How Screen Time Blocks Chakras and How to Prevent It

How Screen Time Blocks Chakras (and how to prevent it)

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You may not have made the connection between the two, but there is a significant relationship between balanced chakras and screen time. Many healers and spiritual experts claim that too much screen time could be bad for your chakras, energy, and holistic health. For example, lots of screen time can lead to improper posture or the absorption of too much blue light. Things such as screen time blocks chakras and prevent them from fueling your body, mind, and spirit with the positive energy they need. 

How Screen Time Impacts Your Chakras

How Screen Time Blocks Chakras and How to Prevent It
How Screen Time Blocks Chakras and How to Prevent It

We’ll give you a few tips for clearing a chakra blockage and preventing screen-induced blockages in the future. But first, let’s explore how too much screen time can block your chakras in more detail. 

Improper Posture Hinders Energy Flow

First, too much screen time impacts your posture. Whether you know it or not, you’re slouching or hunching over when engaging with your devices. An always-rounded spine can inhibit the energy flow in your body. The seven chakras align with your spine, so it must remain straight for energy to move freely throughout your body. 

Negative Energies Can Enter the Body While on Social Media 

Social media can contribute to blocked chakras because of the negative energies penetrating these platforms. When you absorb negativity on social media, it can impact every chakra, from your root chakra or foundation to your crown chakra, the one responsible for the connection to your higher self. Therefore, limiting your social media activity and being mindful of your content consumption on these platforms is crucial to keeping your chakras harmonious. 

You May Start to Choose Screen Time Over Spiritual Exploration 

Your chakras can become blocked because you aren’t prioritizing them as you should. Too much screen time could be a primary reason why balancing your chakras, enabling good energy to flow through your body, and holistic health seems less important. Going online over meditation and spiritual exploration does nothing for your chakras. Making the opposite choice can inspire better balance. 

Blue Light Can Affect Your Aura 

You’re exposed to a lot of additional blue light when looking at a computer or phone screen. Too much blue light can affect your aura because artificial light has its own energy. Those energies and your natural chakra energies just don’t mix. Sticking to small amounts of blue light each day is much better for your well-being. 

Now, let’s look at how you can clear a chakra blockage and prevent any blockages resulting from too much screen time in the future. 

How To Prevent Screen-Induced Chakra Blockages in the Future  

How Screen Time Blocks Chakras and How to Prevent It
How Screen Time Blocks Chakras and How to Prevent It

Here are a few examples of how screen time blocks chakras and helpful tips on how to prevent screen-induced blockages in the future: 

Cut out unnecessary screen time 

First, it’s essential to cut out unnecessary screen time if you want to prevent screen-induced chakra blockages in the future. 

Limit your screen time to as little as possible. It’s going to be difficult at first to detach from your tech and mobile devices because they’re so entrenched in our daily lives. However, using a tool to manage screen time can help ensure you aren’t on your devices for longer than healthy. 

Additionally, lessening the time you spend with screens can also help you clear any current chakra blockages. As a result, you aren’t as distracted by the online world and can learn more about how blocked chakras affect you. 

Track your symptoms with a health and wellness journal—document how less screen time improves your symptoms and how more screen time affects your chakras. You can bring your journal along to any appointments with holistic healing professionals. Hence, they’re better equipped to recommend activities that can help restore energy and harmony in your mind and body. 

Implement activities in your daily life that balance your chakras 

You must be intentional about balancing your chakras each day. This means implementing activities that are known to clear chakra blockages. 

One of the best ways to clear a chakra blockage is to do the yoga pose associated with the blocked chakra to re-balance its energy. It’s also a good idea to do breathing practices, meditation, and other mindfulness exercises to get the energy flowing again. 

You can add crystals to your chakra balancing routine. You can also try visualization techniques, focusing on color, and understanding Sanskrit meaning to balance your chakras

Re-engage with nature, spirituality, and life  

How Screen Time Blocks Chakras and How to Prevent It
How Screen Time Blocks Chakras and How to Prevent It

Finding a new love for nature, spirituality, and life can absolutely help you clear a chakra blockage and prevent screen-induced blockages in the future. 

Of course, work and other professional obligations may require screen time. However, you’ll be less likely to spend your personal time sucked into a screen when you have a full life.  

So, re-engage with nature, dig into your spiritual foundation, and find meaning in your life. Screen time will be less enticing, and you’ll be more inclined to fill your days with things that keep your being harmonic and peaceful. 

Conclusion About Screen Time and Blocked Chakras 

Spending all day sucked into a screen leads to improper posture, bad energy, a dimmed aura, and not-so-great choices for your health. 

Don’t allow too much screen time to block your chakras. Instead, cut out unnecessary screen time, work on balancing your chakras daily, and reengage with life, nature, and spirituality for the best chance at aligned and ever-flowing chakras. (WYS) is a trusted Etsy affiliate & Amazon Associate. We also promote certain products we've tested and approved. As such, the website features sponsored products for Amazon or Etsy or other afiliates. Should you make a purchase from a link on this website, WYS may receive a small commission. This website also hosts advertisements. Please see our policy page for further information. Thank you for your purchases, as it contributes to keeping this website online and running.