Symbolic Snail Meaning

Symbolic Snail Meaning

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I always say big meanings come in little packages. The depth of symbolic snail meaning is surprising and revealing. These little creatures represent things like: Sensitivity, Self-Reliance, Healing, Patience and more! Read this article for awesome lessons the snail offers us every day.

My friend Mederi is jazzed about snails. We were discussing snails over a cup of coffee, and I inquired why she was so taken with these little creatures.

“Well,” she began intelligently, “for starters, they have two different kinds of slime.” Huh? Yep.

Mederi went on to explain snails have a special slime for moving about, and another slime for protection.

Snail Meaning and Symbolic Slime

My friend Mederi and I talked a lot about symbolic snail meaning, and one of her brightest insights cropped up regarding snail slime. “Well,” she Mederi intelligently, “Did you know snails have two different kinds of slime?” Huh? Yep.

Mederi went on to explain snails have a special slime for moving about, and another slime for protection.

Snail Goo to Get You in the Groove (Motivation)

Apparently the motion-slime allows snails to move from point A to point B in smooth, slick fashion. This slime lets them move over challenging surfaces, like sticky stuff or grit. Symbolically, this begs the question, “What facilitates our mobility?”. Most of us might not want to be covered in a literal slime to get us moving in the right direction. But, metaphorically, we can focus on things that motivate us to move. We might call it “motivational” or “inspirational” slime. Lol.

My inspirational slime is creating stuff that makes a difference. When I’m in a slump, unmotivated or just plain tired…thinking of the end result of a job done well…something I can create that pops with goodness…that’s my inspirational slime. What’s yours? What lubricates your ability to get up and do something? Do as the snail does…get slickered up and move forward in a positive direction.

Snail Slime as a Metaphor for Healing and Protection

The second kind of snail slime is protective. They excrete a specialized goo that keeps their tender bodies insulated from harm. This slime helps snails avoid injury while they’re on the move. The slime also has healing qualities too, so if they do get a boo-boo, their slime gets them on the mend in double time. Symbolically, this links snail meaning with healing. Perhaps you’re going through a challenging time with your health. I’d like to encourage you to envision yourself covered in a protective, nurturing, healing slime. Make your slime pretty. -Make your slime sparkly, or rainbow-colored if you like. You get my point. Translate the power of healing snail slime to yourself and create an aura of well-being.

symbolic snail meaning
symbolic snail meaning

“Cherish forever what makes you unique.”

~Bette Midler

Snail Messages About Gender Roles

My friend Mederi educated me further about snail meaning by telling me about their unique reproductive systems. Snails are both male and female’ essentially they’re hermaphrodites. Depending upon need and environment they can utilize whichever sex organ needed for the job of reproduction. How cool is that? What do we do with something like that on a symbolic level? To me, it speaks of gender roles. It’s about balancing yin (female) and yang (male) energies in elegant, smart ways. All women have a little masculine energy in them, and all men have a little feminine in them too. Snail meaning reminds us we are all the best of both worlds (or gender’s, in this case). Guys…it’s okay to be soft, vulnerable, tender and sensitive sometimes. Nurture that within you when the occasion calls. And ladies…it’s alright to go “Rosie the Riveter” and flex your masculine muscles sometimes. Most of us already know this stuff. Gender roles are more flexible in this day and age than in previous eras.

Snail Shell Symbolism

Another very cool aspect of snail meaning is found in its shell. Do you have a little free-roaming gypsy in you? The snail is a great guide for you. It carries its home upon its back. It can wander anywhere, and still be home. Not only that – the snail excretes a substance (calcium carbonate) that actually creates its own shell (unlike hermit crabs, who find shells already made to move into). This is hugely symbolic. It implies anywhere we go – that’s home. Are you the kind of person who feels at home where ever you are? The snail salutes you for that! What’s key to feeling at home is being okay with ourselves. Home is in the heart. We can make our own comfort from within. We can auger a sense of content just by being satisfied with who we are from the inside out. The snail reminds us of this vital aspect of living a whole life.

symbolic snail meaning
symbolic snail meaning

Snail meaning offers us a world of symbolism and insight. Here are just a few key attributes that are exclusively symbolic to the snail. Check it:

Quick List of Symbolic Snail Meaning

  • Change
  • Fertility
  • Healing
  • Mobility
  • Patience
  • Evolution
  • Sensitivity
  • Androgyny
  • Time/Cycles
  • Self-Reliance
  • Self-Assurance

So other than the symbolic observations already made, how did the snail earn all these great features? -Mostly from cultural observations.

Myth and legend offer lots of cool tidbits about the snail and symbolic snail meaning. Below are a few tidbits about the snail’s mythological importance around the world..

symbolic snail meaning
symbolic snail meaning

Snail Meaning in Myth and Legend

Snails slink around in a lot of ancient myths and legends all around the world. This is largely due to the fact that snails are found just about everywhere. In my opinion, snails are tiny bits of inspiration – and that’s why they are found in so many native and indigenous tales. Here are a few stories of yore in which the snail is a main character.

Snail and Tecciztecatle (Aztec)

Tecciztecatl is an Aztec moon god (Mexico). He was depicted snuggled up in a snail’s shell in ancient relics and Aztec art. In this culture, the snail is symbolic of the moon, and its phases. The spiral of the snail’s shell is also symbolic of the moon and its cycles. To the Aztecs, the snail is symbolic of time, transition, and even fertility.

The Snail in Egyptian Symbolism

The spiral is also featured in Egyptian hieroglyphics. The spiral is a common feature in nature. To the ancient Egyptians the spiral (and by association, the snail) was a symbol of the progress of life spiraling out and expanding. This concept deals with symbolism of: Consciousness, evolution and the expansion of life.

Snail Legacy in Old Europe

Old earth religions of Europe observed the snail’s horns peeking out after a good rain. They linked this with farming and agricultural cycles. They also attributed the snail’s sassiness in rain as a symbol of fertility upon the earth.

Take-Away Points About Symbolic Snail Meaning

In case you didn’t read through this whole page about symbolic snail meaning and such, here is a summary about what we’ve discussed for quick access.

Sublime Slime!

A fascinating point about snail meaning is that these creatures produce two kinds of slime! Yeah! One kind of slime is used to protect themselves. The second type of slime is used slick up surfaces to make it easier for snails to move. Symbolically, this feature reminds us to move forward in life knowing we are equipped with the right slime (uh, I mean the right stuff!).

Gender Bender!

symbolic snail meaning

Snails don’t play by the rules when it comes to gender. They have both male and female reproductive organs. They change sex according to the need to breed. This feature about the snail reminds us that we should never make the mistake of thinking in black and white. There is no exclusive rule in nature, and just when you think you’ve got something pegged – surprise! – Everything is not as it seems!

Home is Where the Heart Is!

symbolic snail meaning

Snails carry their home on their backs. How handy is that!? On a symbolic level, the snail teaches us a few lessons when it comes to our ideas about home and life. 1) Travel with confidence that everything you need is within you. 2) Realize home is what you make of it.

The Last Word on Symbolic Snails

I hope you have enjoyed this fun little article on symbolic snail meaning. If you’re as jazzed about snails as Mederi and I are, you might want to take a look at the article I wrote on snail meaning for cool tattoo ideas. There you’ll find more info about snails in myth and fable that might get your “inspirational slime” going.

As always, thanks for reading, and may all your slime be divine.

Mighty brightly,

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