Astrology for 2022

Astrology for 2022

Last Updated on November 29, 2023 by Avia

Astrology for 2022 is all about what we hold valuable, and how we assess value.  To explain, the 2022 eclipses running through Taurus and Scorpio this year speak to us about money, work ethic, and structure – but also about how we approach these aspects.  This year begs us to be more innovative and creative when it comes to earning not just income, but feeling satisfied in our work.

Additionally, there is a lot of earth energy pushing through this year. Mars and Venus dovetail with earthy, stoic Capricorn to render themes of order and purpose. This celestial environment is also supportive of restructuring and making every attempt to get our due recognition for the hard work we put forth.  

However, it’s not all about work and no play.  Jupiter encounters Pisces which means big creative opportunities and spiritual growth. That’s the beauty and overarching theme of this year – it’s all about combining unique approaches with hard work to birth something entirely new and energizing that increases value, earns income, and supports our need to be satisfied.

The astrology for 2022 in many ways, is like reinventing the wheel – or breaking the wheel altogether and replacing it with one that gets us to our destination with much more harmony and satisfaction. Sometimes this impetus to work hard and expand our spirituality and creativity might feel exhausting.  Take breaks as needed – that will boost your energy and produce better results.  With all this in mind, here are a few areas to be aware of as you move through astrology for 2022.

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Money and Work Forecasts Astrology for 2022

We all hit a nasty wall in 2020 for a myriad of reasons. Saturn in Capricorn didn’t help us 2 years ago by bursting a balloon on our well-laid plans for retirement, pension, savings, etc.  However, astrology for 2022 and the next decade is looking decidedly more hopeful and promising. This is especially true if you are considering starting your own business, or taking the entrepreneurial track.

To explain, Jupiter is dancing with inspired Aries starting May 10th through October 28th. This produces an energy that will help us all feel motivated to see results. It’s also a generous, vibrant energy that will smile sweetly on our endeavors.  When the last few years saw us pushing boulders up mountains with barely a blip in terms of rewards – this Jupiter-Aries connection will see our hard work resulting in far better returns. You can ride this uplifting wave of energy and return on hard work through much of 2023 too, so you have a solid chunk of time to start something new that will reap benefits for you.

Symbolic Meaning of Retrogrades

Be Aware of Retrogrades in 2022

While this might sound light and breezy, it’s not all cupcakes with sprinkles. To elaborate, we’ll see three Mercury retrogrades in 2022 as well as a Venus retrograde.  These will be bombing through the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, which are all earth signs. This astro-activity in these signs underscores what I’ve been saying about matters of money, reward, hard work, self-worth, financial satisfaction & personal satisfaction gained through individual efforts.

Retrogrades like this often imply a few hurdles on our path. But don’t be discouraged about slippages in progress with work, industry, career or business.  At the very least, take these retrogrades within earth signs as a reminder that “steady does it” is the best policy.  To be sure, any kind of progress isn’t a straight path from point A to B.  These retrogrades will see you taking some dips on a winding trail in garnering success.  That’s okay.  Other celestial influences will support your endeavors and see you gaining momentum in money and work.

Opportunities for Personal Renewal

We started the year with Jupiter in Pisces (Dec. 28th, 2021) and that position will continue until May 11th, 2022. This alignment should prompt you to take time for yourself and explore ways to get that much-needed R&R you deeply need to recharge.  This early part of the year, think about learning new things – especially in terms of working on spiritual growth and honing your intuition.

Jupiter returns to visit Pisces beginning Oct. 28th and will stay locked in until Dec. 21st. This will feel like a great relief. It will be a span of time ideal for doing the things that inspire, delight and refresh your soul. Gather friends, visit with family, spend quality time with loved ones.  Read books you relish, get back to activities that make your heart sing.  You get the idea.  This end-year period will support any time you take to replenish your energy and enjoy yourself. 

All this to say, if you’re going to take advantage of the heavenly influences that buoy efforts for entrepreneurship, then do so with the understanding that it doesn’t have to be all work and no play.  These Jupiter-Pisces periods cropping up twice in 2022, will honor the time you take to relax, rest, and rejuvenate.  It will also reenergize you in ways that will allow you to keep your momentum on business/work efforts this year and through the next decade.

Relationship Astrology
Relationship Astrology

Relationship Astrology Forecasts for 2022

The beginning of 2022 (especially with Venus in retrograde) will feel like choppy waters in terms of love, romance and relationships.  But when Venus comes conjunct with Mars in early February and early March, you’ll likely experience more connection, communication, intimacy and physical stability with loving partnerships. What’s more, Venus’ activity on October 22nd reveals incredible opportunities for new love, and rekindled relationships. It even brings about a sense of heady intoxication in terms of romance, because it’s just a picture-perfect placement to get swept off your feet with passion and love.

Remember too, that there is an overwhelming amount of activity in the earth signs for this year. This means you are in a fine position to establish long-term relationships. It also means conditions are ideal to mend old wounds of the heart, heal, grow and learn from these moments.  This healing of the heart will bring about more stability in romantic partnerships. It will also sustain better trust and understanding between you and your partner.

Free Monthly Horoscopes for 2022

With all this said about astrology for the year of 2022, you might be curious about what the stars and planets have to say each month.  If so, then you’re in luck.  Here are your free monthly horoscopes for 2022 to help you navigate love, money, family and more for a prosperous year ahead.

The Last Word on Astrology and Free Horoscopes for 2022

Of course, the year isn’t out yet, so be sure to bookmark this page and return for more riveting insights for months to come. I’ll be updating on the first of every month. I also want to say that some of these astrology forecasts are crafted by me, Avia, and some monthly charts are cast by my friend and astrologist, Jahben. In either case, you’re getting the best, most accurate, and insightful free horoscopes on the ‘net. We know you’re going to enjoy all the helpful tips this astrology for 2022 provides. As always, thanks for reading!

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