celtic meaning apple tree meaning

Celtic Meaning Apple Tree

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Celtic Meaning Apple Tree Meaning in the Ogham

Celtic Meaning of the Apple Tree in the Ogham: The Celtic meaning of the apple tree deals with many things, including wholeness, purity and goodwill. For obvious reasons the ancient Celts consider the apple tree a treasure among the Ogham tree clan. It’s brilliant flowers burst forth in the spring, usually ranging from pink to white.

These flowers have a light aroma that lifts the spirit of all who pass by them. Ancient Celts would decorate bedchambers with the apple blossoms as a fertility gesture and to tribute the beauty and bounty life provides.

celtic meaning apple tree meaning in ogham
Celtic meaning apple tree meaning in ogham

“For every beauty, somewhere there is an eye to see it.

For every truth, somewhere there is an ear to hear it.

For every love, somewhere there is a heart to receive it.”

~Ivan Panin

After the glory of the blossoms, come the fruit of the apple. Druids recognized the powerful transformative qualities experienced when consuming the apple. It was thought the fruit could transport the eater to other worlds, typically of a paradise-like ilk. Further altered states could be induced by pressing the apples and allowing them to ferment over time, thus producing a “hard cider.”

Apples were highly valued by the ancient Celts because of their ability to keep them over a long period of time when stored in a cool dry place. This was symbolic of the presence of love, even long past the time of peak ripeness. In other words, when the waves of passion subside, love lingers even afterward when simple companionship is the prime comfort.

Symbolic Meaning of Apple Trees

  • Love
  • Truth
  • Peace
  • Beauty
  • Honesty
  • Romance
  • Fertility
  • Remembrance

Celts recognized all of the features of the apple tree and viewed it as pleasing in every way. It was even a symbol of creativity (as well as creation) and was an emblem of art and poetry. The meaning of apple trees is also associated with virtue, and the tree (as well as the fruit) is a symbol of purity and motherhood.

Even the formation of the tree trunk in her various poses was said to have a female form to it, and was considered a beacon of fertility. Indeed, apple wood was often burned during fertility rites and festivals carried out in the winter months. These were demonstrations to beckon bountiful abundance upon the return of spring as well as symbolically insure continuation of large, healthy families.

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celtic meaning of trees
celtic meaning of trees

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