Symbolic Meaning of Seals, Sea Lions and Selkies

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Diving Into Symbolic Meaning of Seals and Sea Lions and Selkies

This article on symbolic meaning of seals, sea lions and selkies is an answer to a question I got from a reader of the website. This post explores the difference between these sea animals, and how they influence our lives on an energetic level.

Very often the material on this website is inspired by readers like you. This article on the symbolic meaning of seals and sea lions comes from a question I got from Tabitha in Canada.

Tabitha asked: “I have been dreaming of seals and sea lions. I’m not sure about the differences between them. All I know is that these sea creatures keep visiting me in dreams. Last week a friend of mine mentioned Selkies. I did not know what that meant, and I am still a little confused.

Is there anything you can provide about the symbolic meaning of seals and/or sea lions? Can you also tell me about selkies? Thank you!”

Avia Responds to Meaning of Seals, Sea Lions and Selkies

Hi Tabitha, thanks for your question.

Seals and sea lions are of the same family, but they definitely have some differences, and that could come into play whey interpreting their symbolic meaning. Seals and sea lions are both mammals. They produce milk for their young, and live on land – although they really shine in water.

Sea lions have visible ears, where as the cousins, the seal have internal tympanic systems. Sea lions have thick fur, whereas seals have more blubbler (fat) to keep them warm.

Another point about protective skins…seals and sea lions are symbolic of insulation. They keep nice an toasty in the most cold environments. This is symbolic. It hints to having a “thick skin”. Dreaming of seals, or encountering them on a totemic journey may suggest the need for insulating oneself in an effort to deal more effectively with a tough environment.

Are you in a tight spot? Envision yourself robed in seal skin for protection, healing and strength as you move through a harsh environment.

“Study nature, love nature,

stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

~Frank Lloyd Wright

As far as Selkies go, that’s a legend from Scottland, although other locations have their own versions. Selkies are a legend that deals with therianthropes. Therianthrope is a long word that describes shape-shifting.

There are male and female Selkies, but the most compelling tales are about luscious, lovely women slipping off their skins. After shedding their skins, they dive into the water where they transform into seals. If a human man happens across a female’s skin and nabs it, then the female Selkie is bound to him by marriage (like it or not).

This may come from Lapland mythology in which shamans were convinced seal skin had healing powers. Lapland shamans were often donned in seal skin as a symbol of healing, protection and power.

Symbolic meaning of seals and sea lions can’t go unreported without mention of their amorous ways. These are highly sexually driven creatures. Their mating season is electric, and potentially violent. This is a symbolic take-away point. It implies a high sex drive – sure – but it also speaks about a need to be loved and wanted. Seals in dreams may suggest either a lack of sufficient love in your life, or a level of over exuberance in matters about love.

Seals have special eyes that allow them to see underwater with crystal clarity. This is symbolic too. Water is a symbol of intuition, dreaming, healing, clarity and purification. Symbolic meaning of seals is married to the water. As such, seeing with specialized clarification as they do implies an ability to interpret unique phenomenon with ease. A seal or sea lion visitation encourages strengthening your psychic powers. Seals and sea lions promote intuition and enhancing your “sixth sense.”

I hope this information on symbolic meaning of seal and sea lion has helped you on your path.


Take Away Tips About Symbolic Meaning of Seals, Sea Lions and Selkies

Sex appeal!
If you’re modest, turn away! It’s true, seals and sea lions have bigtime sex drives. They are super-passionate and very affectionate. When seals or sea lions come into our lives, it might be a sign to heat things up and put on the passion play!

Big is beautiful!
Seals and sea lions are a wonderful affirmation about body size and image. These creatures are big and beautiful for a purpose. Their girth is vital to their protection. Layers of fat and tissue protect them from injuries and extreme temperatures. The seal teaches us to accept our bodies, and embrace that we are perfectly designed to perform the functions we were born to do.

Therianthropes, what?
A therianthrope is just a fancy word that means ‘shape-shifter.’ Seals, sea lions and the selkies from Scotland have been considered to be shapeshifters in many myths and legends. This reminds us that no matter what our station in life, we have the ability to change and perform incredible magic.

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