Horoscopes for July by Avia

Horoscopes for July by Avia

Last Updated on June 24, 2023 by Avia

July will see us all going through a lot of growth and changes. While that might sound like a blanket statement, some of you are really going to feel these transitions on a visceral and soulful level.  What’s more, many of you are going to see things pick back up on the financial and work scene.  To be sure, this month is a grab-bag of lucky moments and big strokes of opportunity.  So without further ado, here are your horoscopes for July. As always, thanks for reading!


Free Horoscopes for July - Aries

July is going to have you spreading your wings and flying through the month with magnificent transitions.  These changes will come in the form of physical healing.  Help this healing along by nurturing yourself.  Indulge in a healing spa.  Get out into nature.  Rejuvenate yourself with the idea of purification.  You will also be planting new seeds of creativity this month.  These are going to put you on sure footing in future months.  I also see you branching out into the metaphysical/psychic practices more.  Whatever the case, new projects you begin this month will put you on a path of more stability and promise for your future.   Also, pay attention to new spiritual guidance coming your way.  Connect to your crown chakra, this will help spiritual guidance along. Your motto for the month of July: “Change is akin to personal growth.”


Free Horoscopes for July - Taurus

A partnership that you’ve set aside should be rekindled this month.  Pay close attention to what the reunion speaks to your heart.  There are communications that need to be heard from the other party.  An old misunderstanding is meant to be healed between you two this month.  A new birth of some sort is also in the works for July.  Embrace this new life as if it were your own.  There is a sense of revitalization.  Work is going to pick up its pace for you in July too.  You’ve been storing up information or resources, and now is the time to invest what you’ve saved.  Maybe you can take a little trip.  Someplace with water would be nice.  Do something out of the ordinary.  Think about doing something that allows you to enjoy yourself and try to incorporate friends and family into your fun activities for this month.  Best motto for Taurus horoscopes for July: “Bloom where you’re planted, and keep reaching for the sky.


Free Horoscopes for July - Gemini

This month has you increasing your education, or at least preparing for more intense education to come.  Don’t over-think your direction.  Your next steps should come to you organically and naturally.  Don’t push it.  Changes in your career and vocation will be assisted by lots of caring advisors on your side.  These people are here to support you.  Listen to them, but remain objective.  You know that ultimately,l your own heart is the only one you can follow.   July has your mind in overdrive.  Give your thoughts a distraction by helping out at your local soup kitchen, retirement home or animal shelter.  Doors are opening for you Gemini, but you’re going to have to be patient, and allow events to unfold by their own accord.  Fretting and over thinking will not help your cause. Motto for you this month: “Pushing too much is exertion. It leads to imbalance. So resist pushing so hard.”

Cancer Horoscopes for July

Free Horoscopes for July - Cancer

You’ve been in a bit of stasis lately, and I hope you’ve used this time to rest because July is going to see you on a magnificent journey of the soul.  Refocus your attention on meditation and your intuitive gifts because a grand spiritual entourage is with you, and they are beginning to make themselves more known to you.  As your communication with the spirit/psychic side of life becomes stronger, you will gain more confidence.  This is all part of your journey – your quest to express your true self, and use your natural abilities to help others.  It’s been a rocky road for you, but July sparks the beginning of an easier trail.  You’ve earned your stripes, now you will begin to reap the fruits of your labors. Motto for you this month: “The fact that you’re still here is proof that you are needed.”


Free Horoscopes for July - Leo

July asks you to become more grounded and revisit your roots.  This may be in the form of returning to a beloved hobby you’ve neglected.  Or, it may be you need to look up an old friend and reconnect in a special way.  Look back into your life experiences and recall the things/people who ignited true comfort within your soul.  Even if it means making a batch of macaroni and cheese from scratch – find your comfort and indulge yourself with it this month.  My advice?  Get back into nature and take a cue from the animal queen/kingdom.  This is a perfect prescription to calm your fiery temperament (and you have been a little edgy lately).  So find your comfort zone and chill out! Your motto for July: “Hope and comfort are found in the little, simple things.”


Free Horoscopes for July - Virgo

This month should find you in all your glory.  Business propositions are opening up to you and allow a breath of fresh air for your pocketbook.  Also, love is a key theme in your horoscopes for July, and you can anticipate relationships blossoming with new life.  New life is also coming to you in the form of fertility.  I have a sense of utter acceptance, abundance and love for you this month.  Relish these moments, because you’re going to learn a few things about yourself.  The gifts of July will teach you how to love more freely and be more accepting of others.  This month is also going to have you hopping with new creativity too.  If you are an artist, prepare yourself for some incredible inspirations! Motto for you this month: “Creative expression speaks loudest when no words are used.”


Free Horoscopes for July - Libra

It’s time for lift-off.  You’ve been mulling over a few creative ideas, and you’ve been unsure about when to start (or if you should even entertain these ideas).  Ponder no longer.  Now is the time to take some action.  You’ve got a great sense of what will work, and you’ll see the signs of success early on.  Just be sensitive to your environment and pay attention to clues around you.  I’m picking up on a need for balance too.  Don’t pour every ounce of your energy or finances into these projects/ideas.  Rather, take small, gradual steps into action.  To be sure, July is going to see you on fire with creativity and inspiration.  Just take the impulses as they come.  Oh, and keep a notebook with you – you’re going to need it to write down even more great ideas and inspiring thoughts coming to you in July! Best motto for Libra horoscopes for July: “Inspiration is the greatest evidence of personal growth.”


Free Horoscopes for July - Scorpio

July has you wading the whirlpools of love.  Romantic love is certainly on the scene for you this month.  You will experience connections more pure and clear than ever before.  It’s as if suddenly people are understanding what you are saying, which makes your relationships feel more vital and vibrant.  The air is clean around your aura, and I get the sense you are experiencing a catharsis of some kind.  Breathe in that purity and relish the crystalline quality of your thoughts and expressions this month.  Also, participate in a music class – get more involved with your artistic muse.  This will enhance the side of you that you don’t express as often as you should. Motto for you this month: “Light is not always about exposure. Sometimes it’s about enhancing the beauty of the subject.”

Sagittarius Horoscopes for July

Free Horoscopes for July - Sagittarius

It feels like you’ve been edgy lately because you’ve been wondering where all this hard work and spiritual reflection is leading.  Wonder no more.  This month will seat you soundly in the throne of mastery.   It’s time you begin putting your skills to the test.  You’ve been doing the inner-work for a long time, now you are beginning the path to externalizing.  Do your best to remain focused on your mission statement.  Keep your eye on the prize (your goals and intentions) and do not waver.  You’ve been surprisingly dedicated and determined in your pursuits this far – don’t lose focus now!  Your gold is just over the rainbow, and that glittery light is within reach. Motto this month: “Progress is always taking place, whether you see it or not.”


Free Horoscopes for July - Capricorn

I get the impression you’ve been trying to convince a board of your peers to see things your way.  It’s been a tough battle, but you’ve cited all the reasons why your way is the correct way.  You did your homework, and you remained vigilant to the cause.  Good news.  July should see you victorious.  Finally, heads will turn your direction.  People will begin coming around to seeing things your way.  The question is, what will you do now that you’ve won the majority vote?  Knowing you, you will launch phase two of your master strategy.  A little bit of advice.  Be sure to smell the roses along the way.  You know what they say, dear Capricorn, all work and no play makes you a dull goat. Motto for you this month: “Achieving success is more savory when you appreciate the journey along the way.”


Free Horoscopes for July - Aquarius

You will be rousted out of your apathy this month.  No more slumps.  Beauty in the form of sparkly events will come your way in a series of synchronicities that will completely enchant you.  This month holds a great deal of mystery for you too.  You will find yourself in contemplative, reflective moods.  This will cause you to rethink some of your behavioral patterns.  And, with the synchronistic chain of events coming your way combined with this internal reflection – you will be prompted to make a few changes in your personal life.  This will be especially true in the way you perceive yourself in the social arena. Motto for you this month: “Time spent thinking and daydreaming is just as productive as time spent in action.”

Pisces Horoscopes for July

Free Horoscopes for July - Pisces

Renewal, growth, resurgence, and rebirth are all watchwords for you in the month of July.  And, not a moment too soon.  I know you’ve had a humdinger of a hard time lately.  So, it’s with great joy I announce this month as a time of renewal.  July will shower you with revelations.  People will begin to recognize what you’ve been saying (sometimes warning) to them all along.  No more feeling like you’re wasting your breath!  Predictions you’ve made are coming to fruition.  And, best of all, a landslide of abundance is ready to fall square in your lap.  This month offers you an opportunity for spectacular transformation – the soft, beautiful type (not the type of transformed forged by pain).  Motto for you this month: “Begin again, and reap the bounty!”

The Last Word on July Horoscopes

Of course, what happens to you and how you move through this month is based on your own choices and perspectives. These are just a few insights I had while meditating and energetically moving through the month of July. That said, I hope these free horoscopes for July are illuminating for you. As always, thank you for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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