Rose Tattoo Ideas and Rose Tattoo Meanings

Rose Tattoo Ideas

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Exploring Rose Tattoo Ideas: I see rose tattoos a lot. It’s no mystery why. The rose is an incredibly powerful image whose symbolism transcends in elegant ways. This page is devoted to some tattoo ideas revolving around symbolic rose meanings.

Interestingly, many people with rose tattoos adore their personal blossoms but are unaware of some of their ancient mysteries. Let’s take a moment to smell the sweet scent of rose symbolism through the various perspectives.

rose tattoo ideas
Rose tattoo ideas

Symbolic Rose Meanings – Keywords

  • Love
  • Trust
  • Honor
  • Heart
  • Purity
  • Beauty
  • Divinity
  • Victory
  • Passion
  • Balance
  • Duality
  • Vitality
  • Romance
  • Memory
  • Secrets
  • Devotion
  • Expansion
  • Revelation
  • Creativity
  • Sensuality
  • Resurrection
  • Spirituality
rose tattoo meaning and rose tattoo ideas
Rose tattoo meaning and rose tattoo ideas

“Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again.”

~Author Unknown

Rose Tattoo Ideas in Myth and Culture

The rose shows up in tons of cultural myths and legends. As a result, the rose has become a beloved icon for tattoos. If you are considering rose tattoo ideas, here are a few historical accounts about rose legends that might lend more credence to your floral body art.

Rose Meaning in Rome

Honor the Fallen: At the height of their time in ancient Rome, roses and rose petals were strewn across soldiers’ bodies and/or grave sites. Red roses were used to symbolize blood shed for the Roman Empire. Red is associated with Mars, the god of war. It’s also associated with Venus, goddess of love. The intoxicating scent of roses lifted through the air, and carried the spirits of fallen heroes into the loving arms of Venus with Mars looking on with fierce pride. There are themes of resurrection here, which can be incorporated into your own tattoo ideas of rose meaning.

Rose Myths in Greece

Erotic Creative Vision: The rose is associated with heavy-hitters in Greek myth like Aphrodite (lovely love goddess), Hecate (the insanely powerful dominatrix of the intangibles), Dionysus (that affectionate hedonistic party animal). We see themes of eroticism, mystery and sensuality in these Greek gods who partake of the velvet realms of the rose. I’m particularly intrigued by the rose’s association with the classic Greek Muses, especially Erato, who was a heart-stopping beauty. She was gifted with spectacular creativity too. Roses symbolize her ability to pierce hearts with her intoxicating song and beauty. And so, your rose tattoo can woo the creative, sensual muse and goddess from within.

rose tattoo meaning and rose tattoo ideas
Rose tattoo meaning and rose tattoo ideas

Rose in Rosicrucian and Alchemical Symbolism

Unfolding Progress: The Rosicrucian’s, an elite fleet of visionaries formed under the fatherly tutelage of Dr. Christian Rosenkreuz, held the rose at the center of their symbolic focal point. The rose is featured as a symbol of spiritual progress – an unfolding or blossoming to ever grander heights in human evolution. Traditional rosy crosses are multi-layered. The center section of the rose is symbolic of unity and reminds the observer that god is the glue of all life. Other layers will point to initiation and progress along the pilgrimage to enlightenment. So, if you are experiencing a resurgence of the soul – a rose tattoo meaning may convey a sense of transformation, blossoming and unfolding beautifully to share new depths of yourself with the world. (See more alchemical meanings here).

Rose Symbolism in Christianity

Unblemished Bliss: The rose often adorns the beloved Mary in Christian art as a symbol of purity, innocence, beauty, sacrifice and perfection. From fragrance to visage – the rose is a fitting brand for the blessed Mary. The “Rose of Sharon” is symbolic of the Church. Colors also play a part in rose meanings in Christian thought. White roses are symbolic of purification. Red roses serve as a memorial to the blood of the slain Christ. If you have aims to express your faith in deeply symbolic ways, then a rose tattoo may be for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rose Tattoos

What does a rose tattoo symbolize?

In a word – love. Overwhelmingly, roses symbolize the many aspects of love. This meaning is true in countless myths, legends, and religions. A rose tattoo could express love gained, love lost, spiritual love, or the promise and hope for love manifesting in life. Having said all that – the rose should symbolize something specific and personal for you.

Just because the overarching theme of the rose is about love – that doesn’t mean a rose tattoo has that meaning for you. A rose might symbolize the bittersweet nature of life for you, because of its blooming beauty that goes along with those wicked-painful thorns. In this way, the rose might represent the pain we sometimes endure to experience life’s glory and beauty. Ultimately, the symbolism of a rose tattoo is up to you to decide.

Is a rose tattoo cliche or too common?

No. Consider this. No two rose tattoos are alike. Because tattoos are rendered by the human hand, that means every rose tattoo is unique. Furthermore, every human is different, every rose in the wild is uncommon, and every artistic rendition of a rose tattoo is unique too.

Are there lots of rose tattoos out there? Yes. However, remember that your rose tattoo will be special, different and it will mean something distinctly different for you than anyone else in the world. Lastly, a rose tattoo is a classic. The classics are timeless; hardly commonplace.

What does a red rose tattoo symbolize?

In most cases, a red rose tattoo meaning is associated with passion and love. If you consider that the color red is all about the fire of love burning fiercely – then you’ve nailed the red rose meaning. Red rose tattoos may also signify blood-related themes. When you think of blood, you might think of sacrifice, family ties (blood relations), or soulful efforts made (such as pouring “blood, sweat, and tears” into a cause).

What’s the best color for a rose tattoo?

If you’re a purist, pink might be the best color to pick for your rose tattoo. This is because the most common naturally developed color of roses in the wild is pink. When cross-pollination and human cultivation practices were applied, roses started to take on different colors (such as black or blue), which are not found naturally in the wild. Symbolically, pink expresses meanings like kindness, friendship, femininity, and sweetness. If pink isn’t your thing, here are a few suggestions for the color meaning of rose tattoos:

Red: Passion, Love, Respect, Desire, Courage, Depth
Orange: High energy, Happiness, Connection, Vitality, Enthusiasm, Pride
Yellow: Intelligence, Joy, Friendship, Thoughtfulness, Balance, Hope, Liveliness
White: Honor, Remembrance, Purity, Faith, Innocense, Spirit, Unity
Blue: Healing, Cleansing, Restoration, Imagination, Mystery
Lavender: New beginnings, Enchantment, Comfort, Devotion, Sensitivity

What does a black rose tattoo mean?

The symbolism of a black rose tattoo is different for different people. In many cases, a black rose tattoo may signify grieving a loss (of a loved one or loss of a relationship). It might express death, mourning, or sadness. A black rose tattoo might also be an aesthetic choice, conveying a love of “goth,” or it might convey an old-school tattoo appearance. Some tattoo-lovers simply don’t like colors, so a black & white tattoo of a rose could just be a matter of taste or preference. Ultimately, a black rose tattoo means what you decide it means.

Rose Tattoo Ideas and Rose Tattoo Meanings

The Last Word on Rose Tattoo Ideas

These are just a few ideas and suggestions as you seek inspiration for rose tattoo ideas. Just remember that you and only you are the masters of your mind, body, and spirit. That means you are the ultimate deciding factor on what type of rose tattoo you should get. You’re also numero uno in charge of its design, color, placement, etc. It’s totally cool to talk about getting a rose tattoo and getting advice or ideas from friends or family. However, don’t let anyone ramrod you into doing something counterintuitive to your vision, desire, and purpose.

In closing, I hope you found this rose tattoo guide helpful, and whatever you decide – I hope you have a wonderful tattooing experience. As always, thanks for reading, and happy tattooing!

Want more? I don’t blame you – I always want more too. Follow the links at the end of this page which provide more information on rose meanings and more.

Mighty brightly,

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