Symbolic Meaning of Seasons

meaning of seasons

Symbolic Meaning of Seasons

The symbolic meaning of seasons are highly overlooked and profoundly powerful. Seasons have the force to change our mood, change our lives and change our perspectives. In her endless wisdom, Nature shows us that all things change, and seasons are an example of this undeniable rule of life. Change happens!

Seasons are vital to the transition and evolution of our planet – sure – but I believe seasons also serve the purpose of the evolution of human consciousness too.

We can observe the procession of the seasons as deeply symbolic. Why? Because doing so, adjusts perspective and allows our transitional awareness to cook up new connections between daily experience and cosmic existence.

Observing the symbolic meaning of seasons prompts dynamic shifts. In short, tapping into seasonal symbolism broadens our horizons.

Viewing our cycles of life through symbolic eyes transforms a myopic view into a pervasive, universal spectrum of sight.

Symbolic Meaning of Seasons

Another transitional season, spring is a time of phenomenal renewal. The earth reawakens from her slumber, and explodes with new life. In our own lives, Spring can be symbolic of starting new projects, sewing new seeds and coming forth with new ideas. This is also a time to contemplate health and physical well-being too. Be refreshed and prepare for your soulful debut!

In a word – ‘PARTY!’ And our host is the sun whose presence is fierce and utterly forthright on the scene. Days are longer and the rays of the sun dissolve all shadows in our lives. No hiding, no secrets, no darkness. Summer is a time of light, joviality, expression and wholehearted action. To be sure, this season is symbolic of the vitality inherent within every heart.

It’s a season of transition, it embodies a culmination – it’s Nature’s ‘last hoorah!’ before retiring into winter’s slumbering mood. This is a hustle-bustle-boogie down month as preparations are made. Autumn is symbolic of the activity inspired by the fire-glo radiance of the changing foliage we see this time of year. This is a time of taking stock of all the bounty and provision we’ve been afforded. A time for itemizing our blessings and recounting our joys.

It’s a season governed by the recluse, the hermit. Activity gives way to dormancy. Life is still, indwelling and silent. This is a time of introversion, contemplation and going within. Symbolic winter invites us to quiet the mind, still the soul, and crystallize our inner workings. This is a time to ice skate through winter whites as a means of gaining purity and clarification.

Take your journey hand-in-hand with Nature by knowing the (general) dates of the equinox and solstices. In this way, you can work inwardly while Nature expresses her grand show of transition outwardly. Keep in mind, these dates I’m listing are for the northern hemisphere of the globe. Please also bear in mind the actual dates shift around a little due to leap years, etc.

Avia Talks About the Symbolic Meaning of Seasons

Dates for Seasonal Equinoxes and Soltices

  • Spring (Vernal) Equinox = Around March 20th
  • Summer Solstice = Around June 24th
  • Fall (Autumnal) Equinox = Around September 22nd
  • Winter Solstice = Around December 25th

I hope these thoughts on symbolic meaning seasons inspire you to take a look at the transitions in nature and apply these cycles to your own life. Doing this will synchronize your soul with the grander rhythms of the earth. In turn, you will experience a magnificent co-existence and reap spectacular evolution in soul-growth.

Take Away Tips About Symbolic Meaning of Seasons

It’s called Spring for a reason!
On a symbolic level, spring is about KAPOWIE! Okay, that’s not a technical term, but Spring reminds us of all the snap, zing and sizzle nature has to offer. It is a time of rebirth and renewal. This is the season to re-energize and start new projects.

Some like it hot!
This seasons represents the full extent of light, so it is a time of total exposure. Summer tends to shed light on secrets, it reveals things we might not have seen before. It is a time of sharing, giving and opening ourselves to the light of life.

Transition proposition.
Autumn (or fall) is a dynamic time of transition. The changes that develop during this phase of nature can be beautiful and also dangerous. It’s kind of an unpredictable time. As humans, we can learn a lot from autumn. Go with the flow, try to understand the rhythm of the season, and change with the times.

Bold and Cold!
Perhaps more than any other season, winter can be the most dramatic and striking. This is a time of symbolic death and solemn slumber. The earth sleeps. Her creatures retreat. For humans, winter is a time to unplug, regroup and get back to the roots of what is most important to us. It is time for a break, because when the next season comes, winter gave us the time we needed to prepare for the next change.

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