Horse Color Meanings

Horse Color Meanings

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Horse of a Different Color
Exploring Symbolic Horse Color Meanings

On their own merit, horses (and all animals) represent extraordinary symbolic meaning. When we add color meanings to animal meanings, it opens a whole new world of insight. I thought it would be neat to discuss horse color meanings and their influence on our psyche.

Horse color meanings give us a deeper connection to this animal. That’s saying a lot, because by itself, the horse is jam-packed with symbolic meaning. For example, horses are symbolic of incredible attributes like: Nobility, Grace, Friendship and Freedom.

When we combine these regal horse qualities with color meanings, our understanding explodes with a rich sense of awareness and appreciation for this creature.  So let’s start exploring this bright world of horse color meanings!

“Loving a horse is like a burst of color and light.”

~Shelley Paulson

Horse Color Meanings

Horse Color Meanings
Black Horse Color Meanings

Black Horses: Some may argue that black isn’t really a color. But in truth, black is required to give depth and hue to all colors. Every artist is aware of the necessity of black in order to conjure intensity in a color.

The same is true with black horses. This horse is a symbol of profound expression. Part of that expression deals with magic and mystery. Consider…darkness is the absence of light. This is symbolic of hidden, secret energy. The dark horse is an icon for deep complexity and intrigue.

When we encounter the black horse, it is a signal to tap into the unknown, tap into our hidden selves – and do this with the purpose of producing great works. The horse is a totem of accomplishment and industry. The black horse symbolizes our ability to dig deep into the mystery of our lives to create something stunning.

Horse Color Meanings
White Horse Color Meanings

White Horse Color Meanings: It’s fitting to place the white horse after the black. White is a perfect polarity to black. Unlike black, there is no hiding with the horse color meanings of white because all is reveal or exposed. White horses are symbolic of honesty, truth and innocence.

The white horse is an icon for self expression, and sharing our creativity with the world. This colored totem assists us in exposing our talents to the public with the purpose of motivating and inspiring others.

When we encounter the white horse, it is a signal to step into the light and tell the truth about our potential.  This totem is a reminder that we can be free to be who we are, there is nothing to hide. Allow the energy of the white horse to inspire you into giving your gifts to the world.

Horse Color Meanings
Grey Horse Color Meanings

Grey Horse Color Meanings: Here we have a blend of white and black and horses donning silver coats are symbolic of balance and neutrality. When we encounter grey (gray) horses, it’s a sign of getting in harmony with our primitive side. These gray horses remind us that it might be time to stop bucking, get calm and find inner balance in order to stabilize ourselves. 

Grey colored horses also remind us to remain neutral in emotionally charged situations, in times of conflict or when we feel our freedom is threatened. The gray beauties of the horse world reinforce the idea that we are the sum of many parts…meaning, we can best solve problems when we use all our faculties.  Grey horses help us realize it takes, brain, brawn and spirit…the whole caboodle to handle challenges in life.

Horse Color Meanings
Red or Brown Horse Color Meanings

Red/Brown Horse Colors:  In the realm of horse color meanings, this is the shade that points to that which roots us. These colors reminiscent of the earth, so it speaks to what grounds us.

Just as ginger-haired humans have a reputation for being fiery, same goes with ginger horses. The red/brown horse color meanings deals with passion and inspiration. Specifically, this magnificently colored creature asks us to focus our passion for productivity. What lights your fire? What is at the root of your passion? Calling upon the ginger horse can help discover answers to these questions.

This colored horse fuels our healthy desires, and channel our energy to accomplish our most sought-after goals. As a totem, this colorful horse motivates us to run free with our utmost ambitions. This horse will also help us tap into the core essence of what we want in our lives.

Horse Color Meanings
Multi Colored Horse Meanings

Dappled/Multi-Colored Horses: As we might expect, horse meanings are more diverse with the multi-colored among the breed. A combination of colors on a horse suggests variety and flexibility in personality

When we encounter multi-colored horses in our consciousness, it’s a signal to break out of self-imposed harnesses. It’s time to crush stereotypes and smash habits that prohibit our greatest success. Multi-colored horse meanings inspire diversification. This horse encourages hammering the heck out of routine and riding free into wild new vistas of creativity.

I hope you have enjoyed this post on horse color meanings. For more information on this and more, check out the related links below. As always, thanks for reading!

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