Owl Visitation Meaning

owl visitation meaning

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The following is a question about owl visitation meaning from Dee. She emailed me because an owl flew into her window, and she wanted to know if there was a deeper meaning behind it.  You know me, it’s all symbolic in my world, so I had a few ideas about the potential meaning of this owl visitation.

An owl flew against my daughter’s living room window last week so hard it made a bang!

It actually left a print on the window where you could tell it was an owl !!

My daughter and I were obviously amazed by this and convinced that it has significant spiritual meaning.

I’ve read about the symbolism but would like to know your thoughts if you would please share? We just feel that the bang against the window and the imprint meant something more.

Can you offer any suggestions to clarify this owl visitation meaning? Thank you!


Avia’s Response to Dee’s Question About Owl Visitation Meaning

Hi Dee,

What a phenomenal owl visitation! You have every right to give this some heavy thought.

 My first impression is this:

 “Transitions are likely ahead. They will likely come suddenly and unexpectedly.  These are changes that take place within the heart of the family, affecting the foundation of the family.  These changes are neither good nor bad, but simply transitions that will leave a lasting impression.  Change can be both delightful and challenging.  Thankfully, your family has a sound structure and a great support system established, so whatever transformation that is to come, you all will be prepared to reap the best from these shifts in life.”

 How did I come up with that symbolic dialogue?

 The owl is a messenger of change and transformation.  As a nocturnal creature, the nature of owl messages speaks to us about what is unseen, what we might not be aware of, and the owl’s presence in our lives comes to root out the unseen, create shifts and bring issues to the surface, to the light so we can see more clearly in a new light…this inevitably brings about transitions in our lives.

 The owl came to your daughter’s living room, symbolically, this suggests alterations within the heart, the seat of the home, heart, life, family.

The owl left an impression on the window…this is incredibly symbolic.  It suggests that a lasting impression will be made upon your lives. It speaks of lessons learned that will stay with you for many years…perhaps your entire lives.  But the window itself is symbolic of protection.  You all have the support you need no matter what. You all also have a clear vision to see lessons and insights coming your way. This all points to incredible potential and opportunity.

 As far as the whole ‘death’ thing goes…if you read any of my material on the owl, you know I’m staunchly against the idea of the owl being a harbinger of death.  Your dead pigeons are also not a sign of death in my opinion. Why? Because I’m not a believer of death.  There is no death (in my view).  In fact, it is a law of physics that death cannot exist.  The law says “energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.”  As all of life (human included) is, at its core, energy – the idea of life stopping or dying is not viable. There is only transformation.

 If I were you, I would embrace this owl visitation as a hail of events to come that will be life-changing and revolutionary.  Consider you and your family blessed with a message that says “Hey! Big things are on the horizon! Get ready for amazing opportunities!”

 Above all, I would not attach negativity to this episode.  Doing this often breeds negativity and attracts it into our lives.  Instead, consider the promise of such an awesome visitation and the pure potential that stands before you — and how fortunate you had the incredible gift from the owl to be your personal herald of changes forthcoming.

 -Hope this helps.




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