there are a total of seven identifiable auras. There are the three layers of auras aforementioned and four more.  Altogether, the seven auras, in order from closest to the body moving outward are:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Astral
  • Etheric
  • Celestial
  • Spiritual

Reading the Aura

You can read the three layers of auras independently or together. There is no physical separation between the colors. The colors seem to merge or change together. Some colors may be more dominant than others. Developing the ability to read auras enables one to derive viable information from the different levels. 

When it comes to colors and their placement in the aura, there is no hierarchy of judgment. Whether positive or negative, the colors indicate a person’s state and strengthen the positives or alleviate problems.

Author’s Bio: Hi, I’m Tempe Nugent, a professional photographer who is learning the art of Reiki. My interests range from tarot, energetic healing, psychic perception, and mediumship. As a long-term follower of whats-your-sign, I’ve learned a lot on this website, and being a contributing author here is my way of learning more and paying it forward.

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