Swastika Symbol Meaning

Swastika Symbol Meaning

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Exploring the Swastika Symbol Meaning from Around the World

Regrettably, the swastika symbol meaning has been much maligned due to its association with the Nazi regime, when it was a prominent icon during the WWII era. The goal of this article is to expose the swastika (also known as svastika or also a fylfot) in its many different forms and meanings around the world and throughout history.

Various cultures have their own term for their version of the swastika.  The term swastika is a blanket word for four-armed or four-angled symbols. In the Hindu language, the term swastika means ‘well being.’  This is the first of many examples demonstrating this symbol as the complete opposite of evil connotations inherited by Nazi Germany.

Swastika symbol meaning varies according to era and culture. This symbol has been around for over 3,000 years.  It has made its appearance throughout the ages in China, Japan, India, Greece, as well as Celtic and Native American cultures. The swastika has also been featured in alchemy and even Christianity. Here are a few examples and different versions of the swastika symbol meaning from around the world…

Swastika Symbol Meaning in Hinduism and Buddhism

Swastika Symbol Meaning
Swastika Symbol Meaning – Buddhism & Hinduism

This version of the swastika is also known as sauvastika is not only a religious symbol in Hinduism and Buddhist culture, it is also considered a lucky symbol.  It is said to bring about great prosperity and good fortune.  The symbol adorns statues, buildings, textiles, and it is even painted on bodies for various festivals. The swastika is commonly used in ceremonies.  For example, this symbol is strongly featured during weddings with Ganesh, the elephant god of luck placed in the center of the cross to ensure blessings upon the marriage.

The arms of the sauvastika represent the directions and cycles of life. These extensions give a sense of motion, which symbolizes the forward motion of human life.  The four dots represent the four concepts of Karma: Right thought, right words, right actions, and right understanding.

Swastika Symbol Meaning – Greece

Swastika Symbol Meaning
Swastika Symbol Meaning – Ancient Greece

The above shown symbol is an artistic rendition of a tetraskelion, which is the Greek version of the swastika.  This symbol is also found in other regions of ancient Europe.  It’s not always in the form of horses, as show above.  Sometimes this ornate swastika was created with arms, wings, snakes or other features from nature.

In this symbol, the horse is symbolic of the chariot of the Greek Titan Helios, who represented the sun.  In myth, the grand chariot of Helios was pulled by four horses:  Pyrois, Aeos, Aethon, and Phlegon.  The circle in the center is symbolic of the sun.

Swastika Symbol as a Swedish Rune

Swastika Symbol Meaning
Swastika Symbol Meaning – Norse Rune

This swastika symbol meaning is a Swedish rendition of the ancient rune system and deals with paths taken in the afterlife.  It was a symbol commonly found on Scandinavian gravesites. Notice all the lines connecting and crossing each other.  This is symbolic of the infinite nature of life – even in the afterlife.  

The center cross has been known to symbolize the womb.  In Norse belief, the transition from physical to non-physical is all about returning to the source of life – the womb of the mother.  In essence, this Norse rune represents a journey through the afterlife with the goal of returning back to mother earth (or mother sea in some accounts).

Swastika Symbol in Native American Tradition

Swastika Symbol Meaning
Swastika Symbol Meaning – Native American

This symbol can be seen carved upon numerous stone structures in New Mexico and Arizona.  This is where the Hopi hailed from and believed the swastika symbol meaning dealt with their origin and ultimate destination of their clans. The center cross is symbolic of TuwanasaviI, this is the center of the world.  It is also considered the center of the Hopi soul.

Legend states that the first Hopi clans were at the center of the world, and centered within their souls.  With assistance from Spirit, the four clans were guided in a certain direction: North, South, East, West. After traveling out (from the center cross) both physically and spiritually, each clan turned left, which is symbolic of turning towards the earth.  Other clans were guided to turn right, which was a migration towards the sun.

Swastika Symbol Meaning from a Pagan Perspective

Swastika Symbol Meaning
Swastika Symbol Meaning – Pagan

This version of the fylfot (or swastika) started its life as a Pagan sun wheel symbol. It represents the movement of the four seasons.  Each of the four arms of the symbol is also symbolic of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water.  Pagans assigned spiritual energy to all things in Nature.  Consequently, each arm of this symbol stands for the energy (and personality) of the four elemental spirits which are: Salamander (fire), Gnome (earth), Sylph (air), and Undine (water).

Later, the symbol was adopted by Christians.  In the early days, being a Christian wasn’t the most popular choice.  There was a lot of controversy about the new religion. Early Christians used this symbol as a sign to other Christians that they were among fellow believers.  This symbol is also called crux dissimulata (meaning dissimular cross) because it disguised the Christian cross, and helped believers avoid persecution.

Celtic Version of Swastika Symbol – Brigid’s Cross

Swastika Symbol Meaning
Swastika Symbol Meaning – Celtic Version

In Celtic mythology, this was a symbol of Brigid, one of the goddesses among the mighty Tuatha Dé Danann. These were four clans who were guided into Ireland to begin a new life.  As a powerful goddess of one of these clans, Brigid was celebrated during the time of Imbolc, and this is her symbol that was made from reeds and featured in a festival marking new beginnings and Springtime.

Brigid’s cross, also known as a sun-wheel, was typically woven out of straw or rushes.  Once made during Imbolc, these ornaments were customarily hung in the home as a symbol of protection. Each of the arms of Brigid’s cross represents the four Celtic clans of the  Tuatha Dé Danann, ruled by individual deities who were: Lugh, Fal, Nuada and Dagda.

Meaning of the Directions of the Swastika Symbol

Swastika Symbol Meaning
Swastika Symbol – Meaning of the Directions

Throughout many cultures, there is a sweeping consensus as to the directional representation of the swastika. If the symbol is turning clockwise (right), this is symbolic of opening up to sun energy.  Conversely, if turning counter-clockwise (left), this allows an opening to moon energy.  This is an age-old concept that attempts to define universal polarity. A guide to the breakdown in the symbolic meaning of swastika direction is as follows…

Clockwise = Sun energy is symbolic of:
Masculinity, Assertiveness, Passion, Truth.  

Counterclockwise =Moon energy is the opposite, symbolic of:
Femininity, Restraint, Calm, Mystery.

A Note About the Swastika Symbol of Nazi Germany

So why did Hitler adopt the swastika as the overarching symbol of his military movement and so-called societal “cleaning?” Hitler, his nefarious sidekick Himmler and a slew of crackpot scientists, were convinced the symbol originated from an ancient, powerful race from the land of Atlantis.

Through a series of embarrassingly cockamamie theories, the Nazi elite devised a (totally unscientific and unprovable) story that concluded Atlantis held a superior Aryan race of pure blood, and a meteorite destroyed their land. Having to flee Atlantis, these so-called Aryans migrated to what is now known as Germany.

Hitler and his charlatan scientists set about uncovering artifacts in the area believed to be occupied by Atlantian-Aryans and began associating markings on petroglyphs found from that area. One of these markings (kinda, sorta) looked like the swastika we associated with the German Nazi regime. Himmler and his goons took that one thin link, twisted it to such an extent they traveled the world to connect the symbol with the Aryan race, which they believed were their ancestors of a pure Germanic bloodline.

They searched for Aryan bloodlines (deduced by blue eyes and blonde hair…real scientific, eh?) in residents of Mexico, Africa, and Tibet. They went so far as to claim the Buddha was of Aryan ancestry and so must be pro for cleansing of all races that were not Aryan-Germanic descent.

Science has since proven that Hitler and his motley miscreants essentially fabricated everything to support and justify the annihilation of millions of people, including the near genocide of the Jews. This is an inexcusable and shameful display of how assumptions, fabrications, and ignorance can lead to utter devastation.

Closing Thoughts on Swastika Symbol Meaning

I hope you enjoyed this article on the various meaning of the swastika.  It was my highest goal to shed new light on this symbol.  I think it also teaches a symbolic lesson that just because a symbol has gotten a bad reputation (such as Nazi German swastika), that doesn’t mean the symbol has always stood for a maligned concept. Segments of populations have been adapting and changing the meaning of preexisting symbols for eons.  That means one symbol almost never has one single meaning.

Don’t let this be the end of your research on swastika symbol meaning.  In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are lots more versions of these symbols, and with each version, there is are different meanings.

If you liked this article, you might enjoy the related links listed below.  As always, thanks for reading.

Mighty brightly,

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