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Ways to Celebrate Trees: Arbor Day, Tree Day, Any Day

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Arbor Day is recognized all over the world on different dates. In the US, it lands on the last Friday of every April. A buddy of mine used to sing a little ditty this time of year that went something like, “April is here, birdsong is clear. Time to thank bees and hug a few trees!” At any rate, whether you celebrate Arbor day in April or August, there are a few ways we can celebrate trees. Other than huggin’ the stuffin’ outta trees, here are a few ideas about how to recognize Tree Day and show some arboreal love!

Meaning of Arbor Day and Ways to Celebrate Trees
Meaning of Arbor Day and Ways to Celebrate Trees

Ways to Celebrate Trees, Arbor Day or Tree Day (all year ’round)

I’ll bet my buttons there are as many ways to acknowledge Arbor Day or Tree Day as there are trees on this planet …which by the way is estimated to be about 3 trillion – halleluiah! Let’s boost that statistic with my first tip to celebrate trees…

“Love is like a tree, it grows of its own accord, it puts down deep roots into our whole being.”

~Victor Hugo

Plant a Tree: Okay, yeah…I can hear it now…”Well, DUH, Avia!” I know it’s an obvious action to plant a tree on Arbor Day. However, it does make a difference, and you can plant with style and ceremony to make the act more impactful. Consider devoting a tree to a loved one in their memory. Or invent a ritual around a tree planting that signifies new growth and renewal. Trees are symbolic from roots to branches. Dig into this symbolic energy while you are planting a tree (or many trees) by seeing your own soul roots nourished by the soil, and visualize your soul soaring to the light of the sun just as the tree reaches out to the light. You get the idea. Plopping a tree in the ground is one thing, but making an event that is profound and symbolic gives it more meaning. 

Repurpose and Reinvent: This is a great time to get gritty in rummage yards or junkyards to find pieces of wood you can repurpose for nature-centric projects. What better way to honor trees than to restore old cuts of wood into renewed pieces of art? I think this is a lovely idea, and if I had one wood-crafty bone in my body I’d be down with building a birdhouse or a bat box in a NY minute. The opportunities are endless for salvaging wood to give back to Mother Earth. For example, think about using reclaimed wood to build a beehive as a divine Arbor Day project. The trees will honor your efforts, and the bees will thank you for helping them pollinate our beautiful earth!

Recycle: Not just on Arbor Day, but every day – please recycle. Paper products are made at the sacrifice of the pulp of trees. Recycling paper products is a way to show you care, give back to Nature, and honor trees for the life-giving giants they are. Don’t stop at paper either. Please recycle everything you can…plastic, glass, etc. If you don’t have a recycling pickup service in your area, there’s probably a drop-off facility you can take your recyclable trash to…or begin to lobby for recycling services in your area. Further to this point, you can show your adoration for the arboreal realm (trees) by being conscious of consumption and waste. Be mindful of sustainability and always go for eco-friendly options whenever possible. Just another way to show your tree-love! 

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Celebrate Trees!

If you want to know more about the history, background, and meaning of Arbor Day, get the full article on my website here.

Whatever you do (and whenever you recognize) to celebrate trees and Nature, I’m wishing you all a happy tree-hugging Arbor Day (or Tree Day)!

Mighty brightly,

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